Allheaven and the ghost ship

So i was just skimming through the titles of later chapters, and one of them actually involves Allheaven. Can someone, who's already read on ahead, spoil me about how Allheaven is related? Is he the series villain once again? 


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    We still don't know for sure what the implication is since it was just appear in recent chapters. However, it was stated that current universe was Allheaven's hometown but we still don't know what time period the story's happening.

    The old man with the boat could be Extermination Old Man who appear in every single one of Er Gen's past novel. 
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    I thought AWE wasn't meant to be set in the same overall universe of ISSTH and such?
  • It's not. It's set up in the same multiverse.
  • Prady said:
    It's not. It's set up in the same multiverse.
    That's what I meant :) I thought it was meant to be a brand new story with zero ties to anything. Maybe I misread the comments on it before.
  • Well, only several names like Allheaven, Mie Sheng (Extermination Old Man), etc appear but it doesn't mean that they're the same thing with those that appear in ISSTH and Er Gen's past novels. It could be that Er Gen just used the same term.

    However, if we assume that they're the same thing then the information that AWE wasn't happening in ISSTH universe is still correct. ISSTH was happening in Vast Expanse universe while AWE seems to be happening in another universe.
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