The Realm of Evil Spirits(恶灵国度)by a flash of smile0(弹指一笑间0)

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In the wake of (Scary Wanted) and (Death Terror),A flash of smile0’s third supernatural novel (The Realm of Evil Spirits) emerges.Xiatianqi worked in a mysterious company where probation employees can get a 20,000 monthly salary,rationing a Audi car and  a villa.At the beginning,Xiatianqi considered it as a big fortune,but he soon found himself involved in a series of strange events.Enigmas emerged one after another,yet he had no way or die?There is no answer.The only choice is to go on.
PS:Actually,it’s a story about  someone starting out as a man who mortally afraid of death end up counterattacking successfully when facing the extreme horrible life.Not a “small white novel”,I promise.My latest novel (The Most Horrible System) is updating,please support me a lot.



  • Volume One  Terrifying Library

    The terror is coming...


    Chapter One The First Job


    “20000 monthly salary.Audi a6”

    “20000 monthly salary”

    “Audi a6”

    Xiatianqi was indulged in excitement on the good news as long as he sitting in the car.Not long ago,he passed an interview of a big company,signing a probation contract with a fat salary.

    In addition to a 20000 monthly salary,the company rations every probation employee an Audi A6 car for driving,no doubt it is a good treatment.

    It is the same as gaining a 5000,000RMB jackpot,especially for a freshmen like Xiatianqi who just began to do the internship in his junior year without any experiences.

    Literally speaking,he had never dreamed about such fortune.

    “Now that we have signed the contract,you should perform your duties.”

    The muffled voice startled him out of the aftertaste.

    He suddenly found himself not alone,but accompanied by a forty-year-old man.

    The man was the one took charge for his interview previously,but he was always quiet,and his expression was some kind of impatience.

    Actually the middle-aged man did skimp his work,because he didn't possess more than Xiatianqi.He didn't know what is the company about nor what is his duties.

    In short,he just signed the contact without knowing anything.

    Though,it was not Xiatianqi' concern that it was a cheating company,because it was located in a prime office building.

    was it not a legal company or without the help of ZF,it couldn't have the qualification to enter into the prime office building.Not to mention the company occupied three floors for its own which validated the power of the company.If not this way,Xiatianqi wouldn't sign the contract no matter how fat the salary was. after all  there were so many illegal pyramid selling cheaters

    But Xiatianqi was wondering what point did the man see in him.

    Xia had a vivid memories about the previous interview.The middle-aged man neither asked which college did he come from nor asked what kind of specialty he learned,he even didn't ask what Xia's hobby was.

    The only concern of the  examiner was if Xia was adventurous and if he was afraid of ghost.That was a strange question in a interview.

    “en...certainly I will do my duties,but you haven't tell me what it is.”

    Xia turned about to look at the middle-aged man,tapping the steering wheel uncomfortably.

    “Your duty is following the arrangement of the company and completing your tasks, I will tell your the details after your probation period,otherwise it is a waste of time to say anything.”

    The tone of the middle-aged man was still full of impatience.but this time,Xia just asked out regardless the man's mood.

    “But you didn't say anything,how can I begin my work?”

    Though Xia was worried,the middle-aged man didn't change his mind,he lifted his hand to point to the front,conducting.

    "First,go to the Xinhua Big bookstore on the peace street 34th.  "

    Xinhua Big bookstore was the largest bookstore in the Fuping city.The bookstore had six floors,where you can find almost all of the books available.

    When they arrived the bookstore,it had been closed.

    Xinhua Big bookstore serviced from 9am. to 6pm.It is 7pm,Xia wondered why they came here at this time.

    “Get off.”

    As soon as Xia parking the car,the middle-aged man opened the door,getting off the car,though confused,Xia followed him obediently.

    The heat swept through their face immediately when they got off the car,making them feel  breathless.

    “Damn it,it is as hotter as the Sauna room.”muttered Xia.

    Xia followed the middle-aged man striding to the entrance of the bookstore,The strange thing was the whole building was sheltered,seemingly some kind of gloomy.

