Rise of Humanity spoilers



  • I stopped reading to save up the demon arc and read it in one go.

    2 questions:
    - Is demon arc over yet or have they at least discovered his identity?
    - same thing @Strzaleczka asked.
    could anyone tell me if it will be revealed that long yue is zhong yue? if yes then when?

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  • if anyone wants to read Rise of Humanity mtl here is the link: http://comrademao.com/novel/rise-of-humanity/ ;
    There are already 500 terms and you could add more as you read on
  • did anyone read the raws and could answer our question?
  • Harem member please?
  • harem harem
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  • dnl2121 said:
    Harem member please?
    same any spoilers?
  • What happened to bai shuyue? is she not part of the harem as the author spouted some sh*t there at one of the chapters in which she grows old while waiting for him.
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