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    Chapter 1 Loved by the Heavens

    "It seems like some kind of a game ability..." Well let me open this system once again , System Open"Feng Chanyui was looking at the system abilities, and after a while he realized how everything worked.

    "Looks like this ability is related to wealth, I can provide resources for other people and myself? But it seems like it is pertaining to more than money, and how broken is it? I can provide unlimited resources or something..."

    "Hahaha, looks like the heavens want me to dominate in this life!!" Chanyui exclaimed inside his mind, he understood how much the concept of unlimited resources was a heaven defying ability! Imagine if somebody had the best talent in the world, he still needed to train and exhaust himself in order to develop it. For instance if he could not get quality medicines and food to help his body keep up with his intense training he could get injured and ruin his talent. In a way training itself was injuring the body and reconstructing it on a daily basis. No matter how much you worked, if you could not repair the body fast enough, your talent would not flourish.

    Money and resources played another huge role, which was to provide for the best teachers and mentors for a young person, as they were seasoned and could guide someone in order to avoid making mistakes.

    "Looks like this ability of mine will play a major role in the future, but I'm still too young and weak to use it. I don't want other people to get suspicious of me do I? I'm still a baby, not even a toddler. Also i need to understand where i am..." Feng Chanyui realized that this world wasn't earth anymore. When he died he cursed himself for being so naive and trusting, and it looks like the universe decided to give him a second chance at life.

    "The buildings here look like ancient China, but the people eyes and hair color look like those of westerners in my past life. His mother had fiery red hair and she looked like a woman from North Europe. "She was tall and strong like a Viking, but she was as graceful as a model. His own father looked like a proud lion with his messy Brown hair and his big stature. He was wearing an ancient Kimono and was dressed like a Japanese feudal lord.

    "It also seems like i have an older sister..."Chanyui was thinking about the purple short hair teenage girl who helped his delivery.

    As Chanyui was looking around he realized that these people were wealthy. "Although Wealth means nothing to me with my new abiity , No one can compete with infinite resources..."he sighed" I need to find out what kind of life is waiting for me. I can't wait..." Feng chanyui was pondering as he went to sleep, His baby needs hit him fast, as his body was still that of a weak infant.

    As the baby was sleeping, in the main courtyard, Feng Yange and the rest of the people were having a feast. Feng Kong the second son of the family, was not the most talented individual of the family, but everyone knew that he was the old matriach's favorite son, as he was the last one, and the one she pampered the most, especially because he was of her own blood.

    Feng Feilong the old patriarch had two wives,Feng Yange his own cousin and Ji Nalan. He married Feng Yange first and they were happy. But as she didn't want to have children too early he took another wife which happened to be his own servant. Ji Nalan gave birth to Feng Batui, and Feng Ziyan. Then as if she awakened from her blunder the young matriarch put a stop to her cultivation and decided to also give birth. She had Feng Hua and Feng Mitang and then Feng Kong. She thought she could rest easy as she finally produced a son for her husband.

    However Feng Batui was talented,too talented as he was definitely the most dazzling star the Feng Family had seen, in the last three generations. He reached the Martial disciple realm by the age 0f 17 and stepped into the martial master at age 32. Even if he was born from a servant he was just too dazzling and so he became the official heir of the Feng Clan.

    When he stepped into that realm, All the Big shots of Bing Prefecture came to express their regards. It was to be noted that even the biggest powers around only had martial Seniors as their Strongest force. So stepping so soon into the martial master realm almost guaranteed for Feng Batui to become a martial Senior in the future. His younger sisters were also talented, but they could not inherit the family name. Feng Ziyan who was married to the Bing Prefecture Lord for instance, was also a martial master and she stepped into that realm at 25.

    By age 47 the old patriarch had already given Feng Batui the position of patriarch of the Family and right now he was presiding over the festivities as he was holding his cup of wine in the air.

    "Feng Kong , when can we see your son? I hope he's as boisterous as you are" Feng Hua was saying to Feng Kong. This Blue haired woman was the most mischievous person in the second generation and she often gave Feng Kong headaches. He most suffered at her hands during childhood.

    "Older sister, this little guy is definitely going to surprise you, hehe, he looks even more mischievous than you when you were younger, you should see how his eyes were radiating vitality." Feng Kong was boasting, as he also most liked this sister of his. It was to be said that their personalities were the same, even if she bullied him when they were younger.

