Complaints about the Kryps Stronghold battle (Spoilers from chap 410-430ish)

I recently caught up to translations and moved on into the raws. I just need to vent a bit about this stupid war arc. This is the first real stronghold battle.

The enemy are the goons of the Century Financial Group (mainly Bloodlust Blades guild plus some Angel Corp elites). They pretty much almost completely suppressed the MCs with just 3 catapults...

Asskickers United have 3 trump cards prepared for this stupid fight. A few group teleport magic scrolls, the Long Range Magic Cannon and a lvl100 summon. And the freaking 3 catapults almost defeats all of these trump cards. It makes these trump cards look like such a waste:
First, the group teleport actually worked out pretty well, they ambushed the backlines and wiped out most of the enemy priests and retreated easily.
Second, the Magic Cannon? Might as well just be a longer ranged trebuchet catapult for all the good it did. They shot it once...and half destroyed one catapult....that couldn't roll anymore but can still fire.... And by the time cooldown for the 2nd shot is good to go, the other 2 catapults already escaped out of range. The cannonballs are not even explosive and barely roll over a few tens of people when it misses. The cannon never sees anymore real action afterwards. Then, the stupid MC decides to open the stronghold gates and fight on the field. Which led to some pointless losses. Some minor fights try to make the MC's look good, but the overall battle situation is still a mess. They stall for time until the third trump card is ready. BTW, there are still 2 perfectly fine catapults firing away 5 shells at a time for massive damage.
Third, the lvl100 Leader Summon of the Underground Boss (a huge beetle like monster) that Nie Yan has been stalling for the summon cuz it takes a whole 1 hr of chanting and occupies 20 of their Grandmaster magicians (who are then preoccupied to help the battle in any other way) The boss is slow moving and clunky. Yes, it sweeps the field very easily only because the enemy is too stupid to just run away then. HOWEVER, it's STILL vulnerable to the 2 remaining GODDAMN CATAPULTS!! It takes so much waste of time for Nie Yan to drive his Beetle mobile around killing the mooks around the catapults before gathering enough small summons to zerg rush the catapults. And yet the lvl100 Beetle is still hit a few times by the catapults.

In the end, yes, Nie Yan does win the battle and manage to wipe the enemy army...but at what cost. Use of ALL their trump cards just to defeat just one already revealed trump card of 3 catapults?

All throughout the fight, Mad Snail tries to justify it by repeating how "the catapults suck because they can only shoot 500 meters whereas the cannon can shoot 1km.." or " Asskickers are actually holding out really well, because most of them are not advanced to second class change where the enemy are mostly advanced jobs" or "how the Angel Corps are sooo powerful because they always had financial backing of the Century Group".....
Some strategy would have went a long way in this battle. They had a CASTLE for F's sakes.....

/end rant


  • First off, I agree this arc sucked.

    The explanation for their loss is because they just went through having all their players killed due to the hit of 3 gold put out on their players. Buttttt stats don't disappear its just the level diff. Shitty arc, but w/e
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