Indrani Chapter 2,3,4,5,6,7

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Indrani  Chapter 2:

 After few days:

 Apoorva was in the back yard, enjoying the cool breeze. A small smile on her lips, she was feeling thinking of something.

 The backyard is very spacious, small water stream flowing from above. The trees and plants giving a sweet smell throughout the yard, flowers falling of the trees, different types of fruits dangling.

 “Apoorva” called subhanu.

“I’m here swami.”

 He stepped into the backyard in hurry and took Apoorva's hand “swami what happened?” asked Apoorva with worried expression.

 “Apoorva, just come with me love” he said smiling.

  When they landed she looked at him confused "Earth?" she questioned little puzzled.

 Subhanu smiled “yes, now just close your eyes and don’t open till I say so, also no cheating he said playfully”

 “Ok” she replied closing her eyes a little smug.

Shubanu took Apoorva to a place in between Himalayas, which was not touched by any soul or human. No one can enter it.


“Now open your eyes” he said after walking a little distance. When Apoorva opened her eyes, she was surprised. A beautiful smile appeared on her face.

They were standing in a big flowers garden. There were different types of flowers with many colours blue, pink, red, yellow etc. The fragrance coming from them was so tempting and good. Some of her favourite which are only available in Indralok and Chandralok were also present in them.

“Wow, wonderful, I love this place so much” she said with joy. She turned towards him “a garden in the middle of Himalayas?” She asked as a question.

“It’s a gift to my beautiful and darling wife. Not visible for naked eye of humans or any other expect us.”

“You made this....” she asked “for me?”

He nodded.

She hugged him tightly and said “thank you.” He gave a broad smile.

They walked inside and savouring memories. A dazzling smile on Apoorva's face. She walked and ran through the garden.


Chapter 3:


At the same time:

Indralok: A secret room:

A place which has accesses only to Indra. He walked inside and stood in front of a cell.

Indra opened the gate and walked in. The cell was dark, as he walked in the room lit up. A demon was on his knees in the middle of the room, a big Mandla was below him which bound the demon.

The demon was eight feet height with thin body, his eyes were red like spewing fire. Once he was great king, but now he is just a prisoner slowly losing his strength. His hair was falling upto his waist.

“Hello Manihara, how are you doing?” he greeted.

“What a surprise, the great Mahendra has come to visit me after a long time” commented Manihara.

“I know Manihara” replied Indra smiling.


“So what is it this time, need another favour?” he asked. “What big mistake did you make this time that you want me to clean it up for you.”


Indra did not show any emotions at his provocations.


 “This time let’s make a deal” he said. “If you do this, you can be free.”

Manihara's expression changed greatly. It was lightning struck expression. 

“I am hallucinating right? You are gonna set me free, really? Nice joke played Indra” he said mockingly with hatred.


 He had been a prisoner of Indra for many years, he doesn't know exactly how much time had passed, since becoming a prisoner.


“No, Manihara this is real and I am really gonna set you free this time for sure. You are free to go anywhere and it’s a promise.”


 “Hahahah....” laughed Manihara.

“Why are you laughing?” questioned Indra confused and a shadow fell on his expression.


“You are trying to set me free shows that something huge has happened” he replied smiling evilly. “Ok, as long as you set me free I will do your work.”


“Good” said Indra smiling.


“What about my Mani(jewel)?” He asked looking at Indra. 

“Ah yes! The Mani, I know how your name came to be as ‘Manihara’. It is a very powerful jewel you got, cannot be destroyed easily. So, I cannot give you.”


Manihara expected the answer. “You cannot give me because?” he asked.


“What if you double cross me and come for my throne?”


Manihara laughed more loudly this time. “OH Indra, always thinking about the throne, you can never be free and worry-less. Always worried about your throne than anybody or anything in life, aren’t you?” He said. Then his expression changed “If no mani, then no deal”


“I understand your worry Manihara. Without the Mani you will be nothing, you can only perform some small parlour tricks that's all. However, you will have free life without it, think about it.”


Manihara did not reply, he thought about for some time and then just nodded.