    "You still know how to boast after making Ling'er belly so big! she retorted. When can i see my cute little nephew? She asked.

    "Hehe, younger sister is so eager already, i'm sure this little guy is going to be spoiled by her before he can even walk." Feng Ziyan said as she entered the hall with her husband.

    "Greetings, Brothers and sisters, Best regards to you Feng Kong, I heard that you finally got a little boy. My little Sheng'er finally has a playmate now! hehe!" Yan Ming Li entered the hall with a lound sound.

    They continued with the festivities until very late and the City Lord went home with Feng Ziyan. Feng Kong got home with Feng Yange, and as they went he could see her grave expression and he asked "Mother are you still worried about that?"

    "What do you understand?! You're so old and still as useless as ever. You know Feng Batui is your brother, but he is not my son, eventually our  lineage is going to disappear if we do not act swiftly. Batui is getting stronger everyday, so much so that even the Bing prefecture Lord comes casually at every chance he can get to discuss and get close to him" the old woman was worried for this useless son of hers

    "Mother you know my point of view on this matter, i already said to you that i do not want this position, and also what can we do against first brother. No one really knows the extent of his strength, some people even suspect him to be a match for that Yan old ancestor!!"

    Feng Kong used a dissuading tone to calm his foolish mother ardors.

    "Humph what do you know? I still have hope with my grandson , seeing as lazy and unambitious you are. You never tried to satisfy this old woman expectations, if not for you i wouldn't have so much white hair with my level of cultivation!!"

     She slammed the door as she went to her own yard. She didn't have the favors of the old patriarch since a long time ago and now she was vying for supremacy with Feng Batui's mother.

    Feng Kong looked at her walking in the dark and had an interesting facial expression.

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    Chapter 2 : Fathers and Sons

    Feng Kong watched at the silhouette of his mother disappearing little by little in the darkness of the glacial night. It is necessary to underline that Feng Village had a particularly cold climate, especially in winter like right now.

    It would be necessary to ask the question to know why the ancestors of the Feng Clan decided to establish themselves this particularly cold region. Was it also perhaps the reason they had developed an affinity with the ice element?

    In this world where Tianyang Continent is, the cultivators had every kind of branches and different techniques. But one thing remained irremovable, it was the elemental affinity of people.

    Each cultivator was born with an affinity of one precise element, These elements could vary according to different factors such as the environment in which the mother gave birth or the parents' affinity.

    The main elements in question are the following:






    However some families could develop affinity with a other particular elements, such as ice as like the Feng Clan, or even thunder, wind etc.

    In the course of time cultivators ended up realising that the environment in which they were born could change their genetic code and so therefore this affinity.

    Feng Kong thought of many things on the way back and even before he could realise how much distance he covered , he was in front of the room his room. he opened the door quietly and approached his newborn.

    "He is so cute with his huge cheeks, "thought Feng Kong "Chanyui is guaranteed to be a child fond of good food in future, I should get ready consequently. Only...I hope that he will be also greedy for martial arts. I don't want him to have the same future as mine."

    "No! I will should not place too much pressure on him, he's a still new born , my problems make me too anxious and impatient" told himself the middle aged man, a wrinkle taking shape on his marked face. "It is necessary to say that mother does not get worried for nothing, Batui and I don't have a good relationship plus Cui Fen's situation..."

    Yan Cui Fen was Feng Batui's wife , and Feng Kong's childhood lover. Feng Kong fell under the charm during an expedition in the city Wenyan City, Bing prefecture Capital City.

    Yan Cui Fen is the small sister of Yan Ming Li the mayor of Wenyan City. Yan Cui Fen beauty was breathtaking and Feng Kong flirted with her as soon as he met her. Both of them went adventuring in the neighboring lands for more than two years . Problem is that Feng Kong has never announced the relationship to his clan, and as soon as they returned, Feng Batui fell in love at first sight for the sulfurous girl.

    Cui Fen who had heard about Feng Batui and his illustrious reputation, passed from an arm to the other before Feng Kong had  the time to reveal the truth to his brother.

    This one learnt the truth then much later , and the contempt towards his young brother was only got worse . It was a declining relationship, but by that time  it was a sinking boat.

