The Living Hell

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Min Fen is a shy, quiet girl starting her third year in college. Being a bit different than others, Min has a keen nose. She always had to keep her room clean, neat, and tidy. Other than that, Min was an excellent student who got straight As in every subject.
Everything was well, except that her roommate, Lei He, had to suddenly move out. Because the company Lei’s parents managed, went bankrupt. No longer being able to support Lei financially, Lei was forced to transfer out to another college. One that isn’t as expensive.
Min, on the other hand, was paired up with another girl to be her roommate. Her name is Ying Hui. Exactly what lies await for Min?

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    Chapter 1: I Can Smell It!

    The smell of sweat…

    Smell of perfume…

    Min furrowed her eyebrows. Couldn’t withstand the smell any longer, Min finally took out her face mask to put on. She breathes out a sigh of relief. Wearing a white blouse and a gray sweater on top, Min closed the window.

    Text: Lei & Min:
    < Min, did you manage to wake up today? >

              Yea. I don’t want to be late on my first day. ^o^

    < Lol! Sorry, I couldn’t be with you or else we could’ve gone to school together today. >

              It’s okay. I know it isn’t your fault.

    < Glad you’re always so understanding Minnnn!!! >

             Hehe. Well, I’ll text you later! It’s getting late.

    < Oh, okay. Bai! >
             -End of message-

    Min plopped onto her bed with her phone a few inches beside her. But smelled a sweet fragrance, coming from inside the room. It was a familiar smell. < Aha! Turkey! > She exclaimed in a loud voice. Min noticed that Ying, whom she met this afternoon, had bought a turkey sandwich for dinner. When Ying returned, she saw Min already sniffing out the sandwich. Before Min could even react, Ying snatched the sandwich away from her. She had a look of disdain on her face that yelled the word: < Creep. > 
    < There goes my first impression. I ruined it. o3o Just couldn’t refrain from the enthralling smell. Mhm~hm! > Min thought to herself, feeling self-conscious. After a few seconds, Min decided that it was no use crying over spilled milk so she went off to bed. Until she was woken up by a strange, unpleasant smell.

             -3 AM in the morning-

    The strong, pungent smell penetrated her nostrils. < Ah! > Min whispered softly, realizing her face mask had fallen off. Quickly putting her mask back on, Min began searching for the origin of the smell. 

    < Phrrrrrrrrep! > The sound echoed through the room, as the smell instantly became stronger. Without thinking, Min's body reacted on her own accord. Her hands impulsively reached out to open the window.

    At that moment, Min's gaze fell only to Ying's back and nothing else. This was the smell of Ying's fart.

             -To be continued-
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