Perfect World MC personality

Does Shi Hao's personality ever change from being stupidly ignorant of the ways of normal clans people or does he just become a complete thief who ignores consequences of his actions?

I can understand him being that way up to a point but after 90+ chapters of him pillaging whatever he wants it gets pretty irritating to read the same stuff over a longer period of time....


  • @seishin It's true bro, i know it's boring but this is a web novel, you know. Do you notice how many chapters the original Chinese version has? number is 2014 chapters. I often forget most of plots in a short times after I have read through these long stories. If you can read Chinese directly, maybe you can dig out some real treasures of Chinese wuxia or xianxia novels, but it's even hard for us native Chinese readers. (good luck to you for nice experience while reading translated Chinese novels)
    Life is like a book. Every day is a new page, every month is a new chapter, and every year is a new series.
  • @DreamReaper Thanks, just means I need another novel to pass the time.  If I could read chinese directly I would be in heaven haha... I've been trying to find a good magic, swordsman, martial arts, cultivation novel for a while now.  it was promising for a bit with Perfect World but I don't think I can finish reading it sadly.  The only time I think I've forgot about a books plot is if I stopped the book half way before reading it again a few years later. otherwise I tend to remember the entire story when I start re-reading a chapter even after months of time pass. Tends to be why I wait a few years before trying to re-read something or watch something.
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