Data Log

Data Log

by Emiroph

Hello there reader this novel is something came on a whim

I will not put appendices about the mythology and hope you will look for them on the greatest library of all the internet is after all our friend.

Do enjoy this journey we take.

City residence of King Polydorus 718BC

Data log 1 sub section Ambrosio bis 4

« Ahhhh so this is a poor story but hey at least i get to tell it and you wont be hearing it from some random dude at a bar. Reay for it young ? »

I stood there looking at this old man that was supposed to be my tutor for the years to come and help me with my education ; then i wondered what in the 12 god he was saying. Then again it is said that he comes from one of the major temples and is friend to the gods which no sane man would believe. Father always goes on and on and on about him and how he won a game against him . You guessed it the outcome was, i got a freaken crazy old coot for a tutor and i do mean crazy. Today he was staring right in front of the as if waiting for it to open by itself or just before he came to introduce himself he was hiding in a corner talking to himself a « brunch » and « recharging » where the two words that caught my mind since i had no clue what they meant.

« Hoy !! young man are you listening ? Why are your eyes wondering elsewhere ? Bah it don't matter my name is Mathia of MT.Mathia your tutor for the next few eons if you can even understand that.before all that i will have to test you to see if you need modification or upgrade. Give me your hand and don't move. »

« Yes tutor but why do you. »

He then grabs my hand by force, bring out some sort of box and put my hand in it. As he closes the lid i close my eyes and ready myself for the pain of the lid that will close on my hand but there is no pain the box shape changed to my hand.

« DNA analysis beginning

2% match

implementing modification

releasing sedatives


isolation perimeter created

brain stimulation

3%,13%, 23%, 33%, 43%, 53%, 63% , 73%, 93%

beep progression error body modification needed for further improvement

implementing body modification

creating liquid state environment, extracting brain

destroying body

reforming body estimated time 2 minutes 15 microseconds 600 nanoseconds

beep reintegrating brain to body for final modification

93%, 100%

evolution parameters met proceeding to evolve the subject

extracting DNA evolution gene , uploading self and force to matrix

recreating body with genes downloading self and force to brain

enhancing growth to former physical appearance

process done »

«Mathia : oh boy they really have a long to go before they can even think of joining the galaxy, well at least Ambrosio will now fit him perfectly. Ah i should probably upload the basic guide to his new body functions to his subconscious. »

« Mathia alright interface ; upload body function to subject ; command confirmed »

1 hour later Ambrosio study chamber, the sun grew in the sky as the morning dew slowly disappeared. He opened his eyes slowly a strong gaze could be felt from this him, such a young child but to have a gaze like that was expected being the son of a king he had no margin of error. He was already the third child that the king had since the failure and death of his two elder brothers.

« Mathia : well young one you woke up. Now serve me water and bow to me once and i will become your teacher afterwards !!! »

« Ambrosio : Yes right away. »

as the ceremony ended quickly silence decedent upon them ;Mathia got up and gestured towards his young student to follow him. They went out of the chamber towards the courtyard and then got on two horses heading toward Ambrosio father court.

The higher city part was rich and filled with colors representing the families of nobles, generals and scholars. Every single men and women bowed to the duo moving quickly toward amphitheater of the king . The road was magnificent balance of modern city roadway and nature which gave a certain elegance that a modern city had to offer.

« Ambrosio : teacher why are we going to see father ? »

« Mathia : because we need his permission to take you to my house on Mt.Mathia »

the amphitheater was guard by a legion of soldiers forming a long corridor for the young prince and his teacher to move towards the entrance. The archway of heavy marble slabs gave the feeling of grandeur and along the side was carved the word of honor to the fallen great men of the nation « we thrive in war and wither in peace » just under these word were carved the names of these men and women. At the top was a simple carving of a tree with its root reaching to the words of honor. The hallway after the arch had statues of poets, scholars, generals and nature giving an overwhelming feeling of ones owns smallness compared to these immortalized within it. As the light grew a scene of a man sitting on a wooden chair and many other scholars working on under him was seen.

«Ambrosio : father we have come for a request. »

« Mathia : since when you don't come and greet me brat ? »

«  Polydorus : i am a king now ; not a small child anymore and you still haven't aged even my grandfather said you look the same  when he was a child. »

« Mathia : well... In any case i have accept your son as my student on a whim so henceforth he will no longer be a mortal and aloud to participate with the mundane world, i came here with him to let him say good bye to his father since he will not come back before 10 years. »

« Ambrosio : what ? I will not be able to see father for the next 10 years ??? »

« Mathia : Yes young one i will be your teacher as requested by your father. Although i did promise i would be your tutor never did i think i would take you in as my student. You already went through modification so i can not let you roam free as you are too young and do not know of the power that now dwells within you. »

« Ambrosio : what is modification ? »

« Mathia : do not worry you will learn in time. As for you Polydorus you better take of this nation properly so that your son can visit you in 10 years. »

«  Polydorus : that is obvious.  My son i have lost your two elder brothers to war already be sure to not die during this time and if i do not come to see you anymore know that this father loves you very much. »

« Ambrosio : Yes father i too love you very much. »

i ran towards father and gave him a hug the last hug and contact i would ever have with him. If only i knew that i would have spent more time with him .

« Mathia : Ambrosio the journey is long and you will not last so you shall ride with me and we shall use your horse as a mule »

« Ambrosio : Yes teacher . How far is Mt.Mathia ? »

« Mathia : it is 2 days by horse »

leaving the city one could see that times of war raged about, at the far end of the horizon a large fleet of quadriremes sails could be seen and further down the valley soldiers moved in rank toward the fleet. As the soldiers moved on the road the cypress seemed to have feel the time of war and red flowers sprout from them giving a red hue as if Ares and Plutus rejoiced in the war that would take place. As we left the city i felt sad, a biting pain filled my heart, a small tears came down my eyes and i watched the city vanish as if Hypnos himself willed it.

We traveled for 1 day and half straight taking one break every quarter of the day and the same for the night.

Mt.Mathia came into view as the sun rose.

« Mathia : stdent wake up we are reaching upon your new abode, here you will meet your other teachers if they deem you worthy, your fellow students and do not judge them their look or you will regret it for the rest of your life »

« Ambrosio : Yes teacher »

« Mathia : here put this in between your eyes »

he handed me a strange looking object, of a perfect sphere a daktylo and a half, i gulped down my though and did as told. Teacher then pressed onto something in the air and a huge house floating above Mt. Mathia came into view. It truly looked like the gods residence it gave a feeling of power and domination.

As we left the horses at the foot of Mt.Mathia a floating platform came down with humanoid looking object or maybe a guard. A silver shine and strange vines could be seen around every joints of his body it truly gave an otherworldly feeling as if i was in front of a puppet or an ulterior attempt at making an amazon.

« Aide : Administrator welcome back. Who is this life form and what reference should be given to it ? »

« Mathia : this one is Ambrosio a new student. Ambrosio stretch your hand out. »

As i stretched my hand out the puppet pricked my finger and made strange sound. Then it grabbed my head with such strength that it felt like not even Kratos would be able to free himself.

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