Beautiful day on the moon (Chapter 2)( synopsis added)

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I'am writing this right now, dunno how long i'll be wrtting this, but this time hoping to write it xD

Long, long ago there lived a man who would always dream, to create something that would change all human being lives. He wished it so much, that he unconsciously created something that shaken the whole world, heavens, and hell. Without even knowing it him self, he lived for over fifty thousand years, but in the end died. Although he died, his creation has been left in a young man, who will change everything, and carry the creation for eternity. This is a story about that young man. 

Galaxies are endless they fall and rise in the never ending Universe. Immortals, who gave up on their humanity in order to rise in power, killing is not an option. They pose a power which splits the heavens and shatters the planets, with every step they take leaving only destruction in their wake. Martial arts and magic is what they use, holding their weapons until their death. World where mighty are foolish, and haughty are as good as dead. The strong is who gets the goods while weak are only left with one choice, and that is to become stronger just to survive another day.

It is Yale’s universe, where he was born into. Hundred thousand years passed since his planet destruction, after whole hundred thousand years he finally awakened just to find out that all of his people were dead. Left with not much hope he strived to become stronger, with only book and his body. One day people came to save him and Yale started peaceful life, but will it last for long.

Come and see the legend of Yale from the red planet as he faces countless people who desires power, makes lifelong friends and finds love. 
Genres: Action, science fiction, martial arts, magic, xanxia , fantasy, comedy

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    Chapter one

    Three red suns, never ending day.

    Everything is deserted; not a single living being could be seen in the middle of a deserted planet, with absolutely no water, or living creature on it. On a plain, where no mountains could be seen, in the middle of it was a boy, he had green eyes and black long hair, which is even longer than himself, he had deep brown skin with orange shine to it. His lips were cracked, but unexpectedly he was not skinny, instead he was extremely muscular, not a single drop of fat could be seen on his body, which made him look frightening.

    At this moment of time, he was doing push up’s…he was doing one finger push up’s. With a smile on his face, he kept doing the push up’s, he kept doing the push up’s for ten whole sun cycles. He then stopped doing it and started meditating; it seemed as if he was one with the nature, as if there wouldn’t be no him, the planet would just die.

    Next to the boy, there was a book with at least few thousand pages, inside the book was written the knowledge of meditation, ironically there wasn’t anything besides that.

    “My father said that, I am the only one left from my race, and that I must wait for someone to come and get me. Today is my thirteenth birthday I have been alone for whole ten years. After Meditating for two years I got bored and so I started training, but it’s more like having fun. The feeling of getting stronger and being strong is just too good, besides there is nothing else for me to do. I don’t dislike meditating, but it gets boring after a while.” What the boy didn’t know is that, the book of meditation was in order to strengthen his mind, and replenish his body, as to not starve to death; logically speaking it wasn’t made to strengthen the body.

    Before the planet died…No before people killed the planet…Before people killed the planet, planet killed the people, and so the boy is the only one left alive. Before people killed the planet, it was one of the most technologically advanced planets in the entire galaxy, but the people of the planet instead of advancing, in bodily functions. They instead focused on their mind, and that’s how the book of meditation came to exist, the people began to be extremely peaceful, and planet went into eternal existence with no need of wars. The peace lasted for whole fifty thousand years, technological advanced stopped ever since, but then a man, who refused to meditate decided to create something that would be better than the book of meditation. Unfortunately he failed and in the process the world got destroyed, only one boy successfully survived in a life capsule. The life capsule lasted for one hundred thousand years, when it opened a boy carrying a book walked out of it. The book and the capsule, were both made from the most precious and most none existent material on the planet, which is why it withstood the Apocalypse.

    Today… Exactly one hundred thousand and ten years ago… Inside a scientist laboratory. Intergalactic communication research centre.

    “Sir this is all we can achieve for now, I don’t think we will be able to improve on this any further, the apocalypse started twenty years ago, we don’t have any more time left.” An old man, standing next to middle aged man said.

    “How far will the message go?” The middle aged man asked.

    “It will reach ten and half galaxies surrounding ours, but it will take at least hundred thousand years to reach the furthest galaxies, all we can do is hope that their technology is better than ours. Hope that they will be able to make it to us, if there is anyone at all…”Old man said with concerned face

    “The capsule will be able to hold on for one hundred thousand years exactly, and the book one hundred thousand and ten years, we can only hope until then someone will come and save our boy, our race.” Middle aged man said, unexpectedly with calm face.

    At present, twelve million light years away from the red planet. A blue beautiful planet, inside an old run down communication centre, suddenly a signal came.

    *click* *click* *click* a fat middle aged man was sitting, playing online games when suddenly he saw a light blinking on of the devices, he was shocked and instantly turned off the game and started recording the signal.

    “Hey, I got a message twelve light years away, can you imagine that, I thought that galaxy died out…” Fat middle aged man said on the phone.

    “What?!? Quickly get to the intergalactic communication centre, fast! They might even reward you with money, bruh we might get rich!” another middle aged man said on the phone excited.

    He didn’t wait anything and instantly went to the intergalactic communication centre, there were loads of different creatures, with white coats working non-stop.

    The fat middle aged man instantly went to the reception and said, “I work at an old communication centre, and I got a message twelve million light years away.” He said, looking with dirty smile on his face at the hot green haired blue skinned attendant.

    Attendant immediately got shocked and called someone out, soon a huge bear like creature wearing lab coat came and said, “Quick come with me!” The bear like creature said without even introducing.

