how does the cultivation system works in cd.. ?? thanks in advance

Please describe the cultivation system.. especially the initial stages.


  • Wow. Flashback

    I started reading it close to a decade it ago now.

    In the initial stages there are 2 paths you can chose from: Warrior and Mage.

    The MC chooses both although initially he only trains his body instead of battle qi since his bloodline prevents him from training in battle qi without awakening his dragon warrior bloodline.

    Initial stages are basically the mortal realm which are separated into 9 levels each for Warrior and Mage.
    After the 9th realm, one enters the Saint realm and gains immortality.
    Saints train to understand Laws that govern the universe. After mastering 1 law, the universe acknowledges you and elevates you to Low God.
    As you master more Laws you become Midgod and Highgod. A Highgod will have mastered all the laws in that Element (Wind, Fire, Lightning, Darkness, Light, etc).
    Above Highgod is Paragon, someone who has combined all laws in that element together. Fusion of laws produces a 1+1=3 effect so fusing all the laws makes a monster. For example there are 9 laws in the Wind Element so a Wind Paragon will have fused 9 laws together.
    Then there are Sovereigns. You can't train to this level. Only way is to fuse Sovereign Spark. Three levels (Low, Mid, Chief Sovereign).
    In each element there are 4(or 3. forgot) lower Sovereigns, 2 middle Sovereigns, and 1 Chief Sovereign. Number is fixed because Sovereign Sparks are a fixed number. Only way to get one is to kill a Sovereign
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  • Whoops forgot to add the saint level and grand magus saint to the table :P
  • Its demigod instead of lowgod and god instead of midgod. You can also become a demigod by fusing with the spark of a dead demigod, the same is for Gods and highgods, but the prerequisite is that you have to be at the level under the spark you want to fuse with. Fusing with a spark also hinders your comprehension, you basically cant progress if you fuse with a spark, you need a spark to get stronger, thus also cutting off your route to being a paragon. You are also weaker than other deitys if you fuse with a spark, because fusing with a spark is like reading a book thats already written, while training is like writing the book, The writer will always comprehend more of the concepts in the book and will be able to apply them better than the reader. When you also become a demigod in an element, you can choose to create a clone of yourself that only practices that element, while your true body remains a saint, but can still practice other laws. Or you can just train in one law and have no clones. The thing with the clone thing though is that you split your soul in two. This system is also cut off to people who fuse with a spark.

    The law system is a bit weird too. You have to master 1 law to become a Demigod, 1/3 of the laws of an element to become a god, and all of the laws to become a highgod. But wind for example has 9 laws, but earth has 6. In this scenario it is actually easier to comprehend the laws of wind than the laws of earth, but this ends up balancing the increase in laws. You have to master 3 laws to become a god of wind, but only 2 to become a god of earth, the change in difficulty balances it so that you take the same amount of time to master them both.

    There are 7 elements and 4 edicts. Each element and edict has 7 sovereigns, making a total off 77 sovereigns. There are 3 types of them. Lesser sovereigns that have fused with a lesser sovereign spark there are 4 of them per element and edict. A mid sovereign that has fused with a mid sovereign spark which have 2 per element and edict, and a chief sovereign which has fused with a chief sovereign spark their is only one per element and edict. their levels of power are corresponding to the level of spark they have fused with. You can only become a sovereign once you become a highgod and have not used another deitys spark to become a highgod. You also dont have to be a paragon, actually most of the sovereigns arent paragons.

    The reason why sovereigns are much more powerful than deitys is because when they fuse with a sovereign spark they gain will. The sovereign spark only has will in it. will basically just makes you stronger. The difference in sovereign levels is because different types of sparks have different amounts of will, with the lesser sovereign sparks having the least, and the chief sparks having the most. When you become a paragon, the laws of the universe also bestow will upon you, but the amount a paragon gains is negligible to even a lesser sovereigns will. The sovereigns of the 4 edicts are also more powerful than the element sovereigns because the edicts are the fundamental building blocks of the universe.

  • also the mortal realsm being warrior and magus also affects your later bad into being a god etc, not in terms of stronger in close combat or magics but in familiarity and speciality in the method of fighting. for example, a person trained to become a saint by going down the path of a warrior, this person's fighting style will remain mostly the same and use of laws are more focused on that style. 

    what im saying is, although there are only a fix number of different laws per element/edict. how those laws that are utilised are uniquely different from everyone else in the universe.
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