consideration to drop this story

first off i'm not saying i don't want to read this novel but the current release rate is far too slow 1 chapter a month is killing the fan base because it takes so long between chapters i'm forgetting what happened in the previous chapter as well as character names, relationships, world mechanics and lore. it's getting to the point where the story mentions someone and i have to stop and think do i know this person or they mention something related to cultivation and it doesn't make sense because i've forgotten a previous explanation. that is why i am suggesting we drop this story temporarily until there are significantly more chapters available at which point most people would have completely forgotten everything as such we get the joy of reading it all over again


  • Hello. I can understand the Idea of dropping the Story because of the long waiting times between Chapters. But i think that A it would take like 5 to 6 Years of waiting before it makes Sense to start again, B the autor may reed this post ( im not sure but you never know) and he drops it ( it would not surpise me) and C i always look froward for the next Chapter dosent metter how long it takes i know series it takes like Year befor the next book comes out.
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