Eight Treasures Trousseau

Eight Treasures Trousseau is one of my favorite translated novels out there, and I was inspired to write a short fanfiction based on it.

*Possible Errors/mistakes - since its been a while since I last read ETT so some things might not match..

As the sounds of clapping neared the beautiful spring gardens within the Forbidden Palace, the carriage where the Emperor was stopped, the golden decorations of dragon and phoenix shimmered under the bright sun.

“Your Majesty.” Chief Steward Mu announced to the man who sat quietly within the huge carriage, a document held within his hands.

“What is the Empress doing now?” As his clear eyes glanced towards the gardens, a group of people were slowly moving throughout the grounds, admiring the flowers and scenery.

Just a year after Yan Jin Qiu ascended to the throne, he ordered for the Four Seasons Garden to be built, just so that Hua Xi Wan will not be that bored within the four thick walls of the Palace.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The Four Seasons Gardens soon became one of the rare few attractions within the Palace.

As Hua Xi Wan wandered through the massive garden of flowers, she sighed as she stared at the huge bump on her.

Gently stroking her stomach, where her unborn child sleeps quietly, she remembered what the Imperial Doctor has said the other day.

“Your Majesties, this will be a tough birth. However, rest assured as this subject will do his vey best.”

The baby within her was supposed to be due a week ago, yet, he/she slept stubbornly within her and the Imperial Couple could do nothing about it.


A cheerful voice came from the back of the group behind her, and a young child appeared in her sight.

Feng Er!” With a smile, the child ran and hugged her, his accompanying attendants were sweating profusely.

Yan Tao Feng was the Imperial Couple’s first child, and the current Crown Prince.

He, at the age of 3, displayed intelligence far beyond his age, and he was eager to learn. His talent in martial arts were not far behind, though, compared to the children in the Lu Clan, he was considered average.

When Hua Xi Wan knew about the achievements of her child, she was happy but somewhat fearful of his future, for she was worried about the evil-doers that may harm her child.

Yan Jin Qiu simply laughed when he heard her, his hand tightly clasped hers, and he pulled her into a hug.

“Don’t worry about it. No one will dare to touch Zhen’s child.”

And thus, the young crown prince was able to spend his childhood years in peace and he was always telling Yan Jin Qiu and Hua Xi Wan about his adventures in the Palace.

As the 7-year-old Crown Prince hugged her, he looked with curiosity at her huge belly.

“Mother, when is my younger sibling going to come out?”

“Mother also do not know…Maybe a few more days?” With a slight smile, she took the handkerchief from Bai Xia and wiped off the dirt visible on his face.

“You ah, don’t keep running around and play. Look, how dirty you have become!” Hua Xi Wan gently scolded him as she glanced at the flustered attendants behind him.

“Your Majesty! “

Quickly kneeling in fear, the attendants shivered as they thought of the punishments that Hua Xi Wan could impose on them.

“Mother! Don’t blame Yin Lan and the others. They have taken care of me very well.” Tugging at her clothes, Tao Feng said as he glanced at his servants.

“Mother never blames them. Come, rise. Otherwise, Feng Er would say that I bully his servants.”

“We humbly thank your Majesty!”

“His Majesty, the Emperor, arrives!”

Chief Steward Mu announced as he appeared in front of Hua Xi Wan and the others.

“Father’s here!”

“Emperor-Father!” Tao Feng happily greeted as he ran towards Yan Jin Qiu.

“Tao Feng, tell Father what you did today.” With a bright smile, he carried Tao Feng as they walked towards Hua Xi Wan.

“Today, after lessons with the Imperial Tutor, I went to the pond to feed the goldfishes! They were so big and fast!”

“Then shall I get more goldfishes for you?”

“Yes! Subject-son thanks Emperor-Father!”

“Your Majesty, don’t spoil your son.”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.”

As his free hand held Xi Wan’s hands, the trio chatted and laughed as they walked to the carriage.

As for the numerous high-ranked womenfolk left behind by Hua Xi Wan in the garden, they quickly left, sighing as they admired the love between Emperor Shengkun and Empress Shengde.

~ ~ ~

A week later, the child within Hua Xi Wan was safely born, though there were many complications.

The process had lasted from afternoon to night at the same day, and the Emperor had stood worriedly outside the room where Hua Xi Wan was for the whole time.

As a shooting star shot through the night sky, the cries of a baby could be heard coming from the room.

“Your Majesty!” The Imperial Doctor quickly rushed out from the room, as a huge relieved smile could be seen on his tired face.

“Your Majesty, it’s an imperial son! “

Nodding, Yan Jin Qiu dashed into the room, where Hua Xi Wan was resting, a newly born baby slept soundly in her arms.

