[Request] Korean Novel Volcanic Age



  • I'll be honest, this novel is incredibly generic and cliche, could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your preferences.
  • I, a humble servant, hope this story will be translated too
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    +1 , Please pick this novel. I have read manhwa from the start to end of Season 1 ( Chapter 73 ), Story Line was decent, Plots, Character development everything is good. Although I will not say this novel is best but I will also not deny this is not good as compare to many novels. Manhwa is based on novel so there are many things which can not be covered in Manhwa. Please This humble one request someone pick this novel. Thank You 
  • UP FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    UP FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So many requests for this novel and still no translator is picking this. It seems heavens doesn't want us to read this novel in English  :/
  • I would like to read this novel too...

  • Please Translate this, Novel please, 
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