Legendary modeler

Source can come, fierce beast aspect, super-power cluster.

Su Hao is just an ordinary senior undergraduate who has mastered the low-level source "model analysis." However, after he established a character model in his mind and analyzed each other's abilities, a fanatical idea reverberated in his mind. If he established The whole world's model, what will happen?

Does this mean that he can - control! the! whole! world!


  • The first chapter source era

        Classroom 301, a wide classroom, dozens of students sit cross-legged, such as Laos into the general, a trace of flickering light around them.

        "You are not carefree students! You are all year long, and you have to attend college entrance exams only in the last year. If you can not even pass one college, you are destined to become a fierce beast!"

        Class teacher Yang Ziqing, a 40-year-old middle-aged women, this time is fork lumbar, Spit buns splashes around, under the hands of this group of students are practicing crazy spray.

        "I do not care how you used to mess up, how lazy, to my class, do not allow lazy! Year of the year, you all raised the source capacity to 6 or more, or I let you participate in the college entrance examination have no chance."

        "Did you hear?" Yang Ziqing, who got no response, shouted again.

        "Heard!" The students answered in unison.

        "Very good." Yang Ziqing nodded with satisfaction, "The source of practice has been handed over to you, after school can practice, a month later is the third year of the third year simulation exam, do not give me shame! Oh, yes, When the college entrance examination of the top 100 eligible to enter the day class, you know, and now, go home!

        "Wow -"

        Just as the monks into the steady practice of classmates instantly live off, did not see the hard way just practice, one by one cheerful out of the classroom.

        Yang Zijin's face has become pale blue, I know this group of monkeys in the pretend, helpless look down, only one of the students are still among the cultivation, serious, so that Yang Zijin get a trace of comfort.

        Just a pity, his source of talent ...

      Under the podium, Su Hao took a deep breath and surrounded by a touch of light to wake up from practice. "According to this schedule, in a month, the Competency Index should be able to be raised to 100, plus body Quality and theoretical basis, the source ability should have the opportunity to achieve 4!

        Soho up a bit active body, look out the window.

        Outside classmates, one by one this triumphant show off their ability, some people in the playground practice broken boulders, some people in the woods inside the fireball, some people squatting on the edge of the pool and ice ... ... and even individuals Crooked fly in the sky.

        This is the era in which he is - the source of energy!

        In 2030, a catastrophe swept through the earth, a light group later described as source of light coming from the surface.

        Numerous sources can emerge, giving people, things, and even some special abilities of animals, the Earth into chaos. Later, the governments of all countries jointly shot a full 20 years and finally stabilized the turmoil in the earth.

        The power of the source of energy is completely controlled by people for all aspects of scientific research, education and agriculture. The development of society is changing with each passing day. Many technologies that can not be realized are realized in all. Nowadays, by 2050, the source of energy has long been fully entered.

        This is the best time, people worry about food and clothing, high school students can integrate the source of energy to master the special abilities, from time to time.

        This is also the worst era. Wild stray animals have long since become incarnations of fierce beasts and indiscriminately killing. Except for the cities, no place is absolutely safe.

        For the students who are in high school, their only goal has become the source of control!

        Take the college entrance examination!

        The best university!

        "If you want to go to college, you need at least 6 source capacity. According to this progress, when I came to the college entrance examination, my source ability was not necessarily 5, and my university was hopeless." Su Hao was sadly depressed.

        In this day and age, all the special abilities exist for survival and fighting, and his ability is turned out to be a model analysis and a weak and poor ability.

        Su Hao has calculated, even if he albatrus straight up, admitted to the University, the model can be used in the final analysis, it should be only the generals ...... The staff ...... The sand table maker?

        Or become unknown behind the city planning architect?
    Yes, this may be able to survive, but ... which boy does not have a passionate dream? Kill the monster personally, defend the earth, just think of the passionate.

        Unfortunately, the dream is only a dream after all.

        The calculation of the source ability, with the source talent can be related to the natural, the weakness of talent, doomed to his high source value is not high.

        According to the latest assessment of the global organization, the final value of the source capacity as the theoretical basis, physical fitness, combat skills, capacity index of the four combinations, divided by 100.

        Among them, the theoretical basis is the basic theory of curriculum, including all the source of energy information, fierce beast information, ways to combat, overcome weaknesses, and even some kind of herb growing on a planet, all knowledge of the world, all-encompassing, all-encompassing High heel, this course, the maximum is 200 points. Ordinary students, can get 100 points is amazing.

        Physical fitness, on behalf of the body's strength, the upper limit of 400 points for the human limit. 100 points for a normal development of high school students physical strength.

        Fighting skills, on behalf of the current mastery of combat skills and martial arts, a maximum of 400 points, but for the average student, the mastered score is only 0 to 5 points,

        Finally, that is, the most important point, ability index!

        Competency index with the talent level, ability to show, the source can repair for the complex calculation, but the proportion of natural grade is very high, from F to A, the higher the level of talent, the greater the capacity index.

        The ceiling is infinite!