    “Is it decorating inside?Am I in charge of supervising? “

    Xia looked at the man beside dubiously.

    Instead of answering his question,the middle-aged man threw a key at Xia,saying.

    "You will be working here for a period of time,the length of the time depends on yourself."

    “your jobs are quite simple——you stay here on duty everyday,opening the door in the morning and closing it at night. ”

    “It sounds like a librarian,wait,a night watchman to be more precisely.”

    Though the jobs seemed quite simple and he was competent at it,but he was unaccountably unwilling to accept it,feeling like he would be dragged to hell if he entered the library.

    But there was no other choices,He couldn't just say he was not competent at being a night watchman.

    “Well,anyway,I listen to you,I will do whatever you say.But a still have...”

    "I know what  you are going to ask"The middle-aged man seemed to see through him,waving his hand to interrupt Xia,“I will talk about it after you finish your probation.”

    “How long is my probation?At least you can tell me this!”Xia almost couldn't help himself swearing.

    “Wait for my message,it is not until I notify that you become a regular worker  that your probation is over.”

    The middle-aged man got away in 5 minute,leaving Xia alone.

    Xia looked at the bookstore building and the Audi car parking at the side of the street.The expression on his face became complicated.

    Soon,Xia calmed down,nothing was wrong and there was no need to worry.He had 

    asked for good-relationed-classmates’help that if he was out of touch for over 24 hours they should call the 911 immediately.

    Of course,he didn't say everything to them,he concealed the good benefits.

    Nobody would believe such thing,they would only say he was cheated by 10,000,000 percent.

    Xia bought a few snacks and drinks,walking around,then he returned to the bookstore.

    Using the key the middle-aged man gave to him,Xia tried several times to open the bookstore's door.Having butterflies in his stomach,he entered the bookstore.

    Ii was stark dark in the room.sheltered with heavy curtains,the light of the street lamps couldn't come in.Xia could see nothing in the complete darkness.

    Fortunately,Xia was bolder than others as a child,so he could resist the darkness,not so frightened as to freeze.

    Turning  the flashlight on,Xia locked the door,after all he was in charges for the numerous books now.

    After that,Xia stopped walking,turning around and reaching for a bay window nearby to sit for eating.

    But,before he putting down the plastic bag he brought,he heard a string of footsteps.

    “Who is it!!!”

    The footsteps startled him,he thought he was the only person here before that.

    But at this very moment,there was suddenly someone emerges out of thin air,the point is,this may be a thief.

    “Damn it!No sooner,no later,just on time when I am on duty.”

    Thinks of here,Xia was burning with anger in his heart,but certainly he won‘t leap to fight with the person desperately,first,he was not sure he would beat the man,and what if he wasn’t a thief?

    Anyway,Xia decided to call the middle-aged man,it could give the unknown man a warning.

    For his sunrise,the cell phone signal was cut back to one bar,he couldn't call his conductor,but only call the police.

    “Not the staff of the library,right?Otherwise why didn't the man turn on the light but sneak up on me?”

    Thinking of this,Xia called the police decisively,but just after one ringing,the cell phone was powered off.

    “damn it!damn phone!”

    With the cell phone‘s shutting down,Xia was afraid thoroughly,what if the man has knife in hand?

    Xia grew more and more afraid with the thought,he ran to the gate,intending to unlock the gate to run out of the horrible library.

    As the stark darkness,Xia couldn’t see anything,smashing into a bookshelf and then meeting the ground with a painful crying.

    The footstep grew nearer and nearer,and the it was getting faster and faster.

    All of a sudden,the light filled with the room.

    As Xia was adapt to the darkness,the sudden light was too bright to blind his eyes that he had to squint.He leaned back against a bookshelf,instinctively,so as not to be attacked from behind.

    As soon as Xia recovering from the blinding bright, a young man as his age leaping into his eyes.

    The young man wear shredded work clothes,he looked at Xia darkly,saying nothing.

    “who are you?what are you doing here?”

