I am Chinese boy ,I want to learn English. And I can teach you Chinese.

Hello ,foreign friends.I'm Chinese boy,college student 19 years old. 
Like your hobby, I also like reading novels.I know you want to learn Chinese.I hope to have a native speakers of English to teach me English ,my English is so poor!I can take some time to teach you how to practice spoken Chinese every day, if you want to .


  • Hello there, as i can see nobody gave a  reply to you until now, so i will. I'm not a native speaker of the English language, but i do have a lot of experience and i am accustomed to it as i finished my license degree studying in a specialization where everything was taught in english and i also have an IELTS academic certificate in english of B2. If you are okay with it i can help you improve your english proficiency in exchange of some occasional help in learning your language. 

    Wish you the best in everything and i hope to hear from you soon.
  • IT'S interest !!  I want to join.
  • If possible,I would like to build a Chinese novel website in English.
  • I'm glad to find my compatriot.
  • I am also Chinese.If you read  coiling dragon, your english reading ability may be improved vastly.
  • Compatriot!!!
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