Need some inspiration for a game

Well long story short: I am in a roleplaying game and our gamemaster has made a HJC campaign. 
My character concept is an artist/consolidation master. Through lucky rolls I managed to get two physical jewels and three attributes (Time, Spatial and Air but these were given to by the GM because apparently it would be a good idea to have a crafter) 

The characters jewels are Waxy and Red (So flexibility and coordination. Mostly because I thought it would help with brush strokes and such)

Now what I need is what my set should be. 
I have already decided on what the red jade one will be (basically an assembly-set paint brush) but I need items/effects in a consolidation set for the waxy jade. 

So far I have:
1) A robe which decreases damage taken by 5% per set piece
2) the left hand slot will be called the "Blank Canvas" and it will allow my character to quickly paint a piece of equipment to be usable for a short while. Like rope, a bow, sword, shield etc. 

And.. yeah.. that is pretty much it. I need some cool ideas that will fit with my character/painter. 
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