    Inside a lab full of some kind of holographic devices a fat man and a bear like creature were standing listening to something, “Hello, my name is Kerk, our planet will die very soon, and there are no habitable planets anywhere near, so our race won’t be able to survive. I have put my son into a life capsule which should last for one hundred thousand years exactly. We have put many other people into capsules, but they will only be able to last for ten thousand years maximum, although we hope that we all will be saved. Our planet coordinates 54757587kvaosf6767469asdfas6476tbrvr. Please help our race survive.” The bear like creature started gasping and immediately asked the middle aged man, “How long has it been since the message been sent?!?” the middle aged answered, “ The signal that our communication centre catches travels about 12 light years, per one year of ours… which means about one hundred thousand years ago considering their coordinates…” The fat middle aged man said, “hahah good! Good!” The bear like man said and immediately went out not caring about the fat middle aged man.

    Ten days later on the red planet a muscular kid was standing on one finger, doing one finger standing push ups, steady as mountain, one could get feeling that even tornado couldn’t move him.

    “One thousand, fifteen…one thousand sixteen…one thousand seventeen…” The kid was doing push ups not moving, it looked like he could do them for eternity.

    Suddenly a gigantic ship could be seen in the sky, making a huge shadow on thousand kilometres landscape.

    “Captain, this boy is the only living creature on the planet, there is no water and no plant’s on the planet, I don’t understand how he is still alive…” at this time inside the gigantic ship in the front cabin, woman spoke looking at the holograph of a kid doing push ups.

    “Land somewhere not too far from him, and lets go meet him.” Captain of the ship said calmly looking at the boy.

    At this time the boy could see suddenly a shadow covered the earth, he couldn’t understand what happened and so he looked up and saw a gigantic magnet shaped spaceship hovering about hundred miles up, but he could easily distinguish the details. He then calmly looked at the front of the ship where he could see a man standing there looking at a blue hologram. Although he couldn’t understand why the man didn’t fall but, the boy still had a smile on his face.

    When the captain of the ship saw the boy looking at him with a smile on his face he was extremely surprised, but then a smile appeared on his. One could see that the man wasn’t of a bad hearth.

    The boy suddenly saw some kind of object nearing him, he didn’t do anything and just stayed standing, but suddenly the book which was next to him started trembling, and as if crushed, turned into dust, and was blow away by the wind.

    The boy didn’t understand why that happened, but he didn’t care much as he already memorized the whole book, word by word.

    He then saw people running towards him, and so he also started walking towards the people.

    When the boy saw people who looked alike to him, he was overjoyed and said, “Hello! Hello! My father said people will come and help me! I am already awake for ten years!” The boy said not waiting for the people to start talking.

    The people looked at each other not knowing what to say they stayed quiet for a second, but then spoke, “Boy we got message from you father only, we are late one hundred thousand years, you could say, but don’t worry from now you will be able to have good life.” A pleasant, young sounding woman said and then led him to the ship.

    One of the people spoke as they entered the ship saying, “follow me we will find place to relax and to get to know each other” a man said and led the boy to seat with a seat belts.

    The boy sat there without questioning although he was extremely curious about everything he could hold it back.

    “I am Josh, this is my colleague James, and Jane we are actually siblings. People call us triple J team.” Josh spoke as he smiled, “how about you do you have a name?” Josh asked the boy.

    “Yale, that’s my name!” Yale said while smiling, but then he started asking questions about every single object in the ship. The three siblings started laughing suddenly and started answering his questions with smile on their face.

    After about two minutes they entered the gigantic ship, when Yale saw the interior he couldn’t help, but feel like it was natural, environmental friendly. It was actually full of trees on the sides, and it looked as if it was naturally formed. After about a minute or so walking, he also noticed that something was off, he could feel that his body has become much lighter compared to before, Yale couldn’t understand this phenomenon.

    “Alright Yale we are here this is our guest room, we would like to talk to about some things.” Jane said smiling as she led Yale with her to quite small room there was round table inside with ten or so chairs around it, the room had natural look to it, as it was made from wood. All the walls were made from timber, which was quite fascinating.

    “Alright, Yale sit down, we will get you some tea and cookies, I bet you haven’t tasted either of them.” Jane said and winked at Yale, quickly going to take care of some things.

    ‘Wow this, so interesting, so you sit on these objects, the woman called it a chair huh. I wonder what’s the tea and cookies she talked about…Could it be something like a food which I ate. It’s been whole ten years since then…’ What Yale didn’t realise is that It has been whole lot longer.

    Suddenly an attendant came in carrying a tea pot and tea on a plate, while in other hand a plate with ten or so cookies, it was actually chocolate cookies.

    When Yale smelled the cookies and tea saliva started coming out of his mouth.

    ‘Whaaa!?!? What is this heavenly thing??’ Yale was questioning himself; he couldn’t help but get ultra-excited and couldn’t wait to taste it.

    Attendant smiled at him and then spilled some tea in to the cup, and then handed it to yale on the plate putting few cookies on the plate. Yale didn’t wait and started sipping the tea while eating the cookies in few bites, but soon the cookies were finished and he was nowhere as satisfied.

    “Umm…can I have more cookies?!!” Yale said almost shouting, with huge smile on his face.

    “Alright, sir please wait a minute...” Attendant was surprised, because the chocolate cookies were rather large, but this kid just ate each with two bites finishing all ten of the cookies an instant. Even an adult, would probably not able to eat all of them, much more a kid twelve or so years old.

    Yale got happier and happier, then suddenly his stomach started displaying strange sounds, ‘That’s right I haven’t ate anything for whole ten years, after eating the ten cookies my body is not even bit satisfied…After all from meditation I only got nutrients which is just enough to support my body not even bit more and not even bit less…It didn’t taste like anything either, these cookies and tea have heavenly taste, I have never ate anything like that..’ Yale thought as he remembered only one year of his life before getting into capsule and then next instant he was already on the deserted place.

    After a minute attendant came back carrying more cookies and tea, not waiting for Yale to finish the cookies she immediately dismissed herself.

    After about five minutes, four people came in, which was the tree siblings, and the ship captain.

