What is the lifespan of a world god?


  • Does it matter? No relevance to the story

    Dao Lords are 108,000 chaos cycles I think. No clue about World Gods
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  • Celestial Immortals have the same life span as Dao Lords. However Celestial Immortals usually don’t live that long because heart demons cause them to lose control over their immortal energy and explode. However there are pills that can help them controlling their energy. So if a Celestial Immortal takes those pills he can live up to 108 000 Chaos Cycles.

    So to answer your question. A World God can live up to 108 000 Chaos Cycles

  • Thanks.

    I was just wondering cause while Ning was wandering the chaosverse with his parents they were only world gods, I thought IET sorta dug himself into a bit of a hole there.
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    Eh, it's been established that world gods can easily live a bunch of Chaos Cycles since very early on - the Prisonworlds have been created by WG and were in use for a long time in nectar production. Wasn't very specific, but no upper limit stated until the Daolord level makes a big deal of it. WGs probably just nearly never survive for that long by pure statistics.
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