Favorite Arc?

My favorite is Volume 6 – Lordship in Illusory Demon.

I've read a bunch of novels here and this arc really stands out to me. Each chapter progresses the story quickly, but also provides a lot of detail and description of the new environment and characters. There's intrigue, power-ups, romance, everything you want. The entire arc isn't even that long but it feels long because the pace is really good. It had a beginning, middle, and end, something wuxia arcs have a problem with, I really liked the "chill out" chapters at the end.


  • Lordship in Illusory Demon
  • Lordship was really great, but I have high hopes for current arc. It's giving me good vibes.

    Other than that arcs 1-3 are probably the closest to 6th arc.
  • Mine is Volume 3 – Name that Shakes the Profound Sky

    It was a very emotional arc for me
  • Same Volume 3 – Name that Shakes the Profound Sky vs xia qing yue and Her chapters.
  • Volume 3 for me as well
    "What fun would it be to become the king of the Tower? Tell Zahard to keep his boring seat. I will get out of the Tower." - Urek Mazino
  • Volume 9
    Harassing FCA girls then get busted was funny lmao. But they actually knew about it and did not voiced out to be against it.
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