Which novels did you not finish and why?

I am hoping to get an idea of what people like and don't like to help me make a decision on what to read next.

I am relatively new to Xianxia and the web novel format, but I have read a lot of Western Fantasy in high school and university and also am familiar with a lot of wuxia mainly from binge watching adaptations. 

So far I have completed I shall seal the heavens and Overthrowing fate. I am also reading Record of a mortal's journey to immortality, Heavenly Jewel Change, Against the Gods, Tales of Gods and demons and Martial world and I think I am likely to finish those. So this gives you an idea of what I like. Overthrowing Fate was ok, but it was a short novel for a Xianxia so it was easy enough to digest. 

I tried reading IET novel, after all Coiling Dragon was the one which got western audiences into Xianxia and he is also popular among Chinese readers of web fiction for this particular genre. However I could not finish that. I also tried Stellar Transformations which has less chapters, but I was just forcing myself to read it and quit. I am not sure if this is because its IET's earlier work and not as good, or the translation etc. The writing seemed a little, I don't know, maybe Young Adult like if I was being generous, and it made it hard to get into it. I did enjoy the part when Qin Yu's father was plotting to attack his enemies though.

I also tried reading Child of Light (I know strictly speaking not a Xianxia novel) but I didn't actually enjoy it even though its by the same author as heavenly Jewel Change which I enjoyed. Against this is one of Tang Jia San Shao's early works so maybe its not as good. Its hard to pin down what made this not engrossing for me, but I vaguely remember it seemed to use first person rather than third person viewpoint, which just doesn't do it for me. 

So which novels did you fail to complete and why?


  • World of Cultivation
    The translation is full of pinyin. And honestly the story is meh , stopped at chapter 629 (frost world~).

    Tales of Demons and Gods
    You should drop this novel asap. Chapter 446 (out of 460) , author ruined the ending. A big SCAM , release 1 chapter every xxxx

    Praise the Orc!
    A game novel on wuxiaworld , overreated. If you want a good one , read The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor better in every aspect.

    God and Devil World
    Chap 81/750 , don't even try this one. Racist , nationalist , rape , mysogin etc you got it all. Can happen in novels , but here it's all the time and just because the MC is a douchebag (thx author for ruining a ok cultivation system).

  • Skyfire Avenue. I love Tang Jia San Xiao's work and all, the Duoluo Dalu chronicles are great and i read them all, but Scifi is not my cup of tea i guess >.<
    Maybe one day if I have time doing nothing like a 12 hour plane ride or something, I'll binge read it and see if it gets better compared the the 10 or so chapters I've read before and made me drop it the next day.
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