    Xia snapped at him at the sight of the young man’s face.

    “Are you the new operator on duty?”instead of answering him,the young man asked him imperturbably.

    “Ye...yes.”Xia nodded doubtfully.Then he asked “who are you?”again.

    “The same as you,librarian.”The young man said slowly.

    “You frightened me to death. I thought you were a thief.Why didn't you turn on the light before?”

    “The power was cut a moment ago so I went to fix it,then I heard the noise here,I thought you were a thief.”

    The young man's words eliminated the queries.For himself,the answer why he didn't turn on the light is not he didn't want to but didn't know where the switch is.

    Xia looked at the young man’s work permit which validating his identity.It felt much better to stay with someone together here.

    After a brief touch,Xia found out the young man was not willing to talk much.Xia can only extort a little information from him.

    The young man’s name was Zhangxiaoshun,he had been working here since his graduation.As the high-rent nearby and sans girlfriend,he lived here which help him manage books expediently,not to mention saving a lot of money.

    By virtue of Zhang’s quiet,Xia didn't feel like saying much too.The two people he met today were all speechless,Xia wondered.

    The middle-aged man and now the young man named Zhang,they all gave him a discomfortable feeling.

    Xia stand up,walking to the window.He took out some bread and drinks,thinking a while,throwing a bottle of water to Zhang.But the latter ignored it.

    While xia cursing in his heart,he expressed nothing.He try to start the cell phone but in vain.He turned around to ask Zhang.“Anywhere to charge the cell phone here?”

    “Up to the second floor,you can find a charger in the lobby.”Zhang rose his hands,pointing to the ceiling with a short response.

    Xia glanced at Zhang,curling his mouth stealthily,he approached Zhang and said.“Well,I'm gonna charge my cell phone upstairs,I will come down later.”

    Not waiting for Zhang's response,he swept over Zhang,going upstairs.

  • Chapter Two The Corpse


    Xia was a regular here,he was quite familiar with this place.Soon,he was at the second floor.

    He came into the first lobby he saw.Is it the one Zhang mentioned,he didn't care,he only wanted a plug base where he can plug the charger kept with himself.

    Though small,the lobby had necessary garbs for personnel to have a good rest.

    The pleasant surprise was he found a plug seat on the wall,against which was a single bed.

    He plugged the charger into the plug seat,leaning back on the bed.

    Disappointingly,the cell phone still couldn't be started.Whether it was out of power or was damaged,Xia didn't know.

    He intended to call his parents before,reassuring them that he had found a good job.They had been worried about his job hunting issue Since his graduation, which gave him much pressure.

    Nowadays,the rate of unemployment was on the rise.Even some of the top students from prestigious universities didn't get a good job after graduated,no to mention others.

    Xia had planned his future before.If he couldn't find a job,he intended to study geomantic omen art with his grandfather.

    In spite of whether geomancers were cheaters,they earned a lot.With one burial his grandfather earned  500RMB at least.People respected and trusted them.Xia's grandfather said Xia was born a geomancer.Was it not his  

    parents' disapproval,he may already become a famous geomancer.

    But it the latest job he would take,fortunately,he found a satisfying job.

    It would be a great surprise when he drive Audi A6 to home some days later.

    He felt really excited for this thought.He decided to keep it as a secret now,retaining the good new as a big surprise.

    While smiling,he had to admit the company was  very mysterious.

    He couldn't find any information about this company on line,actually,he remembered that he didn't applied for the position.(For there was no information about this company on line,Xia certainly couldn't apply for the position of this company! )

    Another strange thing is,the middle-aged man who interviewed him previously seemed like a layman,furthermore,no company would be so brainless to provided a 20,000 monthly salary for a watchman of a library.

    “Isn't a conspiracy?”he wondered.

    Xia shook his head,deciding to play by ear.Beg in danger of riches and honor.knowing there might have storm ahead,he was determined to go on.

    The reality reward the bold and starved the timid.

    “No more thinking,sleep!”