“Then come with me” Indra said. The chains automatically moved away freeing Manihara, the mandala disappeared. He got up and walked forward, then turned his head back and smiled. Inside the mandala formation which bound him, a shadow shot out.

 Manihara nodded at the shadow, which walked opposite to him.


Chapter 4:


She looked around again and again smelling different types of flowers.

She turned to a nearby flower and plucked it. She gave it to Subhanu and said “I love you.”

“I love you too” he replied taking it with a pleased smile.

Suddenly a hand passed through Subhanu from the back.

Apoorva was shocked; her hands rose up, covering her mouth in horror. Her face changed colors.

A loud scream can be heard for a long distance however no one is around to hear the sound. The cry was from Apoorva who looked at Subhanu.

 There was no sound From Subhanu. He just looked at Apoorva and gave a smile.





Indra was sitting in his special circular room, with a view outside. He was sitting on the golden sofa to the one side it is flat, while the other has an arm to place hand. The start has an elephant shape. He was drinking the somaras, which had special ingredients added a little by him.

“INDRA...” shouted devaguru as he walked angrily towards him.

Indra quickly got up and walked forward greeting Brihaspati with formal Namaste. Brihaspati, the guru for the god king and others. He is a sage who looks like he is still in his forties. However his hair is white with a short white beard, with a thin body. However his energy, life force and kindness are unfathomable. However today he is furious.

“What did you do...?”  

“What did I do Brihaspati ji?” he asked innocently.

“Don’t you know?” questioned Brihaspati.

“What is the problem  devaguru?” he asked curtly.

“You sent Manihara to kill her, and acting like innocent now” he shouted. “I told you not to touch her while going to mahayagna. But you did not listen to me. You want her, but you don’t want her baby to live?”

“What are you saying guruji. I did nothing” said Indra without any care.


Do not try to fool me I am your Guru, I know everything when you do something stupid. You sent Manihara to kill her and her baby.


“So you knew about Manihara” he said more like a comment. “Hmm, it's fine I should have know if you really looked, nothing can be kept from you.”


“I’m doing this to save all of us, all devas will be doomed if her baby is born” said Indra.

“How can you think a baby will be responsible for your mistake” he said. “If anything happens to her, it’ll become your downfall” warned Brihaspthi .

“I think you don’t know the prophecy.”

 “Prophecy? What prophecy?” Brihaspati was little confused.

“If I let her baby live, she will one day come to me to take my position and usurp me.”

“I don’t know what prophecy you heard or where you heard but it is not right. If anything happens to Apoorva or her baby it’ll lead to your ultimate downfall from where you cannot return” he warned.


Sachi devi wife of Indra who was outside the chamber suddenly heard everything. “No... no my swami again trying to cheat me.”



Chapter 5

Sachi devi knew from her source that Indra was attracted to Apoorva. But she denied him and married Subhanu.  “Subhanu ... Subhanu....” she thought and repeated that word 4 to 8 times in her mind. Then she quickly understood everything, from the conversation she is hearing all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, her swami’s absent mind, his absence from meetings of Indralok. She understood why an argument has erupted between devaguru and her husband. She understood everything and was shocked. She felt like she was struck by lightning.

Subhanu was one of the secret personal guards of Indra. Even though Indra kept his guards a secret from everyone, she had heard about some of them. Subhanu was one of the most loyal one's of Indra. He was the one who helped Indra in capturing Manihara. However he was very gravely injured in that battle and was never heard off after that.

She now understood everything, tears flowed from her eyes. She was betrayed again and again. She understood about Apoorva and pity welled inside her for the poor girl.

She also heard Brihaspati's warning, now she has to act quickly before anything happens to Apoorva, otherwise it’ll be a down fall. It is her husband’s mistake, now as a wife she has to correct them.  She wiped the flowing tears as her thoughts running quickly and disappeared from there.


“I have to act quickly” that was her last thought before teleporting.


  At the place of flower garden on Earth:

Manihara looked at Subhanu. “You should be....” suddenly he stopped without continuing his sentence. He felt odd when he killed Subhanu.

Then he changed his expression of confusion and asked “Do you remember me Deva?”