    "Ah, my  errors of the past continue to haunt me. . . "Feng Kong remembered this disturbing period of his life from the top of his 42 years. "Fortunately I have my wife and my two children to find consolation. "

    "Tomorrow I will go with them to introduce Chanyu to Father, who knows what can be saved ..." He put this last thought to rest before lying down next to his wife, exhausted as well, but more mentally than physically.

    Next to the couple, Feng Chanyui, was in his cradle, pretending to sleep. He opened an eye, having heard most of his father's mutterings. "I understand almost the state in which is this family, obviously my father was a carefree Don Juan without any big talent. Instead of trying to strengthen his position within the Clan gave everything was chasing foolish dreams and women. "

    Feng Chanyui, has already thought of how he is going to straighten some grievances for this naïve father of his.

    He reminded him of his own previous existence.

    He also had been deceived by a woman, and knew how much it could hurt. He therefore decided to act in favor of his poor father.

    However Feng Chanyui had hardly just arrived in this new world and was not particularly tied to whoever. He wanted to watch the situation a little bit more and understand the clockwork of this dysfunctional family.

    A thing for sure, the future was sure was brewing full of surprises and rebounds. He had an opportunity to live his life to the fullest by avoiding errors of past. Especially with his god given detection ability.He could detect his enemies before they even act.

    Farther, in a courtyard of a much bigger amplitude, trees hid the view on a pond.

    Near this pond there was a home of Japanese style, within which, Feng Batui discussed with a man with a friendly but old face. The man gave the impression of hiding a vitality completely opposite to his age, he had effervescent eyes and his look was intimidating.

    This old man was the previous patriarch of the Feng Clan, Feng Feilong.

    The most mysterious man of the prefecture of Bing.

    Before retiring a legend saying that Feng Feilong could fight on par with a martial Elder circulated.

    "Father, How long do you still think of remaining hidden here? "Feng Batui asked anxious, the relation with his brother was not good but in the bottom of heart he knew how much he dotted on that brother of his.

    Contrary to what Feng Kong thought of him he had put distance between them in order to protect the Clan.

    His father had recommended him to give the impression of having a conflict with Feng Kong; to simulate an internal battle within the Clan and so to protect the clan of external enemies.

    Today it had been 19 years since both brothers were distant and Feng Batui had the time to get closer to the level of its father. His father like a lot of people thought was hiding his true cultivation.

    He was a martial elder. This was good news for the Clan, but also dangerous variable because he could not take the risk of showing himself.

    If the opposing clans learnt that father as well as son were so talented and powerful, they would understand that their supremacy was in danger, and join forces against the clan before Feng Batui could grow.

    Today it was time for them to attack and eradicate their remaining enemies. Feng Batui was a Peak Martial Senior and apart from the ancestor of the Yan Clan and his father, nobody could fight him in the prefecture of Bing.

    "Hmm, I need to see my grandson first, then we'll put our plan to execution. How is your mother doing?" said Feng Feilong. Feng Feilong was referring to Ji Nalan his first wife.

    "She's still fighting with second mother,...over petty stuff mostly" said Feng Batui.

    "Seems like i have a mess to clean up..." said solemnly the old figure. He was ashamed of himself. He was the one that put forth this problem. But they needed to bide their time for their plan to be successful.

    "We'll start our plan tomorrow night after I see Chanyui. Go to rest." Feng Feilong commanded.

    "Alright." Feng Batui got up and left the courtyard.

  • Chapter 3 : Feng Feilong

    The next day early in the morning Feng Kong was doing morning routines. As he just had a son he decided he had to look a bit cooler when Feng Chanyui grew up. He certainly wanted to be a role model for that son of his because it was a world where the young revered the strong. Which father did not want to be his son's hero?

    As he had such thoughts in mind, Feng Kong heard the sound of sneaking inside the garden. Trees were shaking in the backyard as he after he delivered one last punch and decided to turn around to examine the origin of the noise.

    "Who is it? "he asked with a severe tone. Who was so bold to sneak around in their Feng Residence, they were a local tyrant and he could not fathom someone so reckless in Feng Village.

    "It seems like you decided to straighten up a little bit, maybe having a son or two could do you some good in the end." Feng Feilong said happy to see his son putting more emphasis on cultivation.

    "Father!" Feng Kong bowed and expressed his respect." What are you doing here? Weren't you in closed door cultivation?"

    "Yes, but I decided I had to see my grandson. My old bones are itching to see the little devil." Laughed Feng Feilong.