    Xia decided to grab a couple of hours' sleep,and then swap shifts with Zhang.It is his duty,but the middle-aged man didn't say he can't  get a nap.

    He only said the duties were keeping watch at night and opening the door in the morning.

    Xia got up to lock the lobby's door.Then,he drifted off to sleep,curling up tight.

    Xia was awakened for he wanted to piss.He didn't know how long he had slept.He grabbed the cell phone subconsciously,intending to look at the time.But suddenly he found there was something wrong.

    He turned his head on left quickly,finding the door was open.

    The darkness outside was creeping into the lobby from the 7or8-centimeter-gap.

    The light outside must be turned off by Zhang,otherwise,he won't see nothing,he thought.

    "Zhangxiaoshun,is it you?"

    Feeling  pried,he get upsetting.

    Holding his breath,he wait for a while,still silent.He felt a little released,getting off the bed as he really had to pee.

    The feeling of being pried still remained.

    He didn't care much about it,approaching the door.But suddenly,the door was shut bang from outside.

    Then,he heard a string of footstep fading.

    “Asshole!Zhangtianshun!you asshole!”

    This went beyond Xia’s tolerance,well provoking him into rage.He didn't have a very good temper.

    There were only two persons in this whole building.As he was sleeping here before,the man prying behind the door must be Zhang.

    How did he open the door?There might be a key to this door.Zhang had been working here for a long time,no doubt he might have keys.

    “The bastard must do this to frighten me,pretending some kind of wight.”

    Xia spat out,tearing the door open and striding out angrily.

    It was pitch-dark outside,just like he seeing from the door gap before.

    As he can't start the cell phone,he didn't know the time.He returned to the lobby as to find a flashlight to against the darkness.

    For his pleasure,he rummaged out a flashlight in the drawer of the bedside table.

    Though not bright enough,it is useful under this circumstance.Without it, he might not even find the restroom .

    With a flashlight in the hand,Xia got out of the lobby.In addition to the darkness,it was extremely cold outside.

    “Zhangtianshun,the bastard must turn the air conditioner down deliberately.”

    The more he thought,the angrier he got.

    He was so upset he forget to go to the restroom.He rushed down the steps,returning to the ground floor.

    “Zhangtianshun!You there?”

    The ground floor was as pitch-dark as the second floor.While shouting angrily,Xia wielded the flashlight to shine around.

    “Zhangxiaoshun!I know you are here!Come out!Make it clear!Stop playing tricks!”

    Xia scoured the ground floor but found nobody.

    So Zhang was not here.

    “Maybe he is  upstairs.”

    Not finding Zhang in the ground floor didn't make him giving up.He was always a staunch man.

    Returning to the second floor again,he began to search for Zhang from one room to another,but still in vain.

    Searching and shouting,it was a tough job,but he got no response.

    It seemed as if ...Zhang was not here!

    He went on searching the third floor,but the flashlight began to flickering.

    “Oh,man,can't be out of power?Now?”

    He shaked the flashlight,but it was still flickering which made the scene indistinct.

    As he didn't find the switch before,he wouldn't see anything if the flashlight was shut.He had to compromise,finding a restroom to pee and returning to the lobby on the second floor instantly.

    He had no choice but to come for Zhang tomorrow.

    While thinking,he went into a restroom on the third floor and choose the ladies room obscenely.

    As known to every one,there is no pissoir in ladies room.Xia pushed one of the stalls’ door,going into the cubicle.Just then,there came a flushing sound of the toilet from the next cubicle.


    His face changed when he heard the noise,because it meant there was someone in this room.

    He hastily close the door.Covering his mouth with a hand and holding the flashlight in another hand,he squatted to see if there was a woman next door from the bottom seam .(He could identify the gender with the shoes.)

    The flushing sound continued.

    “ah!...”he shouted out as he saw a man looking at him face to face.

    He was so frightened for the suddenly-appeare face,to make matters worse,he had never seen this face before!

    It was a man's face.

    Calming down,he looked outside again,but the face was out of thin air.

