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Godsend - 001

Me, I'm Jung Wuyoung. Twenty-two years old. Moved to Seoul after being discharged from the army. It was with nothing to my name but the clothes on my back that I'd vaguely decided to head for Seoul after hearing about all the jobs that grew on jobtrees there. Reality, however, turned out to be a harsh mistress.

The Age of Raids had come.

Power lent itself to those who hunted monsters and conquered dungeons. Of course the world spun to their wishes and little old me, with no trait whatsoever, could do nothing but bang my head against the wall at the bottom of the power pyramid.

The year was 2019 when the dungeons appeared in the world. At first people were curious. They entered the dungeons to explore, to find out. Soon they learned curiosity was not enough of a reason to enter dungeons. Not a single soldier or scholar who set foot inside returned. It was when the panic and chaos upon realising that they were dead was beginning to set in that it happened. Change also came to humans. Traits developed. With every man and woman getting them, the many types and forms these traits took were diverse. And with the traits came the ranking system. The system showed your current status, five different stats and an inventory utilised through the power of subspace. These had a large role in humanity's victory over the dungeons teeming with monsters.

Five years later, people had already adapted to the new status quo and gradually the influential persons of the world filled with high rankers and those with distinguished traits.

And this all brings us back to me--Jung Wuyoung. The trait I have is 'RANDOM'. Once every month I wake up holding something in my hand, that is without a doubt, every time, useless junk. How I got this trait is all due to a certain shocking incident.


The first thing I was aware of when my eyes opened was the itchiness that had set in all over my body. I looked down--with some difficulty--at all the things attached to me.

"A Torell Machine..." I breathed. Also known as a Torell Mender. Created from material extracted from Torell, a massive dungeon structure. Able to instantaneously revert small wounds as if they'd never been there, its power was nothing short of miraculous. If there was one downside, it'd have to be...

"No way I can afford this..." Not in my life, not in my dreams. The fortune it cost to operate this machine alone... The fact that I was in it meant someone had put me here. There was zero possibility whatsoever that I would have come here on my own two feet, zero. "Wait..." I murmured. Now I remembered. I'd been working part-time as a porter for a dungeon exploration party when one of the tunnels we'd been working in caved in on us. Stuck in there, I'd somehow survived for god knows how many days. Should I consider that bad luck or good luck? Either way, I'd had to survive there alone since everyone else had been pancaked underneath the rocks. I'd never given up, clinging to life as stubbornly as I could as time continued on its unrelenting path. And now that I found myself here must mean...

"So I survived... God damn it."

The guild which had recruited me after I applied was quite a well-known one. One of their biggest principles was that people and safety came first no matter what. Every dungeon expedition was to be preceded by an independent private company that checked for any possible danger. But this time, whether they just fucked it up or something, I was the only who survived.

I grit my teeth. "Fuck..." Just thinking about what happened filled me with rage. I couldn't possibly remember how much I'd screamed and cursed in there. Maybe the bugs that lived in the cave knew, seeing as nobody else was alive to hear, but I'd cursed just about everything there was. I'd taken on this exploration job for a paltry sum of two hundred bucks. Of course, that was before it'd turned into a nightmare from hell which I wouldn't have gone anywhere near, not even for two hundred grand.

The top of the machine opened up with a click, startling me from my thoughts. Beyond the machine I peered out and saw countless faces staring back with an almost enthralled look. I slowly stood up scratching my head, uncomfortably aware of their gazes.

One woman dressed formally in a black suit pushed her way through the crowd. "My apologies," she said, slightly bowing her head.

I knew this woman. How could I not when her face was one I'd seen countless times before on TV? Slightly angular in a pretty way. Complexion so fair her skin almost looked translucent. Her height looked to be around 170cm and the curves of her body that followed the contour of her suit were elegant in their beauty. And below that pretty face of hers were two mounds as large as melons that only heightened the limits that her beauty could--

"Ahem!" she coughed pointedly. "I hope everything was to your comfort."

The subtle yet intoxicating scent of her perfume washed over me, leaving me breathless.

The goddess of the century--Han Seona. A year younger than me at twenty-one, she was one of Korea's biggest prospects being the vice guild master of Kirin and possessing a remarkable trait-Aurora of Fire. Out of the possible fields of medical, physical, mental, chemical, creation and unique, her trait, the ability of fire, was classified as chemical. Maybe it was the whole fire thing, but her public image was that of some heroic person with a strong sense of justice. Within Korea, her popularity reached such heights that even A-list celebrities couldn't match. With someone like that staring me right in the face, how could I possibly be comfortable? That wasn't to add all the people still gawping at me from behind her.

"Where am I?" I finally said. I definitely didn't remember being rescued. My last, hazy thoughts had run along the lines of death and doom while lying on the ground, too exhausted for anything more. Nothing after that, just like the nights where I got blackout drunk. Except instead of feeling like dying from a hangover the morning after, I felt so good my body positively felt like it was about to float off the ground. I put that down to the machine's effect.

