King of Skills (스킬의 제왕) by HyungSeok Lee (이형석)

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King Of Skills 

Author Summary: 
Kang MuYeol, Humanity Swordsmen Unit 2. 
He returns to the past.
He knows the kills in the future.
In order to stop extermination of humanity he puts the past behind
And he stood up to rise to the Throne. 
"I will now rise to the Throne."

Extra info
Kang MuYeol = Male 


  • <Chapter 1.1: The end of the war>

    Hazal Gorge. 

    Waaaaaaaaaaaah ------ !!!!
    Gwak -------- !!!
    Kill them !!! Kill !!!

    'This was a reckless battle.'
    The sound of people screaming could be heard from everywhere.
    The bloody smell was not masked by the burning explosives, instead it agitated the nose tip. 
    'Coming up with this shit plan. What on earth does Tactician Team have inside of their brain?'
    Even though he was swearing non-stop inside but he wasn't feeling unjust or angry.
    Because he foresaw his death was going to be something like this.
    It was impossible to imagine for a normal student like him, instead of a pen he was holding a sword and instead of a lecture he was chopping the necks of his enemy. 
    'But ... '
    -- Gritting his teeth --
    'Where did it go wrong.'
    Stage that God made. 
    15 years since arrival to this stage. 
    In order to survive in the battles that each king of Thrones waged he painstakingly fought battle after battle to survive. 
    Ting ------- !!!
    The worn out Steel Sword that he was holding couldn't stand and was splitted in half.
    15 years. 
    'Yes, 15 years.'
    Even though he put his life on the line he wasn't able to touch even a crappy B grade Rare item. 

    Humanity Swordsmen Unit 2.

    Without any clear position he was just one of the 10 million human soldiers. 
    However, surviving until now was an impressive achievement. 
    Because he fought hard from the bottom. 
    'However, I cannot accept that little brat is the inheritor of Gladiator.'

    The one who rose to the Throne of Humanity out of the six races. 

    Gladiator Lee GangHo.

    They believed when he was leading them. 
    They anticipated. 
    Out of the six Throne, that Humanity could survive. 
    And return back to their home. 


    To where they got on a subway and drank with their friends. 


    Gwang --- !! Gwang ---- !!!!
    Gwagagang ---------- !!!

    But the strongest man alive called Gladiator was only a human in the end. 
    After crossing the dimension he died from diseases that he had and 7 years after his death 4 out of 5 of his disciples died. 
    Now the only one that is left. 
    Lee JiHoon.
    Last disciple of the Gladiator. 

    (To be continued)

    Translators note 
    Gwahhhhhhhhhh: is like shouting 
    Gwang (Gwagagang): sound effect of crashing. 
  • <Chapter 1.2: The end of the war>

    He was just 20 years old and was a commander that was leading 10,000,000 men army. 
    'Nobody knew that Gladiator's item was a inheritance .....'
    MuYeol stabbed his sword to the ground with resentment and he turned his head around and looked back. 
    If it wasn't for that inheritance it would've been impossible for him to rise to the Throne. 

    SSS Grade
    Humanity's strongest item. 

    (Seek of the Sword) 

    After acquiring item the only thing he did was hid behind the soldiers. 
    What a pathetic scene......
    Gwang --- !!
    Gwagagagang -- !!!!
    Even the explosion of the war was scolding him. 
    "Damn it ..."
    MuYeol grinded his teeth.
    The memories went past him like fleeting lights. 
    'If ... If not for that.'
    The path that can be chosen in life.
    And failed decisions. 
    Rolling in torrents of resentment.
    Things that can't be forgotten even if want to be forgotten.
    If can go back to those times.
    The sword that he would be golding would not be an E Grade Steel Sword, instead it will be shining saint sword. 
    However it is too late to resent about the past. 

    Puouk -----. (stabbing sound)

    At that moment. 
    A spear head penetrating from the back to the chest. 
    ".... what?"
    He stared dumbfoundedly on the internal organs that are pushed out by the spear penetration. 
    He turned his head around.
    He could see the eyes that are without any whites that are looking at him. 

    Gwaduuuuc ... !!! (different stabbing sound)

    Another blade that is stabbing his side.
    The sword of a man with very pale white skin with light green eyes.
    'Demon..., Nephilim...' (Nephilim = angle race or race that lives in heaven)
    If it is like this, who killed him first?

    Why does that matter now. 
    All the 6 races are jumbled and tangled in here.
    If they look different they are all enemy. 
    This was a battlefield in a war.
    And right now I gave my back to my enemies.
    "Shit .... "
    This is the price of my action.
    The sight slowly tilted to the side. 
    When my face fell to the cold dirt floor and realise that it wasn't the world that was tilting, but it was his body that was falling to the ground.
    "Like this?...."

