To Survive

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Hey all, this is my first work of martial epic-ness.  I hope it's not too rough and look forward to any criticisms.  My aim is merely to entertain.
On his 12th birthday, Lin Jie awakes to find that the another part of his has awakened.  He was once an existence that ruled the mortal world and was one step from the heavens before they came.  The Devours, a race of creatures never before seen by the mortal world.  They were consumed all and left nothing, creating a crisis for a living creatures.  On the day of the final battle with the creatures, Lin Jie was betrayed by his closest allies and he and his clan were wiped out.  Now with a second chance at life, Lin Jie feels the pressure of impending doom.  He knows they are out there, and that they could appear at any time while he is just starting on his martial path a new.

Story elements

Realm: Mortal

World: Lántiān – Blue Sky

Continent: Xiǎo tiānkōng – Little Sky

Country: Lǜ bō -  Green Waves

Cultivation Stages/Ranks

*Pre-Cultivation/Pre-Stage – Blood/Marrow cleansing (3 stages: Initial purification, advanced purification, blood awakening) – Flesh and Bone Cleansing and Tempering (1 stage)

Earthen Enlightenment: Low Earthen Enlightenment (9 stages) Mid Earthen Enlightenment (9 stages) High Earthen Enlightenment (9 Stages)

Earthen Aspirant: Low Earthen Aspirant (9 stages) Mid Earthen Aspirant (9 stages) High Earthen Aspirant (9 Stages)

Earthen Ascendant: Low Earthen Ascendant (9 stages) Mid Earthen Ascendant (9 stages) High Earthen Ascendant (9 Stages)

Earthen: Low Earthen (9 stages) Mid Earthen (9 stages) High Earthen (9 Stages)

Earthen King: Low Earthen King (9 stages) Mid Earthen King (9 stages) High Earthen King (9 Stages)

Earthen Emperor: Low Earthen Emperor (9 stages) Mid Earthen Emperor (9 stages) High Earthen Emperor (9 Stages)

Initial Mortal: Rebirth (9 stages) Growth (9 stages) Life (9 stages)

Mortal: Mortal Nature (9 Stages) Mortal Element (9 Stages) Mortal Dao (9 stages)

Mortal King: Mortal Prince (9 Stages) Mortal King (9 Stages) Mortal Tyrant King (9 stages)

Mortal Emperor: Mortal Emperor (9 Stages) Mortal Sky Emperor (9 Stages) Mortal Overlord (9 stages)

Firmament: Enlightenment (9 stages) Aspirant (9 stages) Ascendant (9 stages)

Heavenly Celestial: Feather (9 stages) Wing (9 stages) Lord (9 stage)

Heavenly god: Domain (9 stage) Transcendent (9 stage) Dominance (9 stage)


*The Pre cultivation and stage occurs between each realm change only for main character.


  • Chapter 1: Opening one’s eyes for the first time, again pt.1


    Lin Jie slowly opened his silvery eyes to see the ceiling he had seen every morning for the last 12 years of his life.  This view, always so familiar, but today also slightly foreign; as if this was the first day he had ever seen said ceiling.

    His eyes blinked slowly a few times, taking in the sweet-scented air circulating in the room.  A floral smell, this was the smell his mother enjoyed having spread through out the house.  Yet, his mother never was never in to flowers.  Huh? A thought occurred to him, his mother was dead also, and yet he kissed his mother good night before going to bed.

    Lin Jie’s confusion deepened, he furrowed his brow and slowly sat up.  Lin Jie?  Wait, my name is Ying Jie, who is… wait my name is Lin Jie.  I am Lin Jie and Ying Jie?  This doesn’t make since.  Lin Jie closed his eyes again and focused, shutting off all his other senses.  His mind, his mind was suddenly filled with memories and thoughts that were not his own, and yet he could feel that they were his.  As time slowly flowed the feelings of familiarity rapidly increased and the amount of memories exploded, his conscience exploded and the world became a blinding white.  Lin Jie passed out.

    Two hours later, Lin Jie’s silvery eyes opened again and he sat up on his bed.  He slowly looked around his room, and then down at himself.  His eyes followed down his right arm and he slowly channeled his Qi into his hand.  His eyes observed the energy bleed that engulfed his hand and he frowned.  It was colorless mostly and with slight traces of some black matter.

    Guess father was right, I really do put little effort into my cultivation training.  My Qi can barely manifest itself and the impurities… there is way too much impurity.

    Lin Jie stood up and stretched his body out, then walked over to a side table that had a bowl filled with water sitting atop it.  Gingerly he washed away the night’s sleep so that he would be somewhat presentable.  Right after he proceed to get dressed while thinking to himself, So, I guess this is because of the forbidden Dao of Life and Death… reincarnation?  Well, that was quick, I hadn’t expected it would send me back into the Samsara.  What’s also more unexpected is that I went through so quickly.  Feels like I was fighting the devourers but a few years ago… I wonder how long it’s really been…

    He shook his head clearing those thoughts from his head, having seen the current state of his Qi he was far removed from his past lofty self.  No sense thinking about things that he could do nothing about at the moment.  The Devourers weren’t here so all he could do was begin again.

    Lin Jie dressed himself in a pair of black pants and a white tunic with a hood.  He glanced over at another table with a mirror laying on it.  He made a grabbing motion and the mirror slowly slid toward him.  Lin Jie frowned and applied more Qi, then the mirror finally flew into his palm.  He looked at himself and was surprised to see himself.  He looked exactly the same as he remembered himself as a child.

