IET and the layered "fortress"

Has anyone noticed how IET, as well as many other authors, create "fortresses" (for lack of a better term) where the defenses of this place start off really weak a slowly get more and more powerful until the mc has a hard time breaking through them? I was reading LXY and noticed this in the structure of the Ice Iron Star fortress in volume 14 chapters ~17-21 as well as how illogical this design really is. The design of the barriers is to keep powerful intruders out and not to see just how powerful they are after all. It is essentially just a waste of resources to have a setup as such this as the more powerful ones will stop everything weaker than it vs the weaker ones which will just be broken by something more powerful, then need to be replaced.

Although there are examples of more logical formations as seen in the latter bits of volume 7 of LXY where the structure has multiple formations that are all powerful and serve distinct purposes. There are also examples where formations slowly getting more powerful makes sense, like in the legacy sites found in DE and elsewhere (really these things are all over the place. Just about every story in this genre that I've read has at least one of these).

What do you think about this? I might be missing stuff or just nitpicking what some might consider a minor plot hole.. but regardless, I think this is a fairly interesting trope of the genre.
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