“Jin Qiu.” With a weak voice, she smiled as Yan Jin Qiu gestured her not to move.

“Your body is weak, don’t move.

How’s our son?”

“He’s sleeping soundly, such a troublesome son.”

“Doesn’t he remind you of someone.” Yan Jin Qiu cheekily said as he gently touched the cheeks of his son.

“It seems like your Majesty doesn’t want another child anymore.”

“I was wrong. May the Empress forgive me?” With a kiss, he rubbed her palms as he repented.

“That will depend on your performance in the future.”

~ ~ ~

It’s been two months since Yan An Xing was born.

He, who was quiet and calm, and born under a shooting star, was given the name by Yan Jin Qiu.

As Hua Xi Wan stared fiercely at the awkward Yan Jin Qiu, she was super furious on the inside.

…Let’s rewind time back to five minutes ago.

Yan Jin Qiu, who was spending the afternoon with Hua Xi Wan and An Xing, had jokily said.

“My Empress, shall we have a few more children to keep Tao Feng and An Xing company?”

“…How many do you want.” Hua Xi Wan lazily said as she passed An Xing to Bai Xia that was standing quietly at the side.

Noticing her weird expression, Yan Jin Qiu said with a weak voice.


Before he knew it, he was on the floor, a deep shoe mark visible on the robe on him.

~ ~ ~
“This was the 10th time…no … 12th time that the Empress has kicked the Emperor.”

Bai Xia sighed inwardly as she pretended not to see the scene before her.

If the outside world knew of what Hua Xi Wan has done to Yan Jin Qiu, there’re probably be chaos.

And what happens if they find out this happens on a daily basis? Bai Xia didn't even dare to think of the consequences. 

“My Empress, it was a joke. A joke, please don’t take it seriously.”

Standing right up, Yan Jin Qiu didn’t even dared to tidy himself or clean the mark on his robe, as he tried to pacify the raging Empress before him.

“Is anyone outside?”

“Your Majesty.” Chief Steward Mu quickly stepped into the room as he bowed towards Yan Jin Qiu and Hua Xi Wan, as he replied.

“Get the Imperial Kitchen to prepare the Empress’s favourite snacks immediately. “

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

As he walked backwards before turning, Chief Steward Mu saw the expression on Bai Xia’s face and knew the Emperor had caused trouble again.

“Can’t he just filter that mouth of his?”

With a thought, he disappeared from the room as he hurried to the Imperial Kitchen.

~ ~ ~

The 15th year of Emperor Shengkun’s rule, Hua Xi Wan gave birth to a pair of twins, a male and a female.

Yan Hu Wei and Yan Wan Qiu – Hu Wei was just a few minutes older than Wan Qiu.

Yan Jin Qiu was overjoyed and so was the Imperial Sons – who were happy about having new brothers and sisters.

Yet, one matter broke the happy occasion and that was the Empress falling sick after shortly giving birth.

With a slightly high fever, as well as a cold, the Empress was fully sick for a month.

The Imperial Doctors were in a mess, due to the Emperor decreeing that if they were not able to help the Empress recover, they can wait for their heads to roll.

The two Imperial Sons immediately went to the Taoist Temple that the Imperial Family often goes to pray, while the Emperor abstained from meat until the Empress has recovered, hoping that the Heaven will see their sincerity.

Luckily, the Empress recovered and thus, this matter became nothing more than words in historical records and books.

~ ~ ~
The children of Hua Xi Wan and Yan Jin Qiu can be said to be gifted and perfect in every way.

The eldest and the Crown Prince, Yan Tao Feng, succeeded the throne from Yan Jin Qiu, who had abdicated just to spent more time with Hua Xi Wan.

He, who was like his father, was a great ruler and the country prospered even more.

As for his younger brothers, Yan An Xing and Yan Hu Wei, An Xing became a well-known scholar in the country and his fame even spread throughout the other kingdoms and empires. He was well-versed in the four arts and had a brilliant mind – thus, a tactician that greatly helped the country.

Yan Hu Wei could have been said to have inherited the talent in martial arts from Hua Xi Wan, and was a valiant commander that led the armies of their country, in war and in defending their borders from enemies. The navy, under his control, was a utter nightmare for the other countries surrounding them.

As for the youngest of the siblings, and the only female, Yan Wan Qiu, was a lazy but peerless beauty, just like Hua Xi Wan. Fully inheriting her mother’s genes, Princess Wan Qiu was much more adventurous than Hua Xi Wan, just like her older brother, An Xing.

She, who travelled secretly without her parents’ notice, met a Royal Prince that came from the West, and fell in love with him.

She took less than a year to fully master their language, got engaged but was blessed by both sides.

Their marriage was a grand one, and the Western Prince settled down with her back in her country, although they occasionally travelled back to his country.  

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