Monster is a novel set within the real world which slowly turns into a dystopia wrought about by an event known as the awakening.
The Awakening is a similar event as to other novels in which normal humans 'awaken' some sort of game system and unlock the method to gain power. Through the awakening, mysterious factions attempt to exert their influence over the geopolitical status quo and thrust the world into chaos to the battle between themselves.

The world's governments are collapsing within weeks as they struggle to maintain their prestige and lawful control over their sovereign territory. However, the governments also attempt to make use of the factions to fulfil their own questionable ambitions.

This story is set in Australia, a first world country famed for its dangerous wildlife and overgoverned society. The story is about a young man in high school who grows up in these tumultuous times.

Witness as he discovers more about his past and is thrust deeper and deeper into the moral abyss through the consequences of his own actions. What choices will he make to survive in the new 'awakened' earth?

An even bigger question for Adam... What is 'Adam'?


  • so, do we see the story here or in a link you provide or do i have to consult my rune bones?
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