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I feel like a general board for Chinese translation questions is also necessary at times.
i have one phrase I have been having difficulty with. 他们齐齐唾沫.
i don't know Chinese anywhere near enough to translate chapters of a novel, but I like to use online resources to try find an accurate translation. This one is "Their ?? breath; they're simultaneously breathing; they're breathing together"? I'm a little stumped with this one.


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    Hah, buddy, I know it's not easy for non-native Chinese to understand. In fact you can treat 唾沫 as a whole noun that means spittle, but in here you will find it weird ...Yeah, it should have a verb here. So single character 唾 can also be a verb meaning spit。
    So this sentence 他们齐齐唾沫 means  'They spit to someone together'...Yeah, you've got it. 
    By the way, maybe you often use google translation. I can't use it because of internet blocks in mainland China, so I'd like use in China.
    little trick... when you can't understand the translation if you put the whole sentences to a web tool, you can split it to several phrases or single words. Maybe your Chinese level is almost zero level and you don't know how to split. It's okay...just try it one by one. After a period of time you'll be more familiar. That's how I study English.
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