Subhanu turned his head, blood coming from his mouth. “I’m Manihara, you helped Indra in defeating me and handed me to Indra, remember?” he questioned taking out his hand. “Ha now I have killed you with my own hands, It is very satisfying.”


“Swami.... Swamiiii....” Shouted Apoorva totally shocked, tears falling from her eyes.

Subhanu, turned towards her and mouthed a single word “RUN...” then collapsed.

Manihara looked at Apoorva and an evil smile appeared on his face. Apoorva felt goose bumps at the smile.


“Ha! It was so easy, no fun at all” commented Manihara looking at Subhanu’s body. Then he looked up towards Apoorva. “Wow what a beauty, it’s a waste to kill her. That damn Indra, if not for the deal, I want to make her my wife” he thought in his mind.

Apoorva was crying, looking at her husband’s collapsed body. She looked up to see Manihara taking steps towards her.


 Subhanu again shouted at her again "RUN", slowly a ring of fire appeared around Subahnu and Manihara blocking both of them.


Apoorva came out her shock and started running. She lost all her thinking and just ran.


Manihara looked at the fire then slowly passed through it. He came out of the garden and sat on a small rock.


 In the meantime Apoorva was running. Tears flowed like water from her eyes, they were unstoppable. It was blurring her vision, she still ran.


Apoorva did not run for her life, but for her unborn child’s.


At the garden:

The garden was still burning, Manihara had confused expression on his face. A shadow approached him at the moment. Manihar got to his feet and smiled as he saw the shadow. 

"Did you get it" he asked. The shadow nodded and took out a two fists size jewel. 

“Ha...ha....ha...’ he laughed a triumphant, maniac laugh "at last I am free and got my thing.”




Chapter 6:

Manihara easily caught upto Apoorva who ran from him. Now he had his mani, it was easy for him to find her.

Suddenly a lady appeared before them. Apoorva and Manihara were startled to see a newcomer. Taking advantage of their shock, she took Apoorva’s hand and teleported.

 Manihara jumped to catch her, his hand missed by inches and she was gone.

The lady along with Apoorva appeared at an unknown place. As soon as they touched the ground, Apoorva collapsed on her knees and cried out loud. The lady looked around for danger and to see where they teleported. They were deep in Himalaya mountain ranges.

 “Who are you?” asked Apporva, after controlling herself.  Sachidevi changed her appearance before appearing in front of Apoorva, so that no one can identify her.

“I’m Indrani, no time for my details, just try to be safe and go away from here, save your child” she said.

“Thank you for saving me” said Apoorva. “But why are you helping me?” Before she can say anything, Manihara appeared before them with a big laugh.

He threw a spear at her. Suddenly Sachidevi appeared infront of her and blasted the spear to pieces. Manihara was not able to detect her real form.

 Sachi devi attacked Manihara without word. Both of them attacked each other with magic, flying swords, spears and energy beams.  As the fight progressed Manihara started to gain upper hand in the fight.

 “Go, run” shouted Sachi devi.  “I will try to stop this demon” she assured.

 Manihara laughed at her comment and said “now I am at my full power, no one can stop me now, not even Indra” he shouted. He looked at both the women with fury and arrogance in his eyes. Apoorva slowly stepped back. Manihara’s eyes fell on her retreating form; suddenly he saw her hands on her stomach, like they are protecting something.


Manihara saw that and he started to piece together all the situations. He was shocked as the truth dawned on him, now everything made sense.   “Oh my! She’s going to be a mother.”


“Oh Indra, What did you do?” He understood why Indra wanted Apoorva out of the picture. He felt like lightning struck him “Mahendra you cannot..... You really did something huge and bad” he thought.

Again taking advantage of his shocked state, she dropped a cage around Manihara from thin air. He easily broke it with a single punch.

Sachi devi quickly realized the outcome and taking the hand of Apoorva teleported again. Manihara followed them through their energy.

 As soon as he appeared Sachi devi attacked, which hit him. However the mani activated automatically creating a shield infront of him, but he still coughed up some blood due to her power.


Manihara was frustrated as truth dawned on him, but the lady who came to save Aproova frustrated him more. If the lady did not try to overpower him, he would have time to think.  Because of her attacks his ego is not letting him leave the place, he became more aggressive as he tried to dominate her. He summoned a black thunder and attacked sachidevi.