    “Hello, my name is Tomas, I am the captain of this ship, I came here with the mission of saving you, and I am sorry for the wait.” Captain said calmly and then sat down on the other side of the table with the three siblings next to him.

    “Hi, hi! I am Yale….” Yale said, not knowing what to say he felt quite awkward, but then he calmed down and said, “I really love those cookies and the tea! Thank you very much it’s delicious, hehe” Yale said as he smiled.

    “Hahah, no problem… no problem when we get back to earth you will be able to eat cookies every day!” Captain Tomas said.

    “Really? Wow that’s awesome! I can’t wait…” Yale said day dreaming.

    “Actually, we would like to ask you some questions about your life…as it is very astonishing that you were able to survive at such harsh environment.” Captain Tomas said, with amazement in his eyes.

    “Oh that’s easy, it’s always peaceful there, and after meditating I didn’t feel hungry…When I get bored I start exercising, when tired I would meditate again, and so like that fast ten years went by…” Yale said not hiding anything.

    “Y..Y…You didn’t eat anything at all for ten whole years ?!?” The captain looked at each other and then the captain said to Yale.

    “Yale you must promise me that you will never tell your story, to anyone ever, or it might bring you great disaster…” Captain Tomas said seriously looking at Yale.

    Yale thought for a moment, he didn’t know the reason, and he didn’t know what’s so special about it, so he decided to keep it a secret as it wasn’t big deal to him.

    “Okay! I will keep it a secret Captain Tomas.” Yale smiled as he took another cookie and ate it, with closed eyes enjoying the cookie.

    “Later we will do some tests to see your wellbeing, for now Jane will show you your room, where you will stay.” Captain Tomas said, not wanting to ask no more as he couldn’t ask any questions.

    “Let’s go Yale you must be tired from being in the same place for so long, I’ll show you around the ship.” Jane said as she led Yale.

    When the door closed Captain Tomas started talking, “This…who could have known that in such a place a legendary cultivating technique would appear, too bad there is nothing left on the planet and the boy is the only one who knows it, we must keep it a secret, we also don’t know how strong the technique is. If people gets to know that the boy possess this this technique, he will soon die, we mere mortals must not get involved in this, or we might die as well…”, “Yes captain,” The two brothers answered…

    ‘Legendary cultivating technique? Isn’t that something everyone has?’ Yale thought as he could perfectly hear captain, his senses are many times better than normal people. In Yale’s planet everyone meditated, by this book, it was extremely normal to him.

    But how could Yale know that what his planet people created opposes the heavens and resists the hell.

    After a journey around the ship Yale was pretty amazed by everything, he learned countless things in just one day.

    “Alright, Yale now let’s go see your health state” Jane said while smiling and led him to a big hall with many people in it working and checking everyone.

    A middle aged man with strange wood like skin came next to them looked at Yale then looked at Jane and then said, “Hello my name is Tinker today I’ll be looking after you,” Tinker said with smile on his face, but also couldn’t help looking at Yale with astonishment, not only because he never saw such physique on such a young kid, but also such a balance. His body muscles, were balanced at atomic level, any of his muscles were not inferior to each other making perfect harmony, as if looking at a saint himself.

    “Hello! My name is Yale, thank you for looking after me.” Yale said smiling, expecting to do something fun.

    “First I’ll take an example of your blood how about that? Don’t worry it shouldn’t hurt” Tinker said.

    “No needles right? I don’t like needles…” Yale said looking Tinker concerned he really didn’t like needles at all…

    *cough**cough* “Of course we won’t use needles, what age do you think we live in..pfft..*cough*” Tinker said redirecting his gaze, ‘Aish… This kid will be hard to deal with for sure’ Tinker thought, he knew that he can’t get any blood without actually taking it from the kids body. This involves needles obviously…

    “Yay no needles…alright let’s do it!” Yale said laughing.

    Tinker took out a tube with only extremely small hole on the bottom middle. Then put it on Yale’s finger.

    “Alright now push your finger on the little hole there, and it will be done in an instant.” Tinker spoke.

    “Okay…” Yale said and pushed on the little hole, then suddenly he felt a small tingling in the finger, but then it was over. Yale took his finger and saw that it was the same as ever only that there was now a bit of liquid there, but next instant it was absorbed by his finger and disappeared.

    “Well done, it’s over.” Tinker said as he smiled, then put down the tube on the side, and proceeded with other similar tests.

    “Alright now we will see your physical capabilities it is very important for kid your age to be not only healthy, but be physically capable as well!” Tinker said with smile, he was excited to see this kids performance.

    Tinker led him to a large running machine, “We will see for how long and how fast you can run.” Tinker said.

    When Yale saw this he was extremely happy, because he loved running, he would run for days not stopping, he felt great when wind was blowing on his face.

    Yale climbed on the huge running machine, and the running path started moving back, “Run along the path.” Tinker said.

    Yale now understood and started walking slowly, as the running path started moving backwards faster and faster, soon it reached 25 kilometres per hour, and tinker thought it must be his limit, but he was surprised to see Yale’s composed and happy face without a bit of fatigue it looked like he was taking a walk at the park. Tinker then said, “from now on tell me when you reach your limit, and I will stop it.” Tinker said and started increasing the speed.

    40…50…70…90…120…150 the speed kept increasing, but Yale didn’t stop actually 150 kilometres per hour is already maximum the running machine can go, and he never saw anyone who could run so fast.

    “Sir, why isn’t the speed increasing anymore?” Yale said as he was running, seemingly in a casual manner.

    Tinker look at Jane with strange look on his face and asked, “H…h.hhhhe? he?” Jane nodded as she spoke, “Yale there is few more things we would like you to promise…It would be great if you could only reveal your running speed to about twenty five kilometres per hour and not more…Also for your strength it would be great if you would only reveal tiny bit of it…What I mean by reveal is to not run faster than 25 kilometres per hour in front of other people. You will understand why when we find you a home. Okay?” Jane said smiling.

