What is the most disappointing novel?

For me it's Tales of Demons and Gods.

There was a time where it was my favourite novel, it was so interesting and had a lot of potential. The way the universe was layered out was so fresh compared to the typical Sect > Country > Planet > Galaxy > Universe > Multiverse > Omniverse system that you see in most Chinese novels.

Then it got shit because it was rushed since the author got bored of it.

Such a waste


  • Seems like a bit of a rough assessment, although i do agree that while the concept was good, i became quite dissapointed with the continuation of the storyline, or more specifically the charecter developments. 
  • TDG is so much wasted potential. To mee Skyfire Avenue is also a letdown - its starts great, sci-fi and such but then you get two dimensional cosmos and shit changes from chapter to chapter as if author couldn't even remember what he wrote few chapters earlier. 
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    Hah. TDG is what got me into the whole genre, but I ended up dropping it... and I think way sooner than most. I hear complaints of rushed ending in the 400+ chapters, but I jumped ship in the second hundred.

    The set-up was interesting - a sage that obtained knowledge within his own world (rather than isekai with sudden talents through masses of which I trawled prior to finding TDG), sets up elevation of his companions rather than solo-OPness...

    But then MC is a horrid brat that I really struggle to describe without swears. The companions are wasted, they are nobodies, they are only mentioned as faceless "and the rest" by the text. And when he outright ditches them to go on a solo adventure is when I quit.

    WDQK hit me with a similar disappointment - it was fine for the first couple revolutions of the "go to bigger region, grind powerlevel up there" wheel, setting up the trio of companions... And then right after assembling they split up. Then meet again for a short battle and get scattered again. Yeah, nope, I ain't havin' that.
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