    Kang MuYeol.
    After entering the Seven Throne for 15 years.
    He died at the age of 35. 

    <To be continued.>
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  • <Chapter (2.1): Determination for a change>

    "Cough, cough!!!"
    His inside felt like tangling and he violently let out his breath that he was holding. He continually coughed with sticky saliva coming out. 
    "Huk, huk, huk........"
    After violently letting out his breath, MuYeol gripped the sand on the ground with his hand. 
    'Like this.'
    He clearly remembered the spear that penetrated straight through him form his back to chest.
    'Is it finished now.........'
    His life.
    It felt weird. 
    He was thinking why death finished like nothing has happened to him. 
    At that moment.
    MuYeol touched his body because of the weird feeling. 
    He doesn't know anything because he have never died before, but there was no wound that was inflicted by the spear penetrating through his back to his chest. 
    "Hey, are you alright?"
    "....... What?"
    After rubbing his eyes few times, he could finally see the man that was looking at him. 
    The man's beard looked bushy as he have not shaved. 
    Even though he had a bear belly, him standing with spear stabbed to the ground looked quite proficient. 
    "Old man Kim?"
    His facial expression changed as he felt weird about MuYeol's question. 
    "It's correct that i am surname Kim.... do you know me? Have we met before?"
    The person that MuYeol called Old man Kim with impatient look he placed his hand inside his shirt and scratched his belly. 
    "Where have we met? Hehe ... Since I'm old my memory is not that good. Have you worked in the building that I was cleaning in? The world really is shit ........ Getting forcefully brought to this world."
    Old man Kim 
    His real name was Kim JinMan in Swordsmen unite and most of the people called him Old man Kim. 
    He wasn't very special, but he was easy going and was able to survive for a long time similar to him for 15 years. 
    "Old man did you die as well? Well it was a unwinnable battle anyway. Those Tactician Team idiots. Never mind it is too late to say anything."
    MuYeol said with a sight.
     "The last battle shouldn't have been done in the gorge....."
    The smiling face of old man Kim changed as it furrowed. 
    "What is this brat saying? Who said I died? I'm perfectly still alive!"
    Old man Kim acted like he saw something that he shouldn't have seen and yelled at MuYeol. 
    MuYeol looked at him as he was not expecting this reaction.
    "(spitting on the ground,sfx)!! Making me uncomfortable before the battle. Even though people are dying everyday !!!"
    He shouted in annoyance and took out the spear that was stabbed in the ground and exited the tent. 
    The tent shoke.
     In the tall tent with tall supporting pillar there were worn out boxes with thrown out weapons in them.
    Very familiar scene. 
    Now did MuYeol looked around where he was at. 
    It was naturally familiar. 
    "Tent ....."
    After saying where he was one more time he was shocked and speechless. 
    "Why am I ........?!"
    Why is he in a tent as he was already dead.

    Charuruck (sfx. of opening the tent)

    He opened the tent.
    And he looked around with mouth wide open and inexpressible emotion. People moving here and there busily.
    "Everybody get ready!!"
    "Hey, you!!"
    "What the? Move !!"
    MuYeol could not believe what was happening and was confused. 
    "..... What is happening right now?"
    He quickly got a hold on the person that was carrying an armour. 
    "What do you mean 'what is happening right now?' it has been half a year since we were sucked into the gate. Then how did you get to 3rd Base? Didn't you come here because you heard rumours about base developed in this area?" 
    "...... Half. half year?"
    To MuYeol's question the man looked at him like looking at a foolish man and after answering his question he ran away.
    For sure........
    He knows this place .

    Humanity's 3rd Base 

    22nd of September, 2016.
    The day that world was covered in white light. 
    In the air there formed a photosphere. 
    Office workers, housewives and students without any division were sucked into the gate of light. 
    The students that were studying in school.
    The housewives that were preparing dinner. 
    Office workers as they were having a drink in a snack car. 
    Everyone to this place.

    'Seven Throne'

    The name of the world that humanity is going to face. 
    A totally different world.
    In order to survive, people gathered and made Bases to prepare for sneak attack of the Monsters and fight them.

    <To be continued>
  • <Chapter (2.2): Determination for a Change>

    "Alright everyone hurry up and prepare!! Monster wave will start soon! All the production class people to evacuate and all combat class people to their battle positions!!"
    The voice wasn't very loud but it was enough to vibrate through the Base with heavy tone.

    [Monster Wave: 10 Minutes]

    Like a warning sign there was a red system window floating in the air. 

    "We can win this battle!!"