    Yale thought for a moment and he understood that there must be reason for that, but he must not be inpatient. Yale nodded and didn’t say anything else continuing to run.

    “Yale how long can you run at this particular speed for?” Tinker asked honestly.

    “For about three days…” Yale thought as he answered.

    ‘Jesus... This kid is really a monster…’ Tinker thought not continuing tests anymore.

    “Well Yale you are as healthy as one can be honestly…” Tinker said, and then went back to his lab.

    Yale was quite surprised seeing strange look on Tinkers face, but he didn’t question.

    Soon few days passed, and right now Yale and three siblings were having breakfast, they suddenly looked at each other and nodded, Jane spoke.

    “Yale there is something I need to talk to you about, about life on earth…As you know your parents have already gone to a better place, and so they can only look after you from above, but now you need someone who could be your new parents. Yale I don’t expect you to love them or care about them as much as your real parents, but you must respect and treat them as if they were your real parents.” Jane said looking at Yale

    “New parents?” Yale asked not understanding this concept.

    “Yale, your parents will be a couple who really, really love each other just like your mom and dad, but they are not able to have kids…” Jane said, as it’s very hard to explain it, to a kid with only one year of memories, who have not experienced many things…

    After long time of talking Yale finally understood that his new parents will be someone he doesn’t know, but they will love him nonetheless. He was pretty happy, although he didn’t feel sad without his parent’s he for sure longed for them, being alone for ten whole years, made Yale a lot more mentally stable, much more so for his age.

    Soon one more day passed, and the spaceship finally landed on earth, Yale and the crew, all got familiar with each other, but it was time to say good bye.

    After long procedures and sitting in a big building Yale got to know bunch of people who were extremely good to him, they gave him lots of cookies and so he was extremely happy.

    Suddenly a young woman and a man with about 9 or so year old girl came next to him as he looked at them he remembered his mom and dad standing beside him. He got strange feeling that they looked at him as if they were his parents, with love and care, but also concern.

    Tamir who was one of the attendants at this building suddenly came next to him, “Yale, please say hello, they will be your new parents from now on.” Tamir said, looking happy.

    Yale looked at them again and said, “Ummm.. ah I am Yale, thirteen years old, I came from far away thank you for looking after me from now on…” Yale said awkwardly, as he smiled, he didn’t know how to feel.

    The young man who had brown hair and blue eyes, had a formal yet casual clothes on him looked at his wife who had black long hair she was quite petite and had green eyes; both of them got eyes watering, and then suddenly hugged Yale together with the nine year old girl who had blond hair and blue eyes, wearing white dress, she looked extremely pretty. One could see that she will be a beauty when she grows up, making men kneel before her. It was quite dramatic even attendant barely holding it from crying.

    The middle aged man stopped hugging Yale and then said, “Yale, my name is Celais, this is my wife Juliet and my daughter Katie, and from now on we will look after you. You can call us whatever you want.” Celais said honestly.

    Yale had watery eyes as well it’s been very long since he felt like this… he looked at them deeply and then said, “Okay… Mom… Dad…” he said looking at them and then looked at Katie and said, “Sis…” Yale made a small pause and then said, “Shall we go?”

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    Chapter two (If you see any mistakes or have advice on my english please comment xP ty)

    In a blink of an eye a week have passed, and Yale already got comfortable with his new home, which was actually quite normal middle sized house, nothing to extravagant. But it felt nevertheless amazing he had average sized room, with his bed and writing table and a wardrobe. He only started living in the room week ago and so his room was pretty much empty.

    One week ago.

    “Hello?” Celais answered his phone which was actually a hologram from his wrist a woman could be seen in the hologram with absolute detail. Unexpectedly the woman was exactly Jane.

    “Ah yes hello,” Jane smiled then continued, “You have been registered for adoption for twelve to fourteen year old boys, if I am not mistaken isn’t that right?”

    “Yes, that’s absolutely true, me and my wife have a girl, but due to complications with our daughter birth we aren’t able to have any more kids, which is big tragedy for us… after long consideration we decided to adopt a son…” Celais said speaking in low volume.

    “Mr’s Celais, actually a very good candidate appeared, but we are not sure if you would accept him and so that’s the reason we contacted you.” Jane said speaking calmly.

    “Well please elaborate…” Celais said with excitement.

    “He is actually a lone planet survivor from afar galaxy, he is a boy with not much experience, and it might be hard for him to start out, but nevertheless he is a genius. We wanted to provide him as simple background as possible, but also loving family, we have been tracking you for a week, and we concluded that you are the best choice. The boy is thirteen years old and he has body which is much stronger than average human, if you would like to come and meet him at the adoption centre.” Jane said no more.

    “Yes, I will talk with my wife and we will immediately head to the adoption centre, this is great, my god we wanted this to happen long ago…” Celais started crying…

    “Alright, I’ll prepare everything for you.”

    At present inside a Takan city, Tricks street, in one of the simple not even one bit out of ordinary house, inside one of the rooms.
    “Dad, I am going to take a bath now!” Yale said, todays is going to be his first day in school, he will be transferred to ninth grade which will be extremely hard for him, fortunately it has only been three weeks since the ninth grade started, and so he won’t that much behind in terms of grade, but absolutely behind in everything else.

    Nonetheless, he wasn’t worried about his grades, as he could remember anything just seeing or hearing, even smelling once as this is one of his fruits he achieved do to meditation.

    ‘I love baths so much! Ah this feels godly… shit I’ll be late!’ Yale jumped out of bath taking towel, quickly drying his one meter long hair, which actually cut in half. His body recovered as well and now got at least eight percent fat on it which made his body look a lot more natural, but even so extremely athletic.

