share your theories, mystery list , predictions here

first lets keep track of all the things which author didnt explain [mad snail is definitely keeping a list for hm self >.<]

forgot name so help me out here :-
1) page of some time book

2) ming guy  who wrote some words on a mountain [and his disciple trying to kill each other ]

3) myraid potrait , myraid sword , thunder sword 

4) one guy [not on heroes side] falls into abyss and disappeares [he completed for some city level position]

5) one villain who travels with nie-li to draconic relam and gets a cultivation technique

did i miss anything ?

funny theory :- sage emperor has no work so he sits and watches people from above, nie-li gets strong and beats him with his friends before defeating demon race, sage emperors minions  , next he will a higher level [before coming into the real world and beating mad snail ]

mad snail is slow some one should fork the story and continue :)


  • Well most of the things you have said..but on the top of my head:
    1) why Nie Lies fate stars were different colored
    2) What was the deal with the chicken that is running around in NLs painting.. I mean it wasn't a regular demon, it seemed smart.. but nothing
    3) Why the heck hasn't Nie Lie found 4 more demon to integrate with? He is nearing the limit for their cultivation, isn't he? 
    4) actual in-story reasons for where the dimensional demon book is. (I know all the fan-theories that it is the vine/tree in Nie Lies soul area etc. I want actual "proof")
  • The author completely forget the so called holy maiden
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