Legends of Hoel

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"Long ago when the land of Izaleon was ruled by the beasts, each beast had only one kind of its species. Every beast was blessed with longevity, however there were only so many beasts in this world eventually they all came together and approached the same conclusion: This world was too large and vast to be occupied only by them. All the beasts came together and prayed to the World Spawn, their creator, to occupy this large and empty world with beasts similar to themselves. The Spawn answered, "This I can and will do for you, however these beasts will not be ruled by the same principles that you are ruled by. They will have hunger and seek to devour each other. Not all of them will see the light of this land, those few will look to the darkness and seek it's refuge. Each beast will not be blessed with longevity like you, they must reproduce with each other to allow their species to continue on. Each one of you will be to them as I am to each of you, Lords. You all will be responsible for keeping the peace within and between your species. Do you all still wish this for your world. It will, at times, be chaotic, however that is not to say it will never be peaceful." 
The beasts looked upon each other and spoke amongst themselves. Finally a large serpentine creature with short but strong horns and majestic wings stepped forward and answered The Spawn, "My Lord, we all understand the responsibilities and ask of you, please occupy this world with more beasts of our kind." The Spawn looked at each beast and waved his hand then said, "May it be done." And with that each beast started to glow until the light floated out of them and hovered above them. The Spawn spoke one last time before sending off the beasts, "These lights will follow you until you choose a land to claim as a Homeland for your kind to return to, once you find a place to settle send a piece of you essence into the light and it will split into many more lights which will become your kin. Now off with you all and start on this adventure that you have begun, for there is no going back from this point forward." With that each beast departed to find a home for themselves, some beasts started quarrels with each other for land while others chose places only accessible to them. Aio, The Dragon, chose the cold and high up cliffs of the Primal Mountains, Uul, The Leviathan chose the boundless and dark waters of the Qons Ocean, and lastly was Hoel, The Giant, he chose the warm and grassy area surrounding The Last Tree. There are many more beasts that chose lands to call their own and it would take a while to go through them all, good thing you are already asleep. Aren't you, Auros?"

On a warm summer night in a house with a single light left on, a mother had just placed down a story book and was stroking the head of a child as he soundly slept. The only sounds to be heard were the crickets chiming their symphony and a child softly sleeping.
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