    Over the past week he got to know his family mostly, and they went all over the place introducing the city showing Yale all kinds of stuff. Yale parents even took one week vacation for that, both of them works in an office with paper work. Although in these times they can take vacation any time they want, but they won’t be paid for it as a robot would then work for them, however the robot requires a lot of energy to work and so that’s the reason why one wouldn’t get paid during vacation.

    Yale got to know various interesting stuff and one of his favourites was actually hover board which actually fly’s this made him ultra-extremely excited he couldn’t go off it and so Celais bought it to him as a gift.

    “That hover board costed half of our savings” Celais sighed again, but whenever he sees Yale happy on his hover board he gets so happy his smile goes over his eyebrows.

    “Yale come quick eat breakfast and we must head out or we will be late!” Celais said stuffing food in his mouth.

    “hi, hi!” Yale shouted as he took his backpack and quickly sat down and started eating. ‘I love this food…’, “Dad what is this? This so delicious…” Celais already got use to all the questions and quickly answered, “Thathhhs eghhhss and toshthhhhs…” Juliet looked at Celais, “Don’t speak with full mouth!” Juliet hit Celais on the head with a spoon as she was eating besides them as well as Katie.*gulp**gulp*, “Ouch! Sorry! That’s egg and toast!” Celais said.

    Katie is already 10 years old this month, she is one of the best students in the school. By what Celais said it seams she likes studying and she is usually very quiet.

    Schools are connected and students go to same school for entire 16-23 years depending on the profession they chose. This makes it extremely convenient for people to study, in Takan city there is 5 schools like this, which is extremely competitive in all of the studies and sports.

    "Alright Yale and Katie time to go!" Celais said, as he would always take Katie to school, fortunately there was place in Katie’s school and so Yale ended up in Katie’s school.

    "I am ready let’s go!" Yale said as he took his hover board.

    "Whoa, whoa young man why are you taking your hover board?" Celais asked Yale seriously.

    "Well of course when going home I’ll use the hover board." Yale answered with smile.

    "No can do, there is a lot of thieves around this area, I cannot let you do that." Celais said with concern.

    "Alright..." Yale said with sad face.

    Celais stood there for a second thinking about something and then said, "Yale if you learn to protect yourself, I promise that I will let you use the hover board outside!" Celais said, with evil smile, 'hehehe this is perfect to make him learn self-defence." Celais laughed inside secretly thinking that he might be a genius...

    "Protect myself? What is that?" Yale said questioningly not understanding the term.

    "To protect yourself you must learn martial arts, it is extremely good for one to know how to control his body! Your father even has black belt in dragon fist martial arts! It helped me every time I got in trouble!" Celais said as he lifted his head, praising himself.

    Juliet looked at this and sighed inwardly, but then shouted, "Which one of you is the kid! Get moving or we will be late!" It is very clear who was the man in the house...

    On the way Yale ended up asking million more questions about what exactly is martial arts’, ending up in Celais taking the wrong route. This led to them being late, but for Yale it was amazing as he got to see hundreds of students going to schools.

    "Wow! So many people! I can't wait to get to know all of them!" Yale said as he looked through the car window.

    "Don't worry brother there is at least twenty students in each class!" Katie said with smile. She was so young, but already extremely smart, Yale was delighted with his younger sister.

    Yale has extremely pure heart because he only lived one year in reality, being alone for ten years couldn't be called living.

    Just then Celais stopped and when Yale got out of the car he was shocked, the reason for that is because his school is extremely big, just extraordinary. It is shaped as a castle and thousands of students were going in. One might not realize, but Yale’s city is almost hundred kilometres in circumference, but there is only five schools, for ages 5 to 35 that too.

    "Alright from here on your sister will lead you to reception and from there on someone should lead you to your class." Celais and Juliet said, gave a kiss to their children and flew away on his car.

    When students saw orange like glow almost coming from Yale, they got surprised as they have never seen such race. In truth Yale was the only one in existence with such skin for three reasons, first it’s because he is practising meditation, second is because he was exposed to sun for ten years, third is because his race naturally had slight orange to their skin. Adding all these three things orange really got into his skin and so during certain times of day he would almost have orange glow to his brown skin. It looked bazar but adding his black hair and handsome features, pure smile he was a lady killer.

    In the school every grade is put into different sections and currently Yale was walking in the 9th grade section and so most students naturally know most of the people in their grade.

    "Wow look at that guy, I never seen him before! He is so handsome!" A girl said who was standing with her friends next to a window.

    9th Grade section had in total five floors with hundred classes each with at least twenty students. The building was in a square shape, with the classes going around a garden in the inner part and a huge hallway around with many windows around.

    "Yes he is exceptionally handsome! Do you think he would be my boyfriend?" A girl with blue skin, leaf like hair, full of make-up and with petite body said. Her friend next to her looked at her like she was looking at an idiot and said, "Girl if you were to start dating him, I would give up school life and become your slave!" She said with a laugh at the end. The full of make-up girl humped and didn’t say anything more.

    Yale with a big smile on his face was being led by a young man who had spikes all over his skin and spiky hair, he looked quite funny.

    Yale didn't care about anyone’s looks and he continued walking to his class, with excitement in his eyes, 'I must think of an introduction father said, but I can't think of anything...right ill just say the truth!' Yale nodded to himself and continued walking.

    Soon they came next to a class door on whose top is written, "Class 78"

    "Kid this is your class" spiky man said and then knocked on the door.

    Quickly a quite lively young petite human woman with pink quite long hair and blue eyes opened the door, when she saw young handsome kid in front of her, she smiled and introduced herself, "Hello, I will be your teacher for this year, please call me Miss Dinkins, please come and introduce yourself in front of the class"

    "Yes Miss Dinkins!" Yale said as he entered the class with the teacher.

    'Waw so many students!,' Yale said as counted 24 in total including himself 25.

    "Everyone today we have a transfer student coming from far away! From now on please look after him" Miss Dinkins said.