        The ability of Su Hao, E-class model is only analyzed, lowering the overall score line.

        Of the four grades, only the theoretical basis is a fixed grade, and the only one is a roll test score, which must be passed before the exam or source can be assessed. For example, your first test of 100 points, if you do not take the exam, do not go to school or the Energy Association into, your information, the score is always 100 points!

        The other three, are related to their own strength, ready to change at any time, but it is also the best resolution, numerous instruments can be easily measured. For example, physical fitness detector, almost randomly scan your body, you can draw your current physical fitness scores.

        Enhance the strength, nothing more than tough talent, countless resources, perseverance and efforts!
    For Su Hao, both talent and resources are distant dreams. The only thing he can do is to persevere and work hard. Therefore, although his strength is very weak, the theoretical foundation is rather high. Such people, according to the first middle school called, was jokingly called - learn tyrants!

        "The theoretical basis of 180 points, 100 points of physical fitness, fighting skills 0 points, ability index 100 points, a total score of 380. Source capacity of 3.8, soon to 4!

        Su Hao silent calculation, hands and feet will be flexible to get things finished, ready to leave school.

        However, this time, a muffled classroom door was kicked open.

        "Su Hao, get out." A tall and handsome student appeared in the door.

        "What happened?" Su Hao did not go out, he is not stupid. This man called Sun Yaotian, a genius-class figure, the source capacity of up to 8 points or more, he can be arbitrarily pinched dead.

        "You and Chen Yiran go back together again?"

        Su Hao frowned, "We stop by, after school occasionally go together ... ..."

        "I control you along the way!" Sun Yaotian interrupted him, "Chen capacity is what you should be clear, in your capacity, and even look up to qualifications are not. After leaving her far, otherwise I see Hit once! "

        "Sun Yaotian, you!" Su Hao furious, clenched his fist.

        "Why, fight?" Sun Yaotian sneered at him. "The school rules not to allow shots in the classroom. You dare to come out and see."

        Su Hao looks pale, his heart anger, but he was pressed back.

        With his source ability of 3.8 battle Sun Yaotian, is tantamount to the stone hit by an egg, it is estimated will be killed by Sun Yaotian slap in the classroom is not allowed to shot, but if he shot back Sun Yaotian first, it is not the same.

        "Timid as a rat." Sun Yat-sen see him not excited, sneer before leaving, "Remember me, this is the last warning."

        "Sun Yaotian ......"

        Su Hao anger boiling.

        He worked harder than anyone, but only in the bottom of the hierarchy, everything, just because of the damn talent, the theoretical basis of 180 points, he is the first well-deserved! For this 180 points, he did not know how many years to read the information, it reached this level. But the ability index ... he only 80 points, and Sun Yaotian, only capacity index up to 500 points!

        Because Sun Yaotian's ability is A-class natural iron element control, real combat tough fighting talent, offensive and defensive integration, a substantial increase in combat effectiveness, more than any of his rash sub-model analysis much more!

        "One day ... I will surpass you, surely!"

        Suhao glow in the eyes of anger, turned and left the classroom.

        His idea is very simple, talent is not enough effort Minato!

        Low ability and how? Since the ability to get points, then the 1000 points will be based on all get hands, 200 points on the basis of theory, 400 physical fitness, 400 points fighting skills, as long as all these master, the same can be the source of power pushed to 10, Become strong!

        Su Hao biting his teeth, left the school, went to the house.

        Flowing endless streets.


        A person quickly flash from the side of Su Hao, as the shadow of the general, fast heinous, Su Hao was hit a shy.

        The phone that is looking at the data instantly raises, sketches an arc, and enters the person's package.

        Su Hao Yi Zheng, and then quickly react, "thief?"

        I saw another person shadow flash, a middle-aged people quickly chase the past, Su Hao come to understand, "paralyzed, really a thief, but also not only stole a person's thing?"

        This block of thieves a lot, and most thieves relied on the speed source energy, stolen things ran, people react less, but this time, even stole the Su-ho things!

        Su-han anger on the surging, being threatened by Sun Yaotian nest fire enough, just let people go out to steal the phone?


        Su Hao punch play, will be next to a protective suspension hood smashed, and then start up, chase the thief.

        Suspension motorcycle across a soft light, chasing straight in the air, Su Hao said teeth, "paralysis, the speed can not catch up with you?

        On the same straight line, three streamers flashed.

        The front of the black figure, is fleeting escape, followed by a look of angry middle-aged man, and finally, is riding a suspended motorcycle Su Hao.

        Su Hao full chase for more than 10 minutes, catch the edge of the bridge in the rivers and lakes, only worthy of the catch.

        Far, you can see the middleman and the thieves are being disputed, two people are shouting, Su Hao accelerated in the past, "damn thief, this time to see where you run!

        Suspended motorcycle rushed in, Su Hao faint feeling where not quite.

        Middle-aged fell to the ground, hinder the disappearance of the thief figure revealed Su Ha aghast, the thief in hand is a sharp edge dagger, bloodstained, just pulled out from middle-aged human body.