    However,he could kept hearing the flushing sound.

    “Who's fucking next door?”

    Xia punched the partition yet it remained silence.He was really scared this time.

    Hastily emptying his bladder,he went out the cubicle.He meant to return to the lobby on the second floor,unbidden, he approached the next door.

    At this very moment,the noise of flushing was gone.The pitch-dark room was filled with deafening silence.

    Xia was certain that the man didn't leave as he had been paying highly attention to the next door and heard no sound of anyone pushing the door open and leaving.

    But,it is strange that if the man was still here,why so quiet,no sound at all?

    Xia hold tight the flashlight.He considered himself a good fighter,though was no match for someone like Tyson.After all,he had practiced a lot from the year in primary school until now.

    Swallowing hard,regardless whether there was someone in the cubicle or who he was,he kicked the door directly.

    Then...he saw a man leaning...

    The man's body was eerily bogged in the toilet with only his head visible.The still-wet blood saturated the ground nearby.

    "dead!He is dead!"

    Xia was on the edge of screaming,but he shut up his mouth rationally.

    blood was still wet,the murderer must not go far away,that is to say,he was still in this building.

    He was saturated with cold sweat when he thought that the murderer was in the same building ,furthermore,he might be in the same floor.

    “Has Zhangtianshun been killed too?”

    Thinking of Zhang's disappear,he can't help wondering.

    While thinking,he found something more horrible.

    A big blood fingerprint on each door!

    Blood was still dropping down,apparently,it was printed on just now.

    Xia ran to one of the door,throwing the door open,only to find there is another corpse.He was badly scared.

    But this was a female corpse.

    Then,he pushed every door open,and found...a bloody corpse in every cubicle.

  • Chapter Three  Misty Enigmas

    Xia could hardly believe his eyes as there were so many corpses.

    It seemed they were dead not long ago as the blood was still  flowing out of the cubicle seam.

    Heart beating and breathe compounding,he felt almost smothered.

    “No,I can't go on like this.I must calm down.I can't break down.”

    Xia rubbed his eyes hard,trying to make himself calming down.

    First he must analyses the situation,then decided what to do,Finding out the truth or escaping to call the police?

    If possible,he certainly would choose the later.

    “There was a spree killer in this building who just left the ladies room on the third floor.No,no,it is strange,if "he" had the capacity to kill so many people,why didn't "he" killed me as I made obviously loud noise.  ”

    “What if my previous speculation was wrong?That spree killer might not in the ladies room at that time.”

    It's probably possible,if the spree killer was here he wouldn't let him go as he made so many noises.

    “May the spree killer had left.”

    He cringed when he recalled the scene that he searched for Zhangxiaoshun before,but through this he assured himself that the spree killer might really left.

    “I'd better leave here soon,what if "he" is still here?”However,he saw a figure leaping out when he rushed out the restroom.

    “who is there?”

    He shouted with scalp tingled.Posing a defensive stance subconsciously,he couldn't help trembling.

    The flashlight keep flicking,but through it's transitory light,he identified the face.

    It was Zhangxiaoshun he kept searching before.

    “You scared me! ”

    Altough he didn’t get along with Zhang, it was a pleasure to see he was alive.He felt much better with someone together.

    Zhang was no better than him,covering his breast,he said with pale face."It is you scared me!"


    Xia made a no-voice gesture to break Zhang's words,whispered."Don't talk,listen to me.A spree killer might lurk in this building.The ladies room beside was full of corpses.Did you bring your cell phone?We should call the police!"

    “I...I didn't bring my cell phone too”

    “Fuck!Then we can only escape from here. ”

    Cursing disappointingly,Xia reminded Zhang in a low voice ."You are more familiar with the place than me.You lead the way."

    “Ok.”Zhang nodded.Xia turned off the flashlight for the  flickering light made him nervous and they would be detected more easily in light.

    Without the flashlight,endless darkness filled Xia's sight.

    He followed Zhang cautiously,clinging to Zhang's coat-tail unconsciously.

