Help Finding Wuxia Novel

Firstly, I don't think I read this novel on Wuxiaworld, but I do not know where I found it.

It is reincarnation story about a swordsman who died in some sort of underworld (?). In the first chapter, he was fighting another swordsman on 2 mountain peeks.

In the reincarnation plot, there are magical animals (for hunting and riding), kingdoms at war, teleportation devices (between cities), weapons materialized from inner strengths, energy from ancient corpses, etc. (I believe I am not mixing stories).

The main character gets a hold of a stone (or 2?) "who" help him grow stronger and can help him get a specific type of energy.

Last I read about a year ago, the main character was in some cabin in the middle of some magical beast mountains surrounded by non-cultivators.  I also think the main character starts some sort od guild after leaving the mountain...

PLEASE HELP me find this novel. I haven't been able to forget about it for a year now!!

Thank you!


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