1.] Stone egg- The mystery is really killing me. I mean just look, what is more precious, stone egg or a heavenly treasure? 

2.] just what is the mysterious being in black flame from where li qiye found his lantern.

3.] Immortal emperor Tian Tu and Ancient Ming - this guy is still alive. Just imagine how badass this guy were since they can hide from thief old heaven.

4.] little girl from yellow silk and her father - this little girl knows ancient ming and her father is so badass that he is missing.

5.] Fairy/Woman from coffin in heaven spirit world - this girl seems to be from an era before the destruction, probably a survivor.

6.] 3 immortals - Emperor Nong Emperor Xi and Emperor Xui, they seem to guide li qiye at the beginning of 3 immortal worlds arc.

7.] Immortal set of items and Era Ultimate item - just who created this items.
8] Li Qiye is always saying "I only want an answer", just what is his question or the thing he wants to know?

9.] World tree and Ghost ancestral tree and many more trees - 
10.] White Crane Regiment - Li Qiye's most badass regiment, its  members is still unknown but probably IE from nine worlds.

11.]] Divine Emperor Qing Mu - this guy is badass. What i mean is that, he just left the legit thought scripture like it was a random dog crap. Any dark giant or first ancestors will crave after a heavenly scripture but look at what he did. Maybe he even found an item more badass than 9 grand heavenly treasure. 

12.] Jiao Heng - No. one immortal emperor in 9 worlds, a merchant in 3 immortal worlds, and no one messes with him in tenth world. Just where is this guy.

13.] All badass character is missing - damnit. Oh our MC is still here.

if you know other strange things just comment hehe


  • 1. The shadow of the Bone Sea and the concrete background of the Divine Tree Range, Bone Sea and Great Vortex.

    2. The destination of the expedition paths of the Lesser Imperial Devil World.

    3. The 9 worlds. So many Epoch survivors like the Burial Grounds and Immortal Earths as well as people who have challenged OTH like the Immortal Demon Grotto master and the Dragon God hide there. There should be something special about it, or maybe the author just never thought about this aspect.

    4. The first Ultimate Expedition. Lqy mentioned that he wasn't the only one of his epoch who survived the expedition. It is implied that those powerful existences still hide in the 10th world or maybe the 3 IW. Qing Mu could have been part of them or gone into hiding to find them. Or maybe they wait for Lqy to win the Ultimate Expedition to pull a fast one on him.

    5. The owner of the eye in the "Money Falls Ground". He/she/it could be a contemporary of OTH if the vision shown Lqy was about OTH and the origin of the darkness.

    To your point

    8. I think its either some form of sense of existence or the answer from where the universe originates. Or maybe he wants to see if something is beyond the universe known to him - basically a new adventure for him after defeating OTH. In the later lnmtl chapters appeared a new notion "Fights without ceases" or fight without end instead of fight to the end. Imagine yourself having confidence to become immortal and the ruler of the universe, just to realize that there's nothing to achieve anymore. For someone who is kept alive by his drive and ambition like Lqy that could be a horrible fate.

    9. I think in this novel, trees are in some sense the "true bodies" of a world or a minor world. Lqy s epoch grows on his Highest Beginning Tree. It was also mentioned that when someone collects the complete 3 IW tree, its tantamount to grasping all 3 worlds. The World tree and the Ghost Ancestral Tree are the respective equivalents for the Void Gate and the Ghost Ancestral realm.

    12. I think if Jiao Heng meets Lqy in a future arc he'll be revealed as one of his first disciples. He's the first human IE and the first and only one with 12 palaces in the 9 worlds. Two striking coincidences. No IE could replicate the 12 fate palaces with his descendants. Only Lqy has the knowledge of 12 palaces and the following 13th palace in the 9 worlds- 
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