Clarification of some terms


I'm up to chapter 117 at the moment and I know i've left it late to ask, but I just wanted to know what some terms mean. These words have been repeated quite a lot:
and Chosen or 'the chosen'

Thank you!


  • Dao is a "path" or a "way". the great dao are the laws that govern the universe. In ISSTH a Dao is the specific path that a cultivator follows. Like a "poison dao", or a "dao of alchemy". As you go deeper in the novel youll be able to clarify more on this but I really cant elaborate more without some spoilers.

    A chosen is just an extremely talented disciple of a clan or sect. They get a ton more resources than other disciples and generally reach the higher cultivation levels of a the sect or clan they're in. Like Wang Tenfei is a chosen, hes more valuable to his clan because hes talented and they've placed alot of hopes on him. There is also something past a chosen called a "Dao child". There is only one Dao child per cultivation level in a clan or sect and they are the most talented in their cultivation level. So there is only one dao child for the foundation establishment stage, one dao child for the core formation stage, and one for the nascent soul stage. Wang tengfei's brother is a dao child
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