     Feng Kong was overjoyed, Yesterday he was stressing over how he could get in touch with this elusive old man and now he showed up at his door. Feng Chanyui really brought him many good surprises, he was wondering if he should have called him Xingyun (lucky) rather than Chanyui. 

    Finally they headed for Feng Chanyui. Under way Feng Kong did as best as he could to get a little more closer to his father. It was a golden opportunity to enter his good graces.

    He never said it but he was always a bit jealous of his elder brother. He had all the attention and affection of their father because he answered all his expectations. Feng Kong wasn't a worthy opponent for Feng Batui and decided in view of his thin talent to fade out of the contest. In the course of time, Feng Kong and his father became more and more distant.

    When Feng Yanran was born, Feng Feilong  did not even come to see his granddaughter and it is only when this she was 7 years old that she met him for the first time. The first action Feng Feilong made when meeting his grand-daughter was to examine her talent. When he noted that this one was bad compared with that of his other descendants, especially when put with Ziyan's and Batui's children's talent, he lost any interest towards the girl.

    However Feng Kong never reproached it to his father. This world was cruel, and the strong reigned over the weak. As leader of the Feng Clan, Feng Feilong did not have the leisure of being too emotional.

    They had many enemies and to put more attention and resources on the gifted children of the clan was therefore priority. Survival passed first of all. Feng Feilong was a product of the Feng Clan and he had to battle his own way to the top.

    They arrived quickly at the baby's room. Shui Ling held the kid in her arms and rocked him while he was breastfeeding. The baby really had no happy air around him even if he was intently sucking his mother breasts.

    It was as though Feng Chanyui knew that in order to grow he had to drink his mother's milk. It did not resembled the instinctive reaction of a baby, but rather which of a man who had made a wise decision. Feng Kong looked at the baby and told himself that it  was really cute.

    Shui Ling dressed up and greeted Feng Feilong with courtesy before giving him the baby. the old codger held his grandson and looked him in the eyes.

    He began mumbling to Feng Chanyui as grandfathers often do so.

    The thing which surprised him it is that Feng Chanyui gave the impression of understanding what he was saying. Feng Feilong had even the vague impression that Feng Chanyui knew that he was his grandfather.

    He had a look full of curiosity and Feng Kong had the feeling that he did not want to divert his look From the old fellow. He had a look saying "Dead old man give me a present ! You should not be too shameless... "

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    Chapter 4 : 4 years later

    Four years went by as Feng Chanyui found his life as a baby finally come to an end. In the span of those years, Feng Feilong and Feng Batui went on a crusade against menacing powers in the surroundings of Feng Village.

    Their enemies had been forming coalitions against the Feng Clan for what had been a very long time. Those forces were comprised of the Li Clan , the Wolf Gang and the Beiming Clan.

    The Li Family was mainly a smuggling clan which dealt with all sorts of atrocious activities, such as selling slaves, stealing goods, and killing people.

    The wolf gang was working under them as a sort of covert company.

    Even though It was more of a bandit group than anything else, it still served to hide the real workings of the Li Clan to the public. Although people from high positions already knew the truth about them.

    The Beiming Clan was one of the 8 big clans of the Bing Prefecture.

    Those clans were the biggest ones in this respective order :

    The Qin Family , Meng Clan, Yan Family, Feng Clan, Yong Clan, Jiren Clan, Tai Institute, and the Beiming Clan.

    The Beiming Clan was at the bottom of the ladder, but they were rapidly growing under the flourishing business of the Li Family. They also had a past with the Feng Clan which only served to threaten them.

    After observing their actions for more than 10 years, Feng Batui determined that the Li Clan was planning to get closer to the Yong Clan who wanted to substitute for the Feng clan's position. Since they couldn't attack directly one of the big mammoths of the Bing Prefecture, they used the Li Clan to mess with the interests of the Feng clan, and it apparently started to lose money.

    The Li Clan only served as bait for the Yong and ended up with the short end of the stick. Not only could they become one of the new behemoths of the prefecture it also hastened their downfall. Both the Beiming and Li Clan were completely destroyed as collateral damage between the Yong and the Feng

    Feng Chanyui witnessed all this when he was only a few weeks old.

    He realized how much of a dog eats dog world this was. Any one could die the next minute. You needed both strength and a clear understanding of who were your enemies in order to survive in this world.

