Yun Che new teacher

So what's the deal with the realm king teacher? Her personality, her power and how into is she to yun Che right now and if there's a possibility for her in harem?


  • She is Realm King who is at the Divine Master Realm. She is bi-polar because of the ice phoenix spirit residing in her. One mode is "Realm King Mode" which is heartless and tyranny like Little Demon Empress, the other mode is " Big Breasted Senior Sister mode" where she is seductive and love playing pranks. Currently she just found YC amusing and relationship with him is just teacher/disciple for now. Chances that she is in harem is high and is the fervent wish of all of us reader, but it will take quite a while to get to that point...
  • Probably yes because the author made her a "senior big breasted sister" that makes yun che stunned also ignite his perverted sense to such a degree.
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