    When everyone saw Yale boys and girls thought that he is extremely handsome, girl’s couldn’t help but blush when Yale looked at them. This made boys sigh inwardly.

    Yale calmed down as he looked at everyone and started talking, "My name is Yale, I came from far away Galaxy, this is my very first day being at school ever! Please look after me from now on!" Yale said confidently.

    Instantly a commotion in the class sprouted out.

    "What first day in school ever?" A green haired boy said surprised.

    "Did he get home schooled before?" Another boy next to him said.

    When Yale heard the questions he immediately started talking, "yes this is really first day in school, and I wasn’t home schooled. Well my father did teach me genuine counting and reading and such, but that’s all" Yale said delighted.

    "How can such an idiot be 9th grade? This must be a mistake…" immediately another commotion abrupt.

    "What does idiot mean?" Yale looked at teacher and asked tilting his head.

    Miss Dinkins couldn't help but sigh, 'this kid will need a lot of a teacher i will have to put in a lot of work in it!" Miss Dinkins said, but then secretly thought, 'definitely not because he looks adorable!'

    "Alright, alright everyone calm down we going to start the class, Yale please find a seat and get ready for geography." Miss Dinkins said and then a hologram appeared in front of the class showing mountains.

    Yale quickly went through all the possible seats and chose one in the end of the class right corner next to a window. On a table next to his was seating a bulky guy with punk like haircut and unexpectedly he was sleeping. When Yale sit down he curiously looked at him and said, "Hello fellow student" Yale smiled as he wanted to shake hands with him. When the bulky guy saw Yale talked with him he immediately stood up, "You have problem with your head? You can't see that I am trying to sleep?" he grabbed Yale on his shirt and wanted to punch Yale. "What is it fellow student?" Yale looked at the green haired guy with confusion, not to sure what the green haired guy wanted to do.

    The green haired guy angry again this time for being called fellow student he got angry and punched Yale.

    As he punched Yale a bone breaking sound could be heard, and when everyone thought that Yale was in big trouble everyone opened their mouths when they saw what happened. Actually the bone breaking sound didn't come from Yale, but from the green haired guy.

    At that time Yale could feel soft touch on his skin as he kept standing the green guy touched his face for some reason. He didn't know why so he just kept standing, but then the green haired guy started crying.

    "Ah! My arm! My arm!" Green haired guy was crying as he was rolling on the ground.

    "What happened to him? Hey why are you crying?" Yale asked as he was looking at the green haired student with curiosity.

    "Yale, he broke his arm obviously...Can't you see?" a guy who is sitting in front of Yale said barely holding his laugh.

    "Oh that must hurt! But how did he break his arm? He barely touched me..." Yale said in confusion.

    Immediately Miss Dinkins ran next to green haired guy and said, "Everyone please be quiet and sit in your seats!" then led him to the nurse office.

    A commotion abrupt again, actually three times in less than ten minutes, first time such thing ever happened in these students entire life.

    "Is that guy has some metal skin or is that green haired guy really so weak?" students started questioning themselves.

    A chubby, red haired brown eyed kid who was sitting in front of Yale, stared at Yale for a while and then said, "What is your skin made from, dude he just broke your fist by punching your face! But you didn't even move one millimetre!"

    Yale thought for a moment feeling embarrassed for some reason and then said, "No one ever punched me before, I don’t know what's supposed to happen..." Yale said honestly...

    "What were you doing your whole life!?" The chubby guy said looking at Yale with confusion.

    Yale then got an extremely good idea as to how explain everyone his lack of knowledge, since he couldn't tell the truth he will make it simple for everyone to explain what he did his last thirteen years.

    "Actually I only have memories from when I was two to three years old...I lost my memory recently and so that's how it happened..." Yale said with smile.

    Chubby guy looked at Yale with evil smile and then said, "Okay then I’ll be your friend and teach you many, many things about life, how about that? My name is Ditka very pleased to meet you" Ditka put his arm in front wanting to shake Yale’s hand.

    "Thank you for looking after me!" Yale said as he shook arms with Ditka, He doesn't know yet, but his friendship with Ditka will last for very long time,

    Soon the teacher came back acting as if nothing happened, gave a lot of questions for everyone to do and came sat next to Yale.

    "Yale I'll be teaching you like this for some time until you catch up with others." Miss Dinkins said as she turned on mini hologram on Yale’s table and started explaining everything, Yale didn't understand.

    Soon enough lunch break came and Ditka led Yale to dining hall when both of them sat on the table, bunch of students were looking at them strangely.

    "One fat and one extremely handsome...what's with the friend groups these days..." One of the students spoke sitting not too far from Yale and Ditka

    "Yale first of all, I'll teach you about school life! Rule one! Do not wake up students who are sleeping during lesson! Rule two! Do not...." Ditka spoke with only loud enough tone for Yale to hear, he was displaying rules non-stop, "Rule 69! hehehhe this is special one, if you get a girlfriend you must introduce her friends to me! You must! hehh rule 70! You must teach me how to be as handsome as you!" Yale didn't know what to say about all the rules, he felt like being taken advantage of, but at the same time he was extremely happy to get his first friend!

    Yale suddenly asked Ditka, "Are you eating that?" Yale pointed at Ditka’s lunch.

    "Well, I am actually on diet so I don't feel like eating..." Ditka said with sad face.

    Yale looked at Yale curiously, "What’s a diet?" Yale asked Ditka, not understanding what the diet thing could be so earth shattering heaven splitting thing that would make one unable to eat...

    "Well it's because, I am fat so I can't eat much...Actually since childhood I was fat for some unknown reason. I guess that's just how some people work..." Ditka said sadly.

    "What's wrong with being fat ?" Yale asked questioningly.

    "Well...It's hard to move and you become clumsy..." Ditka said with a sigh.

