Help! where did I read this?

I have a vague memory a fragment of a scene of a story where a monarch/royalty like figure needed to make a show of force after quelling a rebellion. It was a young queen/princess i think (just certain it was a female) and they brought the leader of the coup/rebellion before her to be judged. She wield a sword (not sure what it was called save the queen/sword of judgement/mercy/truth are names that resonate strongly while i try and wrack my brains trying to remember) anyway the properties of the sword are being described as it being a blade of extreme judgement and extreme compassion where if the wielder in their heart recognized someone an enemy or wicked person no defense could save that person from death should hey happen to be on the recieving end of the blade vice versa the blade would be dull and completely harmless against someone recognized as a friend or is innocent. To continue with the story the "princess" swung the blade at the subject, sparing him last second was this in coiling dragon?


  • Definitely not Coiling Dragon. No such scene in the novel

    Can't recall any wuxia novel like you described although I was reminded of Fairy Tail manga where there is a ability called Fairy Law which is similar in it hurting only enemies.

    Can you remember if it was a Chinese or Japanese novel? I read a lot of Wuxia and I read nothing like that.
    Also maybe it was a Original? Last time someone asked and I didnt know, it turned out to be a original novel and I dont read those so I wouldnt know.
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