    On the rugged armour there were clear marks of war that could be seen through broken areas on the armour here and there. 

    Channgg-----!!! (sfx)

    The katana on his back flashed.
    At that moment MuYeol's chest felt like blocked.
    "Kang ChanSuk.......? (they are not related by blood: same last name (e.g Kang) doesn’t mean that they are family)

    Kang ChanSuk
    Gladiator Lee GangHo's first disciple. 

    He wasn't the person that MuYeol remembered to be. 
    He was too young. 
    Instead of his trademark mustache which is long both ways only clear pair of eyes  were seen. 
    A perfectly intact body.
    The first person to die out of disciples of Gladiator Lee GangHo.
    'He was the one to first make the 3rd Base.'
    He was also there as well. 
    "Half year....."
    MuYeol's mind was spinning at a very fast rate (another way of saying that he was thinking at a very fast pace)
    He died 15 years after he arrived in Seven Throne. 
    'Is it a dream?'
    It can't be.
    This touch, This feeling.
    This is not a dream.
    'I have not died.........'

    The God that forcefully brought us here, 
    Lakshumu said this. 

    [All of you have been chosen to receive the honour of being able to challenge the Throne. Only one race. The person that have reach the apex of the race will be able to rise to the Throne.]

    [The one who rises to the Throne will be able to wish for any 'one' thing they want.]

    [Becoming a God. Returning to homeland. Or the genocide of the future. Anything that you wish for.]

    With the last word, Lakshumu lightly laughed and that laugh could never be forgotten from him in his mind. 
    "Huuuuuuu........" (sfx. Breathing out)
    It is a stage where only the strong can survive. 
    One person that have reach the apex. 
    It wasn't people that had the most amount of petroleum in the world, highest authority person in IT industry, it wasn't the leader of the biggest religion in the world or a celebrity that had the most fans and followers. 
    It was a normal middle aged man in his 50s.

    Lee GangHo.

    'But was defeated.'
    Without even MuYeol knowing his heart became uncomfortable and touched his chest. 
    There was no wound on the chest that was penetrated before. 
    He couldn't believe but he could only believe this possibility 
    MuYeol hardened his thoughts. 
    'I came back.'
    MuYeol looked at the sword in his hand. 
    At that moment. 
    A memory crashed into his head with great force when he was sighed. 
    Why have he been revived just half year after start of Seven Throne. 
    in a time where it is not even the beginning. 
    It had to be........

    Thump…... !! Thump……!! (sfx. Of heart sound)

    At this moment his heart started to jump.
    'Why is it?'

    Thud Thud --!!
    Thud! Thud! Thud! -----!!!

    'That's it, surely.'
    MuYeol's face ignited. 
    The head that was produced in his head transitioned into excitement. 
    'From today everthing wrong that happened could be fixed starting from that day......'
    Starting from that point. 
    The coming 3 days. 
    He came back in time to stop that horrific days that is to come. 
    "It can be changed."
    MuYeol's hand was shaking non-stop.
    His nervousness changed into excitement. 
    And his excitement changed into restlessness.
    'Now I can fix.......'
    Wrong decisions.
    Regretful decisions and choices. 
    A chance to change his fate once and for all.
    'I won't rely on anyone.'
    The hand that was holding the steel sword became sweaty. 
    MuYeol said with his resolution. 

    "I shall rise to the Throne."

    (To be continued)

  • <King Of Skills (3.1): One step in transformation>

    "Kang ChanSuk......."
    MuYeol said in low voices as he looked at Kang ChanSuk who was walking around in the tent. 
    "Never have I imagined that I will see you when you have your two arms."
    With both talent and leadership he was an outstanding Sword Master. 
    'Even though Lee GangHo was strong, If it wasn't for Kang ChanSu he couldn't have seized the Throne.'
    He was a magnificent man.
    He was known as role model for many people.
    After meeting with the Gladiator and receiving his skills and guidance he rose to unimaginable level. 

    To S Rank

    But, it was just to there.
    'If you haven't lost one of your arm you would have reached the SSS Rank.'
    It was at this moment.
    "Damn it......."
    He was shivering even though it wasn't cold.
    Even thogu hit has been 15 years MuYeol could clearly remember the battle so vividly like it happened yesterday.
    Memory that cannot be forgotten.
    :Where is the wave coming this time?"
    "Well, same as usual. The lizard man in the Nerimchun probably." (Nerimchun = place name)
    "Oh, then it should be easy. Why are they so anxious about it?"
    "It's probably to intimidate the newbies, the ones that came here after wandering around aimlessly for a long time.  The captain probably wanted them to be nervous and be combat ready, he is worrying too much for no reason."
    People in the tent lightly laughed at Kang ChanSuk as they looked at him.
    'No, it's different this time.'
    Not like the people that were not worried, MuYeol's face darkened. 

