Dheer Tvastr- the weapon specialist

Chapter 1: 

“Tung...Tung...” the sound of metal reverberating. Neal was bending the metal which he took out from the fire. 

Dheer , Neal’s son walked in. “Dad I want to study more, I want to go to the city for it” he said loudly.

Neal stopped his work as he heard his son. He was quiet for 2 minutes then asked “are you sure?”

“Yes” replied Dheer strongly. 

“Okay, do what you like” replied his father without looking up and resumed his work. “Your uncle is in the city, you can go to college from there.”

Dheer did not believe what he was hearing. It was so easy, he thought it would take some time to convince his father and mother, however his father agreed easily.

“Thanks dad” he said and ran out. He was so happy.

“Why did you agree? You could have told him you want his help” his wife asked with wrinkled brow.

“I don’t want him to regret in future that he was not able to do what he wanted. As a father I want to do what I can for my son.”

“But, what about money?” 

“I will think of a way” replied Neal smiling at his wife.


Dheer was swimming in the pond. Whenever he felt happy or sad he will come to this pond which is near the village and swims or spends his time looking at the water. He came out and laid back on the grass. 

Another favourite thing of his is looking at the stars and passing clouds. He lifted his hand up at sky and shouted “I am going to the city, hahaha” 

Suddenly he saw a star falling from sky. “Wow a shooting star. It is said that when you wish something at this time it will become true” he thought closing his eyes. 

After a few seconds he felt hotness in air and looked up but everything was fine and beautiful. He laid back few more minutes and got up to return home.

As he was walking he saw something shining, curiosity flared up so he walked towards it and saw a small star under a tree. A thin chain was on top it, it felt like a star pendent.

“Is it a star or locket?” he wondered. As he touched the chain, it was cool and strong light enveloped him, the light emitted from the locket shone brightly all around the area. Then, within few seconds it was gone, the locket looked normal like anyother. He looked into the sky for sometime then back at the locket.  

“What is this?” he thought, after examining it for sometime he grabbed it and went home.

Chapter 2:

The next day

“Ok Tarakota village bye, I’m going to city now” he shouted happily.

Tarakota village is a very small village, not more than 800 families live here. 

“Okay, Dheer be nice and I don’t want to hear any complaints from your uncle. Also, don’t forget to eat on time, no bad habbits...” 

“Mom okay, okay I understand and don’t worry” said Dheer stopping her.  He understands that she is worried and loves him very dearly.

It was a 10 hour journey to the city. He got on the bus and started. The moon was up already when the bus started.

As Dheer was on his way, a shadow suddenly appeared at the pond. 

“Hmm the energy traces show it fell here, so where is it” he murmured looking around. “Did someone pick it, or any of the other candidates came first.”


Uncle Kumar is an average man, he looked tall with black eyes. He had a welding shop in the city. Kumar have a daughter Minah, who is same age as Dheer. She is friendly and good towards him. 

That night he slept in a guest room. He fell asleep quickly, suddenly he felt a pulling and when he opened his eyes, he was near the pond. Dheer was shocked, he did not understand what was going on.

A light appeared infront of him, Dheer covered his eyes to see clearly. When the light vanished a man was standing in-front of him, one step above the ground, he was big, strong and had a light beard. His eyes were sharp and red like he had sleepless night.

“So, it selected you” he said with a sigh. “Fine, I don’t go back on my promise.”

“Excuse me mister, may I know who are you and where are we?” asked Dheer confused.

The next day when he woke up, he felt little tiered and different. He vaguely remembered his dream, very few things he was able to recollect from it.

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