Chapter 1:

Indra's abode:

Indra was in his private room with his wife Sachi devi.

Sachi devi was sitting on the bed while Indra was looking out of the door. the room was adorned with jewels and pearls. The room had a shine and beauty. The smell was sweet and enchanting. 

Sachi devi wife of Indra the king of gods was looking at him. She is  universe toppling beauty having most beautiful eyes, her flawless white skin glowing. A wonder to many eyes; a source of jealously for long because there was no-one who did not long for her. 

She is also known by other names as Indrapatni (Wife of Indra), Mahendri and Poulomi.  A goddess of wrath and jealousy.
Indra was deeply in thought looking out of the big open window, he can see the different galaxies, worlds, different people and their daily lives.

"Swamy what are you thinking, is there any problem that's bothering you?" she asked.  

Indra didn't reply her, he was just staring out. Then suddenly he looked at Sachi and said, "Devi I have some work to do" and left the chamber.

Few hours earlier Indra's throne room: 

There was a dance performance held for Indra as usual for entertainment. However there were some new faces this time. The dancers were Apsaras and their dance was very graceful. 

They wore attractive dress and jewellery. However one among them was simple yet beautiful. She just wore one simple pearls necklace, however it was really looking good on her, like the pearls became beautiful because she wore it. Her dress was glittering, she was completely into the dance that she forgot where she was.
Indra was attracted to her immediately. He quickly called his personal guard and asked about her. The personal guard returned after 5 minutes and informed about her.

Guard: My Lord, her name is Apoorva, she is different from others, this will be her only performance. She announced previously to others that she is going to marry and settle.

Indra looked at her and waved his hand at the guard to disperse.

 After six months:  

Apoorva was in her garden looking at the flowers and thinking, there was a pink blush on her cheeks. A smile on her lips.  

Subhanu entered and hugged her from behind. "So what is my dear troubled with. So deep thinking that did not even notice her husband coming in."

Apoorva blushed even more. Subhanu saw that and looked at her curiously. "What a beautiful thing to look" he commented looking at her.

"Swami I have something to tell" she said looking down at the ground. Her face red.

"What is it that something making my love to blush this much" asked Subhanu smiling.

"Well... it''s that you are"

"Yes what is it. I am....."

".....You are going to be a father" she blurted out looking at the ground.
Subhanu was shocked by hearing it.

He did not know what to say. He was totally dumbstruck.

 Apoorva looked up as she did not hear anything from him and saw his shocked expression. She was confused "swami what happened are you not happy?"

"No Devi I'm happy. It's great. It's great news. I'm going to be a father.  Hahahaha...."
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