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I’ve been reading novels here since CD, and am deeply impressed by the quality this site provides, especially compared to qidian. I’ve picked up SSN after finishing WMW and was shocked. There are so many mistakes that it reads like it was TL’ed by a 12 year old whose english is a second language. How is this tolerated? Even qidian has higher standarts for translators. I know what a typo is and usually 1 or 2 mistakes don’t even make me frown. But a single chapter of SSN has way over 10 mistakes. An example from chapter 4: “He tried various method, but he was able activate the Achievement Shop through an activation word.”. This is simply terrible. I want to add another example from chapter 3, when MC was looking for a recall stone, he figured, maybe monsters can drop it, so he checked their bodies and found no BLOODSTONE. The bloodstone just appears out of the blue, a random word, hence why SSN reads EXACTLY like MTL. I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t hell but feel apalled, that this “thing” is published on Wuxiaworld.


  • I don't remember the exact statistics, but for a significant fraction of novels it's a first time translator doing the translation.

    So it may well be an ESL translator trying to improve their English writing skills via novel translation.

    One thing that might help, especially if you like the novel beneath the rough translation, is that the translation would probably not exist if that particular translator had not decided to translate it.

    Also it can be interesting to watch a translator improve over the course of the translation, because they usually do improve quickly.
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    Your prediction about the quality improving is indeed correct. I've been reading further, as the story is really interesting and the translator definitely improved quickly and the number of mistakes is steadily dropping. Past 100 the translation is definitely passable, but the first impression this novel gives may put off many future readers consequently lowering earnings through ads. I'm just suggesting hiring an editor or kindly asking readers to point out mistakes, I'm sure many would be willing to help out, I sure would.
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