Atg manga

I read manhwa on this site.And stumbled on ATG,it's amazing,WOW


  • The drawing sucks so much. It makes me think its fanart
  • I was expecting a bad art if it ever got a manhua but damn, i hope it's like PMG or BTTH where the art gets better over time.
  • Its pre cool, im expecting that its art to also get better overtime as the manhua increases in popularity which 'hopefully' gets dragged over to the lightnovel so we get more releases, hype hype hype. I dont understand anything though, but i remember every scene so thats still really cool.
  • "original"? It has existed for little over a week. That's not even its original website.
  • I've been thinking to write a short review about the manga for a long time so here are my thoughts about it.
    Let's say I have been reading mangas for alot of years and actually what brought me to the world of  Chinese novels was the TDG manga. After I read it I read the novel as well and I was so pissed about the slow release thanks to the sum author who is no longer interested in the novel and decided to o my post one chapter per month. Bull some strange events I was able to find ATG and I loved it after the first 100 chapters I couldn't get my eyes from it I was constantly reading even at work or when out with friends I loved the novel (I still love and enjoy it ). When the manga came up a month ago I decided to give it a try and actually is not that bad .. the art is good (personal thinking) as far as I can see from the images (can't read Chinese) they are folowfoll the story 100%. Yeah there is some flows in the drawing so what is not that bad .. I even enjoy how the mangaka or whoever is drawing the manga is portering the characters .. I do hope so they will start to translate it in English so we can enjoy it eaven better .. my suggestion is one it's trabslattr give it a try .. is not that bad from what I've seen so far .. (16 chapters only)
  • they are folowfoll the story 100%

    They aren't. Lots of changes, and weird additions. And the writing for the changes is pretty terrible. Plus, it becomes less likely to be official with every passing day (since neither MArs nor Zongheng has ever mentioned it) so it could be nuked from orbit at any time. I wouldn't waste my time.

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