How to translate 魂飞魄散?

I know it basically means the death of a spirit or ghost, but how do I say it briefly and beautifully in a complete sentence? Like 他魂飞魄散了 or someone 打得他魂飞魄散? Any suggestions?


  • Hmm, I am not sure your meaning of "the death of a spirit or ghost", The meaning is that"Both his body and soul are killed." Maybe crushed could be a better word? 魂魄 are two parts of souls, one soul uauslly consists 3 魂 and 7 魄,they still exist after we died, then we could go to the next life. But after they are crushed, there is no next life forever.

  • "Soul dissipating" would be a good description I guess. 他魂飞魄散了 --> His soul dissipated. 打得他魂飞魄散 --> He was so badly damaged/hurt that his soul dissipated, or His soul dissipated with a hit (depends on the context of the sentence and the point of view that you are translating from). Cheers.
  • The soul shatters into pieces。
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