    Mountain Peak Nerimchun.

    It was in Manyu Forest which had the U shape around the Base, it was a fairly safe hunting place as most of the Monsters were E Grades. 
    When people were first conscripted to Seven Throne, they were very confused, but as half year passed they got used to it and were investigating the continent and made bases in the safe areas. 
    Just when people thought they got used to it,
    'it is today.'
    MuYeol looked at the people around the base.


    'The 3rd Base will be wiped out.'
    Out of the 500 people that were alive, only 50 survived. 
    Result that is close to extermination. 
    'The result of having 50 survivors were only possible because Kang ChanSuk sacrificed one of his arm to save them.'
    MuYeol was looking at the disappearing figure of Kang ChanSuk.
    '....... What should I do?'
    He was contemplating. 
    'Should I flee?'
    That idea wasn't impossible.
    In his head there was a map of his 15 years of experience. He knew where the Monsters respawned, traps were set and dangerous places were. 
    And avoid any danger and travel to find a different Humanity Base wasn't an impossible task.
    "No, i cannot do that."
    MuYeol hastily looked around 
    'Should I say this to Kang ChanSuk?'
    That was impossible. 
    It was too late to evacuate. 
    He wouldn't believe in the word that MuYeol will say to him as he came out of nowhere and MuYeol bit his lips as he saw the notification window saying [Monster Wave: In 5 Minutes].
    'I cannot just watch this happen.'
    I will not allow the history to repeat itself.......

    At least.........

    (To be continued.)

  • <King Of Skills (3.2): One step in transformation>

    He organised his memories. 
    The 3rd Base that he was apart of used to under Lee GangHo's influence. 
    It was a place where happy memories used to be for him. 
    'I am sure I have participated the battles that took here......'
    At this moment.
    An incident passed through his memories. 
    'Yes, there was 'that'.'
    'That place' was behind the Nerimchun.
    "That's it!"
    MuYeol shouted without him knowing. 
    "Why is he doing that?"
    Because of his shout people were looking at him like they were seeing an idiot, but that was not important to him. 
    MuYeol held his sword. 
    The sword that he was holding didn't feel comfortable.
    To be exact the sword was a piece of trash. 
    The weapon had a unbalanced weight and the blade was not sharp enough. 
    'I can even feel this?'
    Even though the 15 years he spent were just to survive, but at least he was able to learn something from it.

    "Status Window."

    Name: Kang MuYeol

    “Status Window.’

    Name  : Kang MuYeol
    Rank   : E
    Power : 15 
    Agility  : 17
    Health : 12
    Magic  : 0

    <Battle Skills>

    <Production Skills>

    MuYeol sighed as he checked his Status Window.
    '....... Can I really do this?'
    When God Lakshumu summoned 7 billion people the average stats of each people was 10.
    His stats looked good when you look at it, but the average included people from small kids, women and elderly people. 
    'Well......, I had more days fleeing than actually battling.'
    At the time he was listening to a lecture in the university.
    He had never touched a sword so couldn't fight the Monsters that were right in front of him.
    'It's different this time.'
    The number of big and small battles that were fought by him were more than hundreds. 
    He was more experienced in using the sword than anyone right now.
    MuYeol knows that experience can be the biggest advantage or weapon in this place.

    "I will stop it."

    Save the people.
    It's not only that.
    MuYeol looked at the man that was busily moving around in the tent.

    Kang ChanSuk.

    'I will let you use both of your arms this time.'
    MuYeol wanted to save him and make Kang ChanSuk his man.
    Because he was one of the most outstanding Sword Master in the past?
    During the 15 years there were many strong and influential people.
    Out of those people there were people who was stronger than Kang ChanSuk or even crazier people than him.
    'You are the one that I need and will help me rise to the Throne.'
    He promised to himself.
    to be the strongest to stand on the apex.
    He will reign over the people that he looked upon.
    'I will not live like this,'
    Not as a  just foot soldier, but on the apex.
    And that first was Kang ChanSuk.

    MuYeol now understood why he came back to this terrifying point in time instead of the beginning.
    To turn the table.
    MuYeol took in a deep breath.
    A new beginning.
    To change his start from despair to a opportunity. 
    Sssssck----- (sfx. something going pass very quickly)
    He could feel the smell of death from his nose tip.
    "Now is not the time."
    MuYeol went to the other side of the tent instead of the front door.
    Kuung ------ (sfx. of foot kicking off from the ground. )
    A sound of foot kicking off the ground with force.

    Was the sound of history changing.
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