Vessel of the Flair

Synopsis: Once upon a time there was a vessel of the Flair kingdom. And well.... She got fed up with their policies and rebelled with the power of friendship. 
Authors Note: Overtime as I've begun to read more light novels such, to name a few:Dragon Marked War God and Martial God Asura, I've begun to notice this trend where it's just the same story line but repeated with stronger opponents. Not to mention that they are all overly long. I wanted to take this idea to the next level and I present to you my creation. 


  • Chapter 1: Departure
    It had been 2 months since Xue Yao had joined as a servant of the Flair family. Despite her impressive size and intelligence, she lacked skill in the arts of magic. For some reason, she didn't believe it was possible. Due to this, she was forced into eternal slavery. 
    "Hey Xue Yao what are you doin'!" 
    That person screaming over there was the princess that Xue Yao had to serve. While she wasn't particularily strong, she was still able to summon flames the size of flaming dragon. 
    "WHAT are you doing!!! "
    "DO you want me to punish you!!!" She screamed

    "Screw it, I'm done with the labor" Xue Yao sighed.
    Immediately, Xue Yao charged towards the princess and laid a massive right hook.
    "How is this possible!!" the princess screamed while holding her right cheek in pain.

    "Because I am the main protagonist and I have a better backstory than you" Xue Yao exclaimed as she continued to lay into the princess.
    Soon, there was nothing left but a lifeless corpse. 
    "You thought I wouldn't kill you? Lol. Rip. I bet you didn't even have a reverse harem despite your status. It also seems I have powered up. I am now level 69 and I have enough strength to beat even level 100s!"
    Xue Yao's powerup can't be explained except maybe it was intervention by the heavenly gods. 
    "Despite how strong we built this guild u--
    "Wait did we even build up my setting?" Xue Yao asked the narrarator
    Well it seems that Xue Yao was currently serving under the Flair Family which existed in the western sect of the northern sect of the far lands of forever in the underworld of the overworld. 
    "Well regardless I will punch my way to victory because I'm strong and they're weak" Xue Yao exclaimed.

  • "Hmmmm. This seems to be where emperor Flair lives."
    Xue Yao looked up to a giant skyscraper. It was at least 20 stories tall and when the sun hit the middle of the sky it's shadow formed a fearsome fire dragon. 
    "Well, since he is only level 100 it should be fine" Xue Yao mumbled as she walked into the giant tower.
    Endless waves of enemies attacked but they were all weak and without friends. After almost 69 minutes of beating up weaklings of the Flair clan, she had finally reached emperor Flair.
    "XUE YAO!! HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY US AND PROCEED TO KILL OFF OUR WHOLE CLAN!" Emperor was in a fury that most would have when they had won a 100,000$ and then lost it all because they got too cocky.
    "Even if you are now a level 69 warrior, I myself have hit level 120 and I possess a strong backstory!!" Flair screamed as he began listing off all his boring achievements. "

    "No one cares." Xue Yao said 
    She proceeded to land a huge haymaker and began kicking Flair emperor's skull in. In a matter of seconds Flair clan was destroyed. 
    "I must have a great path ahead of me since I am weak now. Soon I will be the strongest and move upwards to kill more people because I am secretly a psychopath."
  • It had been several days since Xue Yao had destroyed the Flair Clan and somehow this news had spread throughout the world. It was nearly unheard of someone winning with brute strength alone. Even XUe Yao herself was shocked that she had come so far. Speaking of far, she had been walking towards the major city of Guang and made it to a shack in the middle of a desert. 
    "Do you have any sausages and wine?" SHe inquired to the shop keeper
    "Yes we will bring it right up to you" The keeper replied.
    Immediately Xue Yao felt a malicious aura around her. She looked around ad realized all 3 customers had begun walking towards her. 
    "Give us your money Lady!" One of them hollered.
    "Like I'd ever do that." Xue Yao retorted.
    Using her new gained strength she smacked them silly. Then proceeded to destroy them by using her earthquake punch. Xue Yao crossed her arms cause she could no longer get her wine and sausages. SHe walked forward, dejected and lonely. 
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