    With his system, it was easy for him to figure out his foes and their plans, but he lacked the strength to truss up a chicken right now.

    During these years he had been observing the inner workings of the Feng clan and this was how he viewed the power structure of the Family :

    The strongest were obviously Feng Feilong and Feng Batui. Those two were just two monsters who had hidden their cultivation very deeply and he wasn't even sure that Feng Batui wasn't as strong ; if not stronger than his father in a real life and death fight.

     Feng Feilong was the only martial Elder of the Family but he wasn't too clear about Feng Batui's strength, he estimated it to be at the Guru level. Despite being a level lower, he had a terryfying battle efficiency and he seemed to have broken through during the previous campaign.

    Surprisingly enough, in third position was his grandmother, , she was stronger than the Big elder Feng Shilong, who was powerful enough already.

    He very soon found out that his grandmother was at the martial Senior realm peak while Feng Shilong was a regular martial Senior. What made his grandmother terrifying was her cultivation class.

    She was a  Sorcerer and could use terrifying Ice Spells in order to defeat her enemies.

    Sorcerers were very scarce comparing to other classes. The reason was that they needed exceptional affinity with their own innate element compared to other physical and long range classes.

    Sorcerers were essentially mages, like those he used to see in those dragon quest games he used to play back on Earth.

    Cultivation was very mysterious in Tianyang Continent. It wasn't like how he pictured it in those novels, where people would just have one main general path of cultivation.

    No, here cultivation was done by absorbing the energy of heaven and earth, however they would do so by using their own element affinity, which would vary between the fire, wood, water, earth and metal. But also other exotic elements such as ice, thunder, dark, etc.

    The difference laid in the fact that after absorbing the energy , people could choose their own class , after breaking from the body tempering stage.

    People could choose their orientation between 22 different classes contained in categories : Tank, DPS (Damage per Second),Status alters, Versatile, Long Ranger.

    The Division follows this specific set :

    -Tank : Sufferers, Paladins

    -DPS : Weapon Maniacs, Vampires, Warriors, Gladiators, Shadows, Monks, Rune masters, Sorcerers

    -Status alter : Druids, Priests, Exorcists, Psychics, Saboteurs, Scholars

    -Versatile : Shamans, Necromancers

    -Long Range : Snipers, Engineers, Geomancers, Beast tamers

    These classes were divided according to what they were most suited to do in group combat. Cultivators knew never to trust completely in these classifications because everybody was different at the end of the day.

    Some beast tamers were born with a highly resilient constitution that allowed to be stronger than some gladiators, even some weapon maniacs could turn to have the ability to heal themselves.

    Affinities and bloodlines mattered a lot concerning how exotic people could turn out even with a somewhat stereotyped class. However what mattered most was talent.

    Cultivation was after all about breaking through the restrictions imposed upon mortal beings in order to reach eternal life.

     It was a struggle against common sense in the first place. So meeting freaks along the way was nothing to fret over.

    Not only that but all kinds of treasures existed between heaven and earth. People could have fortuitous encounters and break off from mediocrity. At the same time there were also some long lost classes that people could unlock upon stumbling a predecessor inheritance, etc.

    Who knows how many classes had actually been existing since humans  started to cultivate?

    As Feng Chanyui was thinking about all this he wondered if he would be labelled as a freak if people found out he had such a weird bloodline ability?  Did it ever exist before? Maybe there were were even more amazing bloodlines out there...

    However Feng Chanyui wasn't jealous, he knew how perfect this ability was for him who liked expensive stuff. What could he not buy? Rather how could he even run out of supply? He just needed to touch the most heaven defying item available, and he could reproduce it endlessly. This was just..broken!

    As long as he didn't die he would definitely rise to the top. SInce he wasn't the type to rush for death this ability suited him perfectly. No need to rob people on a daily basis just like those stupid characters he used to read about. He would not need to offend the boss in any place he just walked into or always do the thing he wasn't supposed to do. No, he had time, all the time in the world...

    Figuring this out he became carefree and got up from his seat cushion, as he also slung his sleeves. His brown attire moved as a sushi appeared in his palm. he put it inside his mouth and left his room enjoying the flavour of his favorite dish.

    "mmmhh~... delicious, it's just amazing how it's still so fresh despite being in that place for so long." He said as he went through the hallway. "Let's find older sis and share some of it with her."

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