Stellar Transformation- Grammar- When does it become polished?

Hey just started ST, on B1C3 so far. The grammar is kinda bad and I'm wondering when the translator/editor gets into a grove and improves?


  • I'm currently on Book3Chapter9 and the grammar is still really bad. I know the first 10 books aren't translated by WW, so I'm just going to vent and scream at the really bad translation anyway. *sobs* CD is so amazing but ST is pretty bad (at least for the first 3 books so far). *sigh* alright this is my last rant on the grammar. Just hoping it doesn't last the whole first 10 books.
  • Well the translations after like book 7 or something or on translationnation are much better.
  • yeah, I've also noticed since book 4, the grammar is a lot better and the chapters are longer (more detailed).
  • TranslationNations' translation of the novel is also very well done, the later books are pretty much perfect.
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