Dheer Tvastr- the weapon specialist [chapter 3,4,5]

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Chapter 3:

After 2 years:

It’s been two years since he came to study in the city. As usual he is returning home for the holidays.  Everytime he came, he purchased some gifts for his parents and come. Now their lifestyle has changed a little bit. 

 Now he had a little bit of money due to his aunt’s sister family.

Now he was able to help his family a little and also whenever he returns he helps his father with the craftsmanship.

At night:

Dheer forged a sword previously which he wanted to test. So he came to his usual place at the pond. His father does make swords and knives, also some other farming tools for villagers. The other villagers nearby also visit and buy them. The knives and swords are used for farming, hunting animals, also when they go to forest they cut some trees and branches.

There are two more metal and spear workers, who are good.

Today as usual he came to the pond to have fun. He enquired about his childhood friends, but they did not return from the city. After swimming he came out and lay back looking at the stars. He took out the sword he made and tested it on a nearby tree. The tree was cut with a single chop.

Then waved it twice in the air, he did know a little bit of swordsmanship. His father told him that his family came from great sword makers and fighters. When the kings were ruling, they were weapon specialists and also few members were exceptional sword fighters who worked under kings.

For the fourth time, he concentrated deeply and slashed through the air. Suddenly a burst of energy erupted from the sword.

Dheer was dumbstruck looking at the energy burst, it slashed three trees in a row.

“How?” Was the only question in his mind.

“Finally found it” a voice said.

The voice was strong and powerful. Dheer came to his senses and looked towards the voice.

“As I thought it was here, but an ignorant fool just corrupted its holiness by touching it” a tall strong built man was standing a little distance away from Dheer. He was handsome, with great muscles. His eyes were sharp.

“You ignorant fool give me the locket and get on your knees to apologize” he said.

“Who...Who are you?” asked Dheer.

“A mere mortals questions me, you are dead” said the man fiercely, he threw a knife at him.

Dheer put his hands up in fear, out of thin air a shield appeared and placed right in front of the knife. The knife was deflected easily.

The man was shocked by the sudden appearance of the shield.

“I don’t know who you are or what you did to make the shield appear right before you, but you are dead” his voice arrogant and commanding.

“Who are you and why are attacking me?” asked Dheer in fear.

The man took four pointed wheels and threw it at Dheer, who quickly caught the shield to defend himself. One of the blades hit the shield while the other, cut his skin on the left cheek and ear.

“AAAHHHHH” Dheer felt so much pain as he shouted. He got angry and waved his sword without thinking, energy burst forth froth sword slashing right at the man.  The man quickly defended himself, but still a small scratch was visible on his cheek.

The man was enraged “A mere mortal rebels against me” he shouted and summoned a spear which he threw right at him.

Suddenly a panicky voice shouted “DHEEEERRR”, it was Neal, who came looking for his son.

He saw someone throwing a spear at his son and jumped in a hurry to save him. The spear pierced through his right shoulder. Neal shouted in pain.




 Chapter 4:

“Father... no...” Dheer was shocked as he saw his father on the ground bleeding and the spear wedged into his right shoulder.

Neal controlled himself and looked up at the man.

“My son is just a kid, if any mistakes were done by him, I apologize in his stead” said Neal. “Please show mercy.”

The man stopped after hearing the apology. “That is more fitting to a MORTAL.”

Neal did not miss the way the attacker stressed the word ‘mortal’.

“May I know who your highness is and why you are trying to kill my son?” asked Neal.

“You are going to die anyway, why not fulfil your last wish, so listen carefully...” the man said, as though he was giving them a boon. “I don’t like repeating myself, your son committed a sin by touching the star locket of the gods.”

“The star locket?”

“I am Ranva, a god. A few years back some of the children and grandchildren of gods went for apprentice ship under god Tvastr, the weapon maker of gods. They passed the tests set by him and joined under him. As the lord did not had time to teach personally, he stored all the knowledge and access to his weapons in the locket, as a final test he said that the one who will catch that star locket will become his main apprentice and he threw it on the earth.”

