Bible Academia Challenge - Chapter 3 Smartphone Omega A+

Chapter 3 Smartphone Omega A+

The whole building is capable of lighting up itself without the use of outside electricity. Because Bro. Eriya does not want for the school to have an additional utility payments, that is why everything in the building is being run by a super solar panel cells that can last up to one week, meaning it can stock up power or electricity for one week. Let us say that the sun would no longer give its light any longer, the whole building will still have power for seven straight days with full capacity, all lights and equipment with one hundred percent full power usage. If the power used will be limited, it can last up to a month.

But the most exciting thing to those students who have registered to become a participant of the BAC competition is the super advanced and powerful smartphone ever made in the whole world, and it is called the Omega A+. It has an unlimited storage system for pictures, videos, music, files, and application to be used by the owner or user. Its system is thirty years much more advance that the current phones. It is always online or it does not go offline, it records everything about the owners location as a security feature for the user, and the things he or she might have done using the gadget and its other application, it does not need to be recharged, because it does not run out of power. It does not need a subscription plan for communication, its sim card is already built in with the phone, and it is integrated with the most sophisticated messenger app ever invented, the “ChatterSauce”. Every telecommunications company will run this application for free for the BAC competitors and staff.

The Omega A+ smartphone has all the versions of the Bible ever published by linguist or translators, it is also complete with the photographs of all of the original text like Septuagint, and the Codexes. Complete with the history of all the religious organization in the world including all the cults and sects. It can also translate the most ancient and modern language into the owners native language, so he/she can understand whoever is speaking with him/her, or what he/she wants to read.

The Omega A+ is also capable of projecting crisp 3D holographic image of the person you are talking to on the other side of the line, plus it can project videos, pictures or any content of the smartphone showing on the screen. The basic specification of Omega A+ is as follows: Weight: 150 grams, Dimensions: 146.8 x 72.6 x 10 millimeter, OS: Omeganoid 02, Screen size: 5.2 inches, Resolution: 1080 x 1920, CPU: Platinum 258, RAM ( Random Access Memory): 1 Terabytes, Storage: Unlimited, Battery: Blue Crystal (Unlimited Power), Rear camera: 20 Megapixels, Front camera: 20 Megapixels.

Seisho was telling Rosy while he is inspecting the phone, this is really an amazing piece of equipment, so powerful and you can use it on any kind of field of expertise. And unknowingly they’ve already arrive at the gate of the BAC Center because of their conversation and almost passing through another block. Oww we’re here, Rosy said. A very exciting YES was Seisho’s reply.

As they entered the center, A hologram that looks like Bro. Eriya is welcoming every one that passes the automatic sliding doors, and they were able to see also different holograms from each section of the center that were giving information to the people regarding the content of that section or the things inside it.

Since Seisho only came their the second time around he doesn’t know were to head off to get his BAC smartphone. The first time was when he turned in his application when he was already very sure to enter the tournament. He instinctively just went towards to the location of the main concierge and ask where he can acquire his BAC smartphone. The concierge staff looks like the main NPC of a role playing strategy game, since they are the one who can be ask anything about the center. Then Rosy said to him, Sei, I know where to go! She personally gave that nickname to Seisho since the very first time they’ve met. Seisho said, Ow yeah I forgot, I was really so excited, can’t wait to hold my very own Omega smartphone. With a very big smile on his face. Still the NPC, oh I mean the concierge pointed and told them the location. They are already walking away but gave thanks to what they heard from the concierge staff.

On the way to were the staff pointed them, some familiars faces were coming straight at them. It’s Sunny, Summer, Windy, and Flaul. Their classmates in elementary. Greeting them saying hey RoSei nice to see you both again! We took our smartphones, are your here to get yours also? That was Sunny speaking, his voice has already change because of the stage they all are experiencing right now. The adolescent stage. Rosy and Sei greeted them back and gave a nod on their friends question. What schools are you attending? Seiho asked, Windy reply back saying that’s a big secret hihihi. Flaul also said, guys, let’s meet up in the tournament. Hope to see fellow classmates in the stage of BAC. The group have said their goodbyes and went on walking towards the automatic sliding door. Rosy and Sei said goodbye also and went on straight forward to get Sei’s smartphone.

Now they are in front of the Tech Section staff. Seisho showed his ID number that they gave when he turned in his application. The tech guy said, ok wait for me here in a couple of minutes. While they are waiting, Rosy received a video text message and let’s Sei to also read it, saying if she will be joining the BAC Solo Competition. Every student participant with the Omega A+ smartphone are being texted or called for the confirmation if they will join or not in that solo competition. Rosy upon reading the video text has that cute smile again showing her dimples and saying, Sei, let’s join and help each other get points so we can get the benefits of a Bible Master.

The tech guy returned to the station and his hand is Sei’s Omega smartphone, a BAC backpack that is super light, durably strong, it is also waterproof and reversible to use the other side with a different color. He also receive a black shades in order to perfectly see clearly the holograms that the phone can project to anywhere. The tech guy opened the box of the smartphone and turned it on, he then said, i will put the phone in front of your face for the face recognition to set up. Afterwards the tech guy said now let’s setup the fingerprint security features, and lastly entering his passcode. Then all of his information was stored in the Omega A+ smartphone and in all the main servers of BAC. He was also given his phone number and while he is putting all of the peripherals of his BAC tourney kit. He received the same video text message and now said let’s say yes and join and help each other in the solo competition. They both confirmed on joining, pressing yes to the prompt at the same time. Though in Sei’s mind even though Rosy did not ask her, he already has decided long time ago to enter in that solo event. They’ve said goodbye to the tech guy and went out of the center now walking towards the way of their houses, and all through the while they are walking, Sei has this really big smile on his face that had never went out all throughout their walk home.

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