        I saw the thief pulled out a small blue bottle, a drop of middle-aged people.


        A drop of water drops, middle-aged people actually began to corrode, and then turned into non-existent!

        "this is……"

        Su Hao looked horrified at this scene, this person is not a thief, is - killer! Wandering organization killer! According to the press, the killer of the Wandering Organization owns this newly developed corpse, which can easily turn all the clues into obscurity.


        Su Hao cursed loudly, turned around and wanted to reverse the front, and then this time, the killer has already noticed him, mouth sneer, took out a silver pistol, distant aiming at him.

        Suddenly, Su Hao whole body trembling, sweat erected.

        Finished! dying!

        Exposure to the killer cold eyes, Su Hao feel a while cold, but inexplicable, my heart finally suppressed anger outbreak.

        I Su Hao ... Is it life bullying?

        No, never!

        Looking at the chest of the killer blood, obviously injured, leading to slow action at this time. Su Hao some hateful eyes, afraid of fade, I even die, but also pull you when the back!


        Su Hao in the suspension of a button on the motorcycle a fierce press.


        An energy pool in the motorcycle body, broke out, the instantaneous suspension speed of the motorcycle broke to the limit, across a light, across the sky, fiercely hit the killer body.


        A laser ray shot from the silver pistol, but obviously playing crooked, sketched next to Su Hao, the hot temperature, still let Su Hao feel the ear while hot.


        Suspension motorcycle fell from the sky, is the bombardment in the killer's chest, even with a killer directly hit the pier metal containers, the collapse of numerous containers, hit the killer who, boring sound.

        Su Hao in the acceleration of the suspension motor, it was thrown out, fell to the ground, fell directly to a dog eat shit, that kind of powerful impact he could not control.

        Scars of the floor to climb up, Su Hao horrified that under such a heavy blow, the killer actually climbed up from the countless containers.

        "I grass, those boxes do not know how many tons, which are not dead, how strong is this killer?"

        "Can not make him alive!"

        Su hao mind flashed this idea, will be next to the silver pistol got up, aimed at just getting out of the box killer.

        Cold, bloody, red, that horrifying look at Su Hao, let Su Hao shudder almost let go.

        "Go die!"

        Su Hao eyes closed, teeth pressed the switch.

        "Puzi bared!"

        A laser beam swept across the body instantly piercing the killer, crashing down.


        Su Hao relieved, some afraid of throwing the pistol in the hand, wanted to turn around to escape, but an instant stop. The advantage of 180 points in the basic theory course is that he knows a lot of things that others do not know at all.

        There are fingerprints on his pistol, middle-aged people have been killed, disappeared, killers are dead, can not be left in this way.

        Su Hao strong endure the heart of nausea and nausea, groping in the killer's body, found the blue bottle of the corpse fluid.


        The corpse drops, the killer's body began to evaporate slowly, a little dissipated, with the handle of the silver pistol and suspension motorcycle, all with the killer-related things, all disappear.

        He can not dare to leave anything, referring to which weapon, there is a GPS lock or any other positioning system.


        Su Hao completely relieved, but unexpected discovery, under the corpse liquid, the killer's position, even leaving a mysterious blue-black card.

        "What the hell? The corpses have not digested?" Su Hao surprised, equalization dead fluid effect disappeared, caught the past.


        Mysterious blue black card flashing glittering, along the Su Hao's right hand into the body, disappeared without a trace.

        "Om -"

        Su Hao felt a burst of roar of my mind, the surrounding scenery instantly become illusory, this riverside edge of the bridge, all the scenery has become hazy.

        Halfmoon half awake, it seems that after a long time, it seems only a moment.

        That mysterious card appears in the depths of Su Hao's mind, twinkling, Su Hao is still awake, you can hear the mysterious card flashed ideas.

        "... discovering capabilities ... model analysis ... blending ... figuring out ..."

        In front of a psychedelic light, Su Hao seems to feel a sense of psychedelic medicine, can not find themselves, but feel very comfortable and relaxed.


        Su Hao whole body startled, awakened.

        Look around, no one attacked, looked at myself, did not feel abnormal.

        "I do not know what killer means, almost in the trick."

        Su Hao shook his head and found a corner not to be noticed, quickly left here.
  • thank  .. I would like you to add the author, name of the novel in Chinese, editor.
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    Isn't this already being translated by GT?
    Pretty sure it's:
  • Chuwon said:
    Isn't this already being translated by GT?
    Pretty sure it's:

    You're right
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    Chuwon said:
    Isn't this already being translated by GT?
    Pretty sure it's:

    You're right
    Your right, I do not know someone has translated this book, which was one of my favorite novels two years ago, so when I started translating, I first came across this novel. At that time, the book was still rarely read, and then I started to catch on when I saw the ending.

    I just wanted to see if anyone translated the book, and if so, I went to translate other books, so please forgive me for the sloppy translation of the first chapter, if you read my translation and loved the novel Please click on the link above.

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