“So the gods have been searching for it, however your son stole the locket and hid it” he explained.

“Hid it? You have mistaken my lord, he found it under a tree and took it out of curiosity” replied Neal. Then he laughed

“Why are you laughing?”

“When my wife was suffering with illness, no god came to help, when I lost my father in my teenage no god came to the rescue, when we were poor and suffering there was no god. Now when my son accomplished something the gods have come to kill. There is no justice in the world, which is why I am laughing” replied Neal.

“A fool” snorted Ranva and extended his hand the spear pierced more into the shoulder.  “Now hand over the locket of lord Tvastr.”

“If the lord Tvastr has threw the locket as a test, then doesn’t that mean my son has passed it by finding it?” questioned Neal. “Also what a coincidence, my son’s full name is Dheer Tvastr. That is what I had named him” revealed Neal smiling though he was suffering from the wound.

“A mere mortal trying to compete with gods...” Ranva was angered and he closed his fist, the spear cut the right hand of Neal completely.

Neal shouted and in pain, blood seeped through the wound.

Dheer went mad, as he saw his father‘s wound, suddenly energy rose from him, a portal opened behind him,.

Ranva was shocked by seeing the portal. “You...” he was not able to complete the sentence because of shock. Multiple spears and swords flew through the portal attacked Ranva.

Within seconds the spears pierced through him and he fell on his knees.

“There are others, who will come for you. You will not survive” he said coughing blood.

“Let them come, I will be waiting” replied Dheer. He waved the sword in his hand which chopped Ranva’s head off.

He quickly took his father up and hurried towards his village.



Chapter 5: A Father's Love

They reached the village quickly and Dheer took his father to a nearby clinic. They were able to stop the bleeding.

“We need to transfer him to a hospital in the city. It’s a heavy wound” said the medical staff.

They transported Neal to the hospital in a city; however he lost his arm permanently.  Dheer was totally devastated. He took the star locket and threw it in a nearby dustbin.

He was in a rage, guilt and pain “it’s all because of you” he said looking at the locket in the dustbin.

He saw his mom crying and waiting for his father to wakeup.

After two days his father woke up. His mom hugged him tightly crying.

“Oh, you really scared me to death” she said hiccupping. She still doesn’t know how it happened. Dheer was unable to bring himself to tell the truth.

“How did this happen” she questioned. “Oh! How rude of me, how are you feeling? Are you hungry? Would you like me to get you something to eat? She questioned without taking a breath.

“Uma, calm down, I am fine” he said trying to move his right hand, then his face fell. Uma saw the change in expression, she cried unable to control herself.

A nurse came in “sir, the police came for a report” she informed.Neal nodded and got ready with his story.

“Inspector, it was an accident happened while making weapon” he informed. They asked few more questions and left.

After they left, his father looked at Dheer, his mom went to get some food.

“I know what you are thinking, why I lied to the police am I right?”

Dheer was silent.  “Well you cannot literally say that a god has come to kill us” his father said smiling. “They will think we are mad or cursed”

“Sorry dad...” said Dheer lowering his head, tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Because of me your hand...”

“Oh...” was the only expression he gave, after a second he looked straight at his son “Thank you” he said.

Dheer was startled and looked up “Do not lower your head raise it high and be a man, because you made me proud.”

Dheer was confused.

“I knew that you would become something great, imagine my son becoming an apprentice of god, what more can I ask as a father, you made even the gods jealous, hahaha” he laughed.

“I ask you only one thing, embrace your destiny, and become what you are meant. I hope you do not forget that we come from a long line of great weponsmiths. Whoever comes do not waver, fight. Fight for your place, your right. Do not be a coward. Dheer Tvastr thanks for being born for us” he said smiling.

Dheer was unable to control himself, he fell on his knees, tears rolling like a fountain blasted inside him. The love of a father cannot be fathomed. His father was there in his every need, in his victories, in his failures. He did not know how to repay ever.

As his mom entered they stopped talking about it and changed the topic.


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