    Yale laughed and then said, "So you can train like me and it won't be hard to move! Actually I feel as light as feather!" Yale said and suddenly jumped till the sealing in the dining hall ceiling was actually fifty meters high as it would sometimes be used for meetings. During meeting huge hologram would be used which took a lot of space.

    When Yale landed he sat down and said, "See I feel like feather! You just need to train and you can do that too!" Yale said as he looked Ditka who was looking at him with open mouth.

    At this time inside a secretive place with bunch of holograms a man was sitting, and a high pitched sound could be heard as if someone just slapped their face. Well actually not heard but seen, "Oh god...This kid is just unbelievable not only is he not trying to act normal, but he is actually doing the stuff that would attract the most attention...I give up... I have no more hope left in him."

    A fourth common in one day appeared inside the school, bunch of students were asking Yale questions of how he managed to jump so high and Yale would answer it honestly, "I train a lot!" He would say to each one of them, but they would feel like its bullshit, as a lot of them would train, but none of them could jump even one fifth of that.


    Fortunately the lunch ended on just few more minutes and so they didn't have chance to pursue Yale.

    "Wow so many students, and I already made one friend! This can't get any better!" Yale and Ditka came back to the class, and they were stared at by everyone. However Yale would wave at them and say hi, which made them confused.

    In couple minutes a teacher came in with surprisingly very ugly and serious face.

    "Students! Today we will learn something very important! In the future you won’t have this lesson anymore so you must listen to what I am saying! Understood?" Miss Dinkins said loudly so that everyone could hear.

    Everyone looked at teacher surprised, but immediately answered, "Yes Miss Dinkins!"

    'Oh the only lesson on it we will get? This should be extremely heaven splitting important!' Yale said to himself as he wasn't smiling, but instead seriously looked at the teacher, concentrating to the maximum.

    When Miss Dinkins saw her students paying attention she was very delighted with her students. She relaxed a bit and started speaking, "Children what you hear, you must never talk about it in front of others! And can only talk about it between your selves this is in order for you to not get the attention of immortals! Immortals are people who cultivates in mysterious heavenly power and they exist since before the beginning! We call them immortals, because they can live much longer than humans, and some can even achieve immortality, never ending life! They can live for eternity." Miss Dinkins made a small pause and then continued.

    "Immortals have unimaginable power they can split the heavens and shatter the earth! We can only be considered, as bugs in their eyes! And so this is the reason why we mustn't in any way anger them! But you must remember one thing Immortals were once only simple people just like us! We mortals have always been focusing on technology while immortals would always focus on self-improvement, the truth is immortals doesn’t even like each other much, and would kill each other just to become more powerful. We mortals were never so inhuman and so we decided to focus on technology and living more peaceful life instead, but of course mortals could always try and join immortals when they wish. With one condition! This condition is to be strong and intelligent! Only the smartest and the strongest may join the immortals, because of this Immortals gives chance for smartest and strongest person of twelfth grade to join them. I am the person to inform you now, that mortals have always been inferior to immortals, and so you have every right wanting to join immortals. But you must know that if you join immortals you will never be able to join mortals again, or they will kill you.” Miss Dinkins never liked to inform such young people such cruel truth, she always thought that such young kids are too young to know this, but at the same time they would be too old to be told later. This is because, the earlier they are informed the more time they will have to prepare and decide.

    At this time Yale’s parents work. Celais was carrying a cup of coffee thinking of how Yale was doing, but then suddenly he dropped his cup of coffee, shattering the cup, the sound was like heavens shattering and splitting everyone got on their feet.

    “Celais what happened are you alright?” One of his co-workers’ asked Celais.

    Celais looked at his co-worker and answered with worry on his face, “Ah…Yes I am alright…” He answered and started cleaning the floor, “I wonder if Yale is ok…I completely forgot that today is the day one gets to know about immortals…” Celais thought with worry in his heart.

    Miss Dinkins continued, “If you want to be immortal, you need to start working on improving your mental and physical strength from on, if you want to get chance to become immortal, remember only top one student in both of those things will have chance to be immortal. If your strength is lesser then your mind, you will be unable to join the immortals. At the end of the twelfth grade everyone will get knowledge and mind tests, but there will also be physical and combat tests. Those who will get highest overall result will be able to join the immortals. Now then today we will finish school early you may all go home now.” Miss Dinkins finished and didn’t say anymore exiting the classroom.

    Unexpectedly Yale has been calm the whole lesson, but he seemed to ponder over something. ‘Immortals live much longer than normal humans? I heard from my father that before we have created the meditation book we were only able to live for three hundred or so years, but after we were able to live for more than twenty thousand years… And it said that they were able to live so long because of mysterious power, which should be the Qi of book which nourishes the mind and body, as in the book it said that practising the technique one could achieve immortality... but since it would go against the heavens, no one ever tried to go so far, in truth I have already achieved one tenth of what the book offers which is called body nourishment realm, and I have entered mind nourishment technique I am in the middle of it…Could my people actually be those immortals ? But Miss Dinkins said that they would kill each other for power, and would have power to shatter the heavens and earth, and our people lived in peace for many thousands of years and everyone was actually physically weak…But am I weak or strong?” Yale pondered over this not knowing the answer, and so he left it be.

    “Hey, Ditka want to do something? Because I need to wait for my sister to finish school, I am not quite sure how to get home…” Yale said smiling, but he seen that Ditka was pondering over something hardly, and then said.

    “Yale rule 71 you must show me how you became so strong.” Ditka said.

    “Ditka even without you making a rule I would have shown you how to become strong, but you must know that when I started it was extremely hard! How about we start now I’ll show you some moves.” Yale said looking at Ditka with smile.

    “Good! Then in exchange I will teach you all I know! But you must remember the further you go the harder it is! How about I’ll show you some problems?” Ditka said with smile. What Yale didn’t know is that Ditka was top one student in last year tests.

