Why do people hate on Meng Haos character?

I was going through the forum and I realized a lot of people said ISSTH was bad because the MC failed to get them interested and I personally thought Meng Hao was pretty fun compared to the super serious Wang Lin and Su Ming. So if your not a fan of Meng Hao please comment why.


  • I think the best explanation would at first Er Gen was kind of cult classic. His first two works were contained tragic stories with a level-headed MC who is cold and unapproachable and has an overall tragic life, which he is trying to overcome with his brain and hard work whereas in his latest work he includes a lot of humor to make story enjoyable and appeal to a larger audience which isn't liked by his hardcore fans who have read his earlier works like RI and BTD and expected him to produce a story where MC had to work harder and had to have a series of tragedies happen to him. 

    So if you find his new work enjoyable you would definitely enjoy AWE but if you are like the other side of the coin and were a fan of his earlier work though ISSTH and AWE are still enjoyable, they will always be a lacking compared to BTD and RI.
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