NEED U HELP: a survey of Chinese web novels and foreign readers

Hello, every daoist! Very nice to see you! 

I am a student of Shanghai International Studies University. Now I'm working on my thesis of Chinese web novels and foreign readers.

To better find out answers of who are reading Chinese web fictions, what do you think of them, and why you guys like to read, I come here asking for all you guys' help. I'd love to hear opinions from real fans and readers. It's much better than thinking by myself, since my view is probably unbalanced.  

The survey has 20 questions and it may take you 5-10 minutes to answer. Be assured that all the answers will be only used for my paper analysis.

The survey link is:

Really thank you for your time and patience! 

If you guys have any question, pls let me know. Any advice would be welcome.  <3

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