Enigma of the Soul

Hello! Newbie here! I have always wanted to write my own sci-fi or fantasy story. Since my vacation will last until the fifteenth of January, I decided to ?waste? my time with writing novels. Have fun reading!

P.S. Comments, especially compliments, are greatly appreciated by the author hehe. Thanks!

This is the legend of an undying father-son pair as they try to find the origin of their immortality, to reclaim their emotions and to unlock the enigma of their souls.

Chapter 1: Resignation to Death

Father used to tell me that I could be anything I want—a healer, a ruler or even, a hero… anything—without the help of Gods, as long as I have the heart and the mind to will it. I used to believe every word he said. Although his scruffy beard, messy hair and dishevelled clothes made him look unreliable, he raised me into a hopeful person but now… looking at his muddied corpse, all I could feel was numbness and emptiness. The reality that my father used to escape from ran over him in feel speed.

“Sir Knox, what should we do with the children?” A stout soldier asked the imposing knight on the horse.

“I don’t want to repeat myself.” He scowled at the soldier. “Kill every member of the heretic village!”

“Ye-yes! Kill the children!” The soldier trembled.

A scrawny soldier slowly approached me. His smile gradually becoming sinister. “Come, kid… I will let you feel pain slowly. As a pagan, you deserve it.” He chuckled.

I ignored my impending doom to ask my dead father lying on the ground. “Was your life… meaningless?”

Unexpectedly, the heavens answered my question. Rain heavily poured down on us, washing away his blood on the ground and its ugly scent. I looked up to the dark clouds that rapidly covered the suns.

“I see…” I somehow understood what the heavens wanted to portray.

”…Uhk.” A rusty spear pierced my body, not once nor twice but thrice. I willingly collapsed to the ground. Strangely, at the face of death, I neither feel mad nor sad, only resignation against the world.

“Gather the corpses! His majesty wants the place to be clean.” The knight ordered.

“Yes, sir!” All the soldiers complied without hesitation. When the rain finally stopped, there was a mountain of bodies piled at the center of the village. Fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, all lived good lives, now dead.

After confirming that everything is in place, the knight got down from the horse and chanted with his eyes closed, “Sylveius of the Heavens, heed our prayers. Bestow your everlasting fire to your humble servants that want to spread your holy name.”

Out of nowhere, a violet fire spread across the village. It was slowly devouring everything in its path, leaving nothing but ashes blown away by the wind. Without waiting for the fire to devour everything, the knight and his soldiers left the heavy atmosphere.

A distance away from the burning village was a majestic carriage coated with gold. Its walls were engraved with the symbol of a burning golden crown, the emblem of the royal family.

“Your majesty…”

All the soldiers including the powerful knight kneeled.

“As you ordered, one of the heretic villages has been destroyed.” The knight reported.

“Well done.”

A child’s voice resounded from the carriage.

“You have all done a great deed. As wielders of God’s power, it is our duty to purge the heretic demons. I shall convey your achievements to father.”

“Thank you, your majesty.” The voices of the soldiers echoed across the empty field.

“Remember, this is just the first village. Do not let any unnecessary thoughts wander. ” As the child said those words, the atmosphere becomes chillier. Even the powerful knight trembled.

“Yes, your majesty.” After a brief moment of silence, the cold atmosphere disappeared. When the soldiers looked up, the golden carriage already disappeared as if it was never there.


That day, a century of war between two realms finally ended.

In the eyes of the invading Sylveius, all the pagan Elois were ungrateful demons deserving of death.

Thus, they began a manslaughter.


That day, the once lively village became ashes except for two bodies.

When the violet fire died out, one of the bodies stood up. It first stretched its arms as if it just woke up from a dream. Then it approached the smaller body and kicked it.

“Wake up, boy!”

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