    “Yes!” Yale said and laughed, he felt like this will be incredible Journey, but at the same time he became to despise those immortals that would kill each other just to become strong.

    “Alright, Yale I’ll show you around the school and we will go to the school gym where you will show me some moves” Ditka said and led Yale around the school.

    “Our school has in total two hundred martial arts clubs and hundred other clubs for various specialisations, such as cooking, reading, architecture, music, drama, dancing and such. I haven’t joined any club yet, but I like martial arts a lot, and so I was considering which martial arts club I should join, but I couldn’t make up my mind…” Ditka said with excitement.

    When Yale heard Ditka mentioning Martial arts, his eyes immediately lit up and said, “Ah I want to join martial arts club too, my father said if I am able to protect myself he would let me use hoverbaord outside!”

    “Whoa you have hover board? I wouldn’t be able to afford it in my whole life time…” Ditka sighed, and then he spoke again, “Ah! You want to join martial arts club! Let’s join the same one then!” Ditka said with excitement.

    In the end Ditka and Yale ended up speaking about martial arts till the end of school, and didn’t have chance to do anything else.

    “I’ll see you tomorrow!” Yale said as he got into the car with his sister.

    “Cya! Don’t forget to decide which martial arts you want to join!” Dikta said, overwhelmingly happy. Before he didn’t a single friend, and was actually bullied quite a lot because of his fat body, because of that he never really trusted others. When he first seen Yale he thought that he must be some kind of delinquent, but when he started speaking and acting, he seemed very good and pure kid, for some reason he wanted to trust Yale. He never thought that Yale would actually become his friend, and would actually be interested in martial arts too. This was his best day in school since many years of his school life, and long time since he felt this good.

    “So Yale how was your first day in school?” Celais asked with concern, he was quite worried because he
    knew that Yale is different than other kids.

    “It was awesome! I actually got a friend! His name is Ditka he is very smart and interesting! He helped me to know more about school life and we talked about martial arts for hours…” Yale said excited with big smile on his face.

    Katie said, “Heh you already found such a good friend! You must be extremely lucky.” Katie said with her tongue out.

    Celais was extremely happy as well, all his worries were relieved, “Yale that’s wonderful, you should always cherish friendship, there might never be someone like your first friend.” Celais said, now he was in very good mood so much that he wanted to celebrate. In the end they ended up buying a cake and when they got home Celais left to go back to work, but before that Yale asked him where he could find out more about martial arts on which he got unexpected answer, “Let’s go I’ll show you.” Celais said and led Yale to the basement room which had big device in it, a some kind of seat on one side of the room with a helmet on it, while on the other side of the room there was a huge mechanical cabin with bunch of devices on all sides it was extremely bazar and hard to explain. On the ground where the cabin was in was made out of soft yet hard substance, when you jump on it then it hardens and when you stand on it then becomes soft. In other words soft when standing and hard when jumping. In the cabin there was also a helmet, but much lighter, but tightens to head more than the helmet. Everything felt out of this world, Yale never such things in his life.

    “Father what is this?” Yale asked with curiosity couldn’t wait for Celais to explain anymore.

    “This we call virtual reality device. It was created many thousand years ago and now it has reach whole new level, while inside time goes two times slower. Many generations of our family has been saving this up, and so our generation were able to buy this is the best model ever created, and in truth, only the military owns these thingies, it costs hundred million dollars to get it. This model can increase gravity inside up to ten times, and even somehow gets rid of side effect of body exhaustion when using too long, nevertheless one can still only use it for six hours maximum and then your brain shuts down from exhaustion by itself. Very first model that has been created was actually used as a game console, which only shows how far we have reach, and even now it is still used as a game console, but it’s much more useful for other things. Now wait a second.” Celais said, and then clicked some button a holograph appeared then Celais started clicking extremely quickly on the holograph and then it turned on, “This is only for safety hahaha in case someone tries to steal it, military would come. Alright now you can go inside the cabin where as you train your body will train while inside the virtual reality, or you can go take a seat and relax.” Yale thought for a moment and then decides to go to the cabin one of the reasons is because he liked to feel his body strengthening.

    “Okay done, when you put on the helmet and enter you will appear in a white area with nothing in there, then just say ,’Martial arts training’ and it will show all kinds of options background the martial art you want to train in gravity level and such, experiment with it. I am going to work now I’ll be back in few hours.”

    Yale said goodbye and entered the cabin and it suddenly closed off Yale could instantly feel like he was drifting, when next instant he was already in the white cabin, Yale was calm but yet excited, he then spoke, “Martial arts training” And suddenly around him and into the distance thousands of people appeared fighting each other and showing of their moves. One was kicking with lighting speed, another was spinning like crazy, another jumped five meters in air and hit leg with leg with another man, bunch of monk like people swinging staff as if they are one with the staff making small hurricanes.

    “Ohh… my… god…” Suddenly Yale spoke.

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    P.S Do you have an synopsis for the story? The prologue is temporary standing in it's place. :)

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    Galaxies are endless they fall and rise in the never ending Universe. Immortals, who gave up on their humanity in order to rise in power, killing is not an option. They pose a power which splits the heavens and shatters the planets, with every step they take leaving only destruction in their wake. Martial arts and magic is what they use, holding their weapons until their death. World where mighty are foolish, and haughty are as good as dead. The strong is who gets the goods while weak are only left with one choice, and that is to become stronger just to survive another day.

    It is Yale’s universe, where he was born into. Hundred thousand years passed since his planet destruction, after whole hundred thousand years he finally awakened just to find out that all of his people were dead. Left with not much hope he strived to become stronger, with only book and his body. One day people came to save him and Yale started peaceful life, but will it last for long.

    Come and see the legend of Yale from the red planet as he faces countless people who desires power, makes lifelong friends and finds love. 

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