"It looks like your healing process has gone well. We're in Dangun Hospital, run by the same group that sponsors our guild."

"Ah." No wonder they'd managed to get their hands on such an expensive device. No way your average hospital had the funding for a Torell Machine. A place like Dangun Hospital that could already sponsor a massive guild, on the other hand...

"I apologise for coming to see you so soon after you just awakened. It's just that you are the sole survivor."


To sum up her words, I was the only one alive from the dungeon, just as I had feared. While everyone had despaired, they had worked hard for two months to clear the rubble and rock and so had found the sole survivor--me. I guess that was why everyone was staring at me. Still a bit rude. Anyway, I was incredibly worried for my family. I was the only one in Seoul. My father was working in our hometown, Daejeon, and my mother too ill to even get up and move around. With the family circumstances being what it was, I was sending every penny from my paycheques back home other than what I needed for rent and groceries. My little sister was still in highschool and should have been studying back home but from what I heard she and my father had been taking turns coming up here to stay by my side. It couldn't have been easy constantly coming and going all the way from Daejeon, watching over both me and my mother. They'd just heard about my being up and were on their way here now, too.

The more I thought about this whole thing, the more incensed I got. I mean, how long had it been since I'd woken up? Shouldn't I be resting in some quiet and peace right about now? Instead I get this, let alone the line of people crowding to see me? I mean, I didn't have to think too long about it. It was obvious. How many times had that woman Seona emphasised that Kirin was paying for the hospital and various other fees?

It was basic PR for their public image. Lives had been lost and the guild would be seen as accountable regardless of what happened. The family of the deceased would be quick to point fingers and it wouldn't take long for gazes of the public to turn cold on the guild. Taking care of me, the one survivor, would be nothing in comparison to what they'd do to change their public image. No doubt it was the reason they had sent such a camera-friendly woman to prop in front of me as representation for the guild and hope for a nice feel-good interaction they could publicise. The whole thing was so obvious even a complete idiot could figure it out. It put a bad taste in my mouth.

Before long I faced the crowd with a stiff expression and said loudly, "I'm sorry but I am very tired. I was hoping to have some rest..."

For the briefest of moments I saw the fixed smile on Seona's lips falter. Yep. She was just another conceited snob. It was too early to come to hasty conclusions but I had a good eye for people. That carefully crafted mask of hers was without doubt a fake to fool others. She was just another person who knew how to control people using what she had. She wasn't the first I'd seen in my twenty-two years and she sure as hell wouldn't be the last. I could imagine what expression she'd be making right now after I'd just gestured for everyone to leave and turned my back.

"I... I see," she slowly said. "I apologise again. Please rest until you feel better."

I listened to her footsteps as she left. That slight stammer at the start of her sentence was telling. Probably a new experience for her, being denied like that. Someone like her would be used to having guys wrapped around her finger doing her bidding at will. Anyway, it'd had the effect I was hoping for, as everyone else in the room followed her out and finally left me alone. I couldn't shake the odd feeling that I was still being watched but there wasn't anything I could do about that. After all, I was being 'looked after' by the guild in this hospital so that much I'd have to endure.

It was time to examine myself now that I was alone. As soon as I felt the last onlooker leave, I checked my status. "Initiate." That was the word to activate the system. Not officially chosen or anything, but just the word I used. It worked for me. Numbers and letters oscillated into view and showed its form before me. My eyes roved over the familiar words before pausing on something that wasn't so familiar. "Hm?" I muttered. I could have sworn it hadn't been like this before I'd been stuck in that dungeon. Something had changed.

[NAME: Jung Wuyoung]
[AGE: 22]
[LEVEL: 10]

<LUCK: 1004>
<N/A: N/A>
<N/A: N/A>

[TRAIT: RANDOM (SSS)--God's Gift, time left until activation 121:20:12]

[LUCK STAT has been unlocked.]
[Consuming a Shard of God has given a permanent addition of +1000 to LUCK.]
[TRAIT grade has increased due to STATS.]
['RANDOM (F)--Santa's Present' has ranked up to 'RANDOM (SSS)--God's Gift'.]
[RANK has risen due to STATS.]
[RANK has risen from LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 10.]

Little did I know when I woke up that day that this change would flip my life upside down so completely.


TL note: Hi, I did this as practice and because I liked the start of the story. Fool me for not reading more before I decided to translate because I dislike video game stuff with stats and statuses and all that stuff. Just pure fantasy is much better. You can probably tell because the quality of my writing dipped noticeably about halfway through the chapter once I realised what it was, haha. Anyway I apologise in advance because I'm not going to do any more chapters than numbero uno so this is up for grabs for anyone who wants to do it. However I am taking recommendations for good Korean stories to read and if I like them I will translate. Thank you for reading and you can find the author at https://blog.munpia.com/jisfly if you wish to read more or give him fanmail.


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