New Anime, games and movie Fanfiction novels simliar to Madiens grand summoning and holistic fantasy

Just a few new fanfics i found and thought to share :)

Need to MTL the raw links below

  1. - Novel about MC who travels through various anime worlds that include Naruto, Dragon ball, Highschool dxd ect - Completed (only read 85 chapters so far).
  2. - Novel includes a MC who travels throughout movie worlds such as Xmen and Marvel, also includes anime worlds - Completed (havent read yet)
  3. - Novel about MC traveling through Movie worlds such as Marvel and DC and a few anime worlds such as Dragonball - currently ongoing with daily update ( Havent read yet).
  4. - Novel about MC also traveling through Movie worlds (Avengers, iron man etc), anime and even chinesse novels (swallowed star and perfect world) - Currently Ongoing



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    here i found a new novel which is great and has regular updates daily :)

    Title - Everything began from Breaking the Sky (battle through the heavens)
    Novel Chapters - 1255 ->ongoing
    Genre - Fanfiction, Harem, Op Mc - New Novel about mc who travels to the 'Battle Through the Heavens' world as a member of the Xiao Clan and finds out that he has a unique system that gives him an edge over his peers by gathering popularity and faith from people. this system includes various shuttles to various worlds such as naruto, marvel, Friends (yes the american tv show) etc. The main unvierse that the mc is in is the HongMeng cosmos (coiling dragon)...


    as of the latest chapter there has been an introduction of other people with systems who can shuttle worlds as the MC is fighting against a guy with the Hero/protagonists hunter system who wants the MCs system and its a tough match for the mc who currently has a body comparable to a sovereign artifact/weapon (coiling Dragon)...

  • interesting.
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    first one is getting annoying on how the author made kakashi, itachi, jiraiya, orochimaru, hirozen dumb that the almighty mc can outsmart. He even have the balls to threaten the hyuga clan, hirozen, kakashi without thinking what would happen to him and bulma specially since he is still weak asf during that time

    forgot to add... the MC is so blood thirsty that due to Neji hurting Hinata badly during the chunin exam that the mc went wild and try to kill Neji and made an oath to wipe out Hyuga clan forgetting the fact that Hinata is part of the Hyuga clan. same with what happen during when he thought Bulma died and wanted to kill all people in konoha to accompany Bulma on the afterlife forgetting the fact that he promise to protect/wont kill Hinata and Kurenai.

    just some stuff i forgot to add: both Kurama and Naruto acts like your typical chinese chars going "I your father/uncle"
  • yea from what iv read of the novel the mc is kinda overbearing and likes to threaten and slaughter
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    since IUD has been completed here is some old fanfics iv found a while back and bookmarked( iv not read any of these and some of them look like they are harem): - includes various anime worlds and is harem.. the author of cube world on LNMTL which will probs put people of reading it :) (Complete) - something to do with one piece (Complete) - HarryPotter fanfic ( Regular update) - cross over/ shuttle worlds which resolves around mechas e.g Gundam series ( Regular update) - another crossover which includes worlds such as Game of thrones and starwars (ongoing - shuttle through anime, tv, movies and game worlds.. might be a harem( Complete) - set in marvel universe with young magneto as the mc (Complete) - set in marvel universe were the mc is the sun God (last update two weeks ago)

    if anyone wants to find novels/fanfics just type what you want to look for in google (has to be in chineese) with the websites name afterwards (piaotian or uukanshu etc)

    哈利波特 (searches for harrypotter novels the same can be done for marvel etc)

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