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So I started reading novels for about 3-4 weeks and I've been liking the novels so far (Reading 5 and on chapter 300+ for MGA), but I've only been reading the novels my friend likes, and he started reading two months ago, so he doesn't have much of a range of knowledge revolving around majority of the novels, so I'm asking for any recommendations, I don't have any Pros/Cons on the novels so I'd just ask for whatever you enjoyed reading and I'll give it a try. Thanks for the help!


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    Tales of Demons and Gods brought me to the novel world. After that, I took on Emperor's Domination which is one of my favorite novel so far and thegood thing is it releasee 18 chapters per weak. And then MGA which realeases once every 2 days.

    Here are some of my favorites:
    Library of Heaven's Path (not available on wuxiaworld) 
    Sovereign of Three Realms
    Renegade Immortal
    Release that Witch(interesting story and not available on ww)
    Emperor's Domination
    Martial World (you might want to check this one if you like how MGA works on their plots)
    True Martial World

    Hope this helps.
  • From the completed novels on Wuxiaworld, I've read and enjoyed the following:

    Child of Light
    A relatively short story with a good and heroic protagonist. It's more similar to the typical Western fantasy novels than most stories here.

    The next two are very long novels, and a big undertaking. They're also fully complete, but since they're so long, do keep in mind that reading the whole thing will take time, so you might want to intentionally choose a bit of a slower pace.

    Stellar Transformations (and the very last chapters, done by a different translator, are hosted elsewhere, but there's a link to that  in the wuxiaworld index)
    A relatively slow progression in power, nice characterization, and some more thought put into the power system and "choosing your own path" than in many other novels. It's less straightforward "there's a bad guy, so I beat him, but now there's another bad guy, so...", even though it's still more or less that. One aspect that I rather liked was how the character's powerups weren't surprising or sudden, but instead, were the result of his constant effort. Many novels say the same, but in here, the authors really showed the work. In the first book or so, when he's training his body, just the descriptions really got me pumped up! The enduring friendships between the main characters were also really well written.

    I Shall Steal the Heavens
    The best Chinese fantasy story I've read so far, and probably the best translation as well. It's fantastic. Here, the protagonist goes from place to place, and tends to have or to find a sect or a clan or a tribe or a people to stay with. As the story progresses, the protagonist's power level raises fast, but the bonds he has with various groups and various people stay there throughout the whole story. It also has one of the weirdest cheat powerups that a characters starts with - a magic mirror that, among other things, makes beasts' asses explode.

    Sovereign of the Three Realms and Emperor's Domination have a similar theme of super-knowledgeable being entering the world as a lowly mortal, and proceding to dominate everything and everyone. They share many similarities, so I'd suggest choosing only one at first, since the other one might feel like more of the same.
    In SofTR, the protagonist has information and secrets, but lacks resources and has to make various alliances and/or get support from elders who can recognize what he's capable of becoming. He can't reveal all that he knows, but whenever he needs to get a new ally, he can reveal just enough to get the support he needs to once again rise meteorically. He's always rising up and up, to eventually trample his current enemies, only to find new ones.
    TL;DR Speedrunner playing a game he's already mastered

    In Emperor's Domination, the protagonist has been alive for eons as a powerful and immortal being, but with limitations to what he could do. Now, his plans start to bear fruit. He founded sects, he buried treasures, he tutored the ancient masters who later ruled the worlds. And yet, he's so old he has seen all his friends pass. The story is a weird mix of the protagonist melancholically thinking about friends long dead, and recruiting a promising young person who just happens to be a beautiful woman who then becomes his servant, and then the protagonist traveling to a different world to do it all again.
    TL;DR A cheater has all the haxx

    I you feel like you want a bit of variation on the power fantasy stuff where the protagonist just beats everyone and everything all the time,  I've enjoyed A Regular Mortal's Journey to Immortality, and Upgrade Specialist in Another World. They're more slow-paced, and less about the action, so if you want to enjoy the action-based explosive fight stuff, they're probably not for you.

    Warlock of the Magus World has an evil protagonist. Basically, there's a whole lot of evil antagonist tropes. Something like Lucious Malfoy's Path to Power and Rise as a Lucifer Satan Maleficent, or something. He's more of a backstabbing manipulator, though, instead of a moustache-twirling puppy-kicker, but anything's game as long as it gets him power.
  • I would reccomend Coiling Dragon. It was completed, while I was reading it and besides the good story, it is nice, that many characters do have english names, so it is easier to remember them, the MC included. In other novels, I often times get confused or forget who which character was. That was much easier in CD.
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    Here are my recommendations:

    Strong Main Leads with Decent romantic elements:
    1.) Coiling Dragon (Non Harem - Main Character sticks with one girl through-out his life) Great book (Read this one first - Same Author as Stellar Transformations.).
    2.) Stellar Transformations (Non Harem - Same as above) Great book. (Same universe as Coiling Dragon.)
    3.) Desolate Era (Non Harem - Same as above) (Same Author as the above two books - NOT in the same universe)
    4.) I Shall Seal The Heavens
    5.) Renegade Immortal

    1.) SkyFire Avenue (Everyone in the book has really messed up tragic relationships - Makes me think the author went through a messed up relationship just before writing this book.)
    2.) Perfect World (Slow start for the first 40 chapters then RIP.)

    OP Main Characters With Harem
    1.) Martial God Asura
    2.) Against The Gods
    3.) Heavenly Jewel Change
    4.) Battle Through The Heavens
    5.) Blue Phoenix
    6.) Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society

    Anti Hero - Dark Theme
    1.) Warlock Of The Magus World
    2.) City Of Sin
    3.) Gate Of Revelation

  • Agreed with comments above, coiling dragon (CD) and stelar transformation (ST) are a good pick. However, you might want to start with CD then carry on to ST while waiting for desolate era (DE) to finish (if you like the writing style of the author).
    Although I haven't read many series from this site, I'd say CD and ISSTH (I shall seal the heaven) is my top rank series so far :)
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