The thunder hit her. Sachidevi quickly turned and shouted Apoorva to run. Apoorva started running again. She tried to go to her home, but she was unable to use her energy, she felt like mortal. All her power was gone, which was a bit odd. She quickly ran, her only thought was about her unborn child.


As the black thunder spread through her body, Sachi devi disappeared from there. Manihara then followed Apoorva.


Apoorva ran clutching her stomach, she knew she cannot fight him; the only way was to escape from here and hide somewhere.

The places they were teleporting was still in Himalayas. The place was snowy at some places, greenery at some other. Some places where greenery was present the trees and plants were shining.

Apoorva did not see any of this, her only thought how to escape the demon. Manihara was slow thinking and trying to play a little with her before he can get a solution.


They unknowingly passed through an invisible barrier. 








Chapter 7

 Markandey Ashram:

Somewhere in Himalayas.

Rishi Markandey was in Meditation, when he suddenly felt fluctuations and heard ground trembling footsteps of Manihara. He came out to see what the commotion was; the people of the ashram were already looking outside.

Markandeya stepped out and saw Apoorva running towards his ashram with Manihara on her flank. She failed to see a stone and her leg hit the stone and she started falling. Markandeya quickly caught her, before she can fall. He slowly lifted her up and helped her stand on her legs.

Manihara was just a hair away from her, as he was in thought putting the situations to see the clear picture and about why he was attacking Apoorva, also still hesitating and in doing so did not look at his surroundings.


 As he was about to lay his hand on her, Markandey appeared infront of him. A small wave of his hand sent Manihara few steps back.


“Maharshi Markandey...” said Manihara with shock. He was shocked to see one of the immortals.


Manihara cleared his mind and looked around. It looked like they were still in Himalaya mountain range. But it was little different, there was greenery all around, the snow mountains are visible some distance away. An ashram was in the middle. The houses are made of wood and leaves. There were people living here. The men wore dhotis and the woman plain brick colour sarees. There were children as well present at the place. They were all looking at him.

He looked at Markandey straight in the eyes, hesitating a little bit before speaking.

“Hand me the woman and I’ll let you live otherwise you will die” he warned.

“Me? You think you can kill me?” asked Markandey smiling at his words.

“Yes, you don’t know my power; I can turn you all into ash just in a blink” he boasted.

“Okay, just try to turn this leaf into ash. I’ll give this woman” said Rishi Markandey. He showed his palm, which had a Bilva leaf. Each leaf had three more leaves.

Manihara looked at it, he knew what that leaf represents, and he did not even think of putting a scratch on it. It was a sacred leaf and in the hands of Markandey it was a weapon.

“I’m warning you again” said Manihara trying to gain some ground.

Markandey laughed at his bluff and punched the air with his palm, which pushed Manihara back some distance. Then he hit his stick on the ground, the ground vibrated and there was a thrust in the air. Manihara lost his balance and fell on his butt.

“Now, go away asura. If you ever come here or try to hurt her, then you’ll face the lord’s wrath. Go away from here and never come back” warned the Rishi.

The asura got up on his feet and disappeared. Markandeya turned towards her and asked about her.

Apoorva looked at Makandey who looked like he was in his thirties. His black hair tied like a mountain. He had a short beard. He still looked young. A kind smile on his lips and soft eyes which looked like they can see everything, he was a great saint and one of the 7 Hindu immortals known to the world.

He wore a dhoti and long cloth covering his upper body. The ceremonial thread is visible on his shoulder.

As she saw the danger averted, Apoorva fell on her knees exhausted. Her body shaking because of the near death experience, a lady nearby quickly came to hold her.

She explained the situation with hiccups to Rishi Markandey. “I’m Apoorva, lost my husband...” she wept and explained in the middle “lost to that asura, he killed him.”

Rishi Markandey closed his eyes concentrating, and all the thing that happened came to his view. He opened his eyes in shock “what did you do Mahendra?” he thought in his mind.

The women from the ashram came forward and took Apoorva inside.

Markandeya’s eyes burned with anger. “What did you do Mahendra?” he again said a little louder this time.








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