Any novel that doesn't contain much "Inherited" skills?

Kind of tired reading novels where it is all about fighting for the most powerful inheritance "传承". It literally always end up with 2 youngsters fighting it out and eventually MC get chased by a few sect. It's getting too cliche for my taste after reading so many novels with similar plot.
Does anyone know any novels that actually have an MC that creates his own skills? Or better yet, taking place in the first era during the development of cultivation, rather than taking place in the 2nd era (First era people died off due to some unknown war with other worldly creatures... blah blah... fight for first era inheritance etc etc...)

PS: No reincarnation please :#


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    I think your best bet would be ISSTH, sure there are inheritances but he does invent his own skills and *daos*.

    Or douluo dalu from the same author of UTS and LotDK
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