Fantasy novel changed my outlook on life, what is the impact on you?

Let's share the specific impact of fantasy novels on us.


  • Just ate a whooole load of time tbh, no positive inspiration. Especially the ones I started reading and then dropped for low quality.
  • after reading numerous novels I mastered a frown technique. Whenever I frown people people react immediately and know I'm almost angry. Also, I perfected wang lins expressionless face. Whenever I talk to my professors they act like I'm about to massacre their family. I'm dead serious. is that a good thing or bad?
  • Xianxia novels inspired me to study Supreme Ultimate Fist (which sounds so much cooler than Tai Chi Chuan, but is a loose translation of the same) and qi gong. I know I won't ever be a xianxia protagonist, but the health benefits  are great.
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