    Lin Jie frowned even more, he was reborn, but his consciousness had been asleep all these years.  With out his old self to rely on, his pure self grew-up influenced by this new environment.  As he recalled his childhood up to now his frown released and he sighed.  Everyone around him pampered him in the clan outside of his father who was hardly ever there since he was a military man.  This caused him to have an overly comfortable life and he grew into being a weak and timid boy.  He would be furious, but the memories of the love from his new family curbed the edge off of his fury.  Besides, he was awake now, the timidness was dead, and the weakness was to be short lived now.

  • Pt. 2

    Lin Jie tossed the mirror back on to the table and made his way to dining hall of the mansion.  The dinning hall was also the main hall, and as such it was the largest room in the mansion home.  The floor was created from a giant slab of Jade and finished out with marble.  Gold detailed out the walls and ceiling.  In the past it always awed Lin Jie, but today his eyes were rather disinterested.  The house servants took vague notice in the change in his eyes, but that was merely due to familiarity with him. 

    The servants placed all sorts of foods out for him, all of which were his favorites, then placed a stack of gifts on the table. When finished, they bowed deeply and took a step back and in unison they said, “Happy Birthday young master!”

    Up to this point, Lin Jie had been in his own little world and had forgotten, today was his 12th birthday.  His eyes slightly widened and he took in his surroundings.  When he saw the four servants smiling, a warm feeling filled his heart and a smile genuine smile grew on his face.

    “Aunties and uncles, thank you for remembering this young ingrate.  But… please indulge my selfishness, please take these foods away and enjoy them with your families.  I just want a bask of fruit and half bread bun.  These foods while delicious are not conducive to my upbringing”

    Although it was his birthday, it was time to immediately start the changes in his life.  Two years of growth had been lost and if he was going to get back on track he needed to start now.  The foods on the table were all delicious delights, but would work counter to his goals.

    “But young master, these are your favorite foods, and it is your birthday.  If you’re looking to change things, surely you can do it tomorrow and enjoy these today!”  The servants looked at Lin Jie in an appeasing manner.

    Lin Jie was just about to reaffirm his position when a strong scent of lotus blossoms flowed into the room, followed by the sweet melodious voice of his mother, Su Rong.  “Mo Chu, you and the others please clear the table and prepare what Jie’er has requested.  It actually rather makes me happy to see him make sure a mature request.

    Su Rong entered the room wearing a red colored dress that bore several small wolf like animals embroidered in to the fabric with gold threading. Her fairy like face was covered with a black veil to cover her almost irresistible beauty.  Atop her head she wore her ebony colored hair in a large bun that was pinned into place by two Jade colored needles that matched her clear Jade colored eyes.  Eyes that were normally indifferent and distant, were warm and happy as they gazed upon her son.

    “Mother!” Lin Jie exclaimed as he walked to the woman that had been his mother for the past twelve years.  Although this was his “second” mother his heart was still filled with love and warmth for her as she was imprinted with in him as well as his “first” mother.


    Mother and son embraced in greeting before sitting at the table that only held Lin Jie’s gifts.  Su Rong nodding toward her son asked, “So, Jie’er, tell me, since you are of age to try to enter a sect will you try for one?  I know you were unsure before.”
  • Pt. 3

    This Question caught Lin Jie off guard, like before, he wasn’t thinking about the things that were at the forefront of his mind bore the rest of his soul had awakened.  It felt like waking up for the 4th time in one day.  Lin Jie was more than a young boy now though, he instantly collected himself and recalled his situation.  Since beginning cultivating at 10 he had two paths he could take when he hit the age of 12.  He could enter into a smaller sect, or he could serve in the military for three years and enter in to one of the higher tier sects using the Military as a sponsor.

    The younger him was wowed by the idea of a sect, any sect, but the adult him knew that the resource demand grew exponentially the higher one’s realm became.  Knowing that, he replied decisively that he would enter the military.  “Mother, I will be entering the military when the season of warmth begins and will attempt to enter a sect when I finish my term.”

    Su Rou was slightly surprised by her son’s resolute demeaner.  This was not what she was used to by her usually wavering child.  “Jie’er, are you sure, you seemed really unsure of yourself last time.”

    Lin Jie nodded, “I guess my ambitions have awakened with age, I can’t be a timid boy in this world, or I will be prey for the strong.  A small sect will only limit my future growth, and time in the military will only sharpen my ruthlessness for when I do expose myself to the arrogant nobles in the larger sects.”

    Su Rong Smiled and nodded appreciating her son’s appraisal of things.

    “Mother, my squandering is over, I don’t expect you to expect much from me, instead allow my actions to show how sincere I am.” Lin Jie cupped his hands and bowed to his mother with a determined smile on his face.  At that moment the servants re-entered the room and served the fruit and bread as requested.

    Su Rong leaned back in her seat and regarded her son with a complicated look.  She was happy with his new turn, but she felt like she was talking to a totally different person; and yet he wasn’t.  She dismissed these thoughts and stroked her son’s short black hair.  Hmm?  He had a long ponytail just yesterday, when did he cut his hair?

    Lin Jie smiled brightly while his mother expressed her love, then started rapidly consuming the fruit and bread.  In his mind he began to sort out what he needed to do.  Alright Jie, first things first, just like me I need to give my cultivation a rebirth.  Although one can say I am at the Low Earthen Enlightenment Rank 2, I know the quality of my original enlightenment was weak.  After this I will discard my current cultivation and go through enlightenment again.
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