    But while walking,he couldn't help thinking and suddenly came up with a scary suspect.

    He didn't know what the spree killer looked like,that is to say, beside himself,no one is  exception,including Zhangxiaoshun!

    Indeed,Zhang was  suspicious,he didn't answer Xia when Xia shouting loud before,but run across Xia outside the restroom door.How did Zhang make sure the man coming from the restroom was a good man without cell phone or flashlight in the hand.

    Or that is to say,he didn't care,for him,all were dead later.

    Besides,Zhang was too quiet,not saying a single word while walking.

    Xia stopped abruptly in cold sweat,and didn't know what to do next.

    “Why stop?”asked Zhang.

    “I...My shoelaces is untied,I will go on after I was done with them.”

    Xia answered,trying to make it sound easy.

    “What should I do?Is he the spree killer on earth?”

    After seconds' thought,he decided to escape on his own apart from Zhang.He would be probably safe so long as he could run out of the building,anyway,a spree killer might not dare to slaughter on the bustling street,right?

    Thinking of this,Xia intended to accelerate over Zhang when suddenly a figure emerge in his sight where filled with former darkness .

    It was not anyone else,but Zhangxiaoshun.

    Zhang appeared inexpressibly spooky at this point.His whole body was shrouded in the light looked like moonlight without any illumination tools in his hand,emitting gloomy feelings in the air.

    “What are you going to do?”All of a sudden,Zhang demanded dryly.“I didn't going anywhere...why is your body so bright?”

    Xia answered hardly,trying to change the subject.

    But Zhang didn't fall for it.he pointed to the front.

    "You go ahead of me."

    “ go ahead?W...why?”

    Xia's trembling voice betrayed him.He is overwhelmed,couldn't keeping on pretending.

    Finishing speaking,he turned around abruptly,fleeing on one side desperately.

    Of course,he didn't forget to turn on the flashlight while fleeing,otherwise he wouldn't find the way downstairs.

    desperately fleeing for a while,he looked back with the flashlight,finding Zhang was gone.But he was not about to let down his vigilance for God knows whether Zhang was waiting for him at the bookstore gate.

    Just at the moment he was close to the foot of the stair,the entrance being locked abruptly.

    Meanwhile,a horrible figure was mounting up from the step.

    with a long cry of pain and then passed out.

    He felt himself in half asleep and he can feel great pain from his chest.It was like something burning his chest making him unbearable to cry,but he  couldn't open his mouth.

    This feelings went on ...and on until...

    Someone waked him up.

    “Hey,wake up!”

    Xia strove to open his eyes,yet was taken aback at the sight in front of him.

    Over ten polices were standing around him.

    In addition,more workers in white coat were bustling around...carrying the corpses out.

    Looking at the polices vacantly for a while,Xia called back horrible things happened yesterday,screaming."Murder!There were  corpses everywhere on the third floor,the murderer also wanted to kill me!"

    “You said you see the murderer?”

    Asked one of the bulky police.

    “I saw him,he the librarian here,his name is Zhangxiaoshun.”

    “Zhangxiaoshun. Are you sure?”

    “He told me this”

    “Please come here,do you have a librarian named Zhangxiaoshun in your bookstore? ”The police called for a middle-aged man with a little bald standing behind the crowd.

    "No."The man answered definitely.

    Hearing this,Xia lost his temper."Certainly he is,he wore the worker clothes of the library,and I looked his working permit,did named Zhangxiaoshun,who wore crew cut,single eyelids and speechless..."

    “We don't have this person here at all.”The middle-aged balding man said surely again.

    While they arguing,abruptly,a policeman came running and said."Sir,we have watched the surveillance video of both side of the street.Only himself had came in."

    "Ok,I know."The bulky policeman nodded understandingly,indicating two policeman beside him to handcuff Xia.

    “We suspect you probably have committed the crime.Come with us.”

    While speaking,giving no opportunity for Xia to object,he said with hand waving."Take him away."


    He heard the mantra saying that there is only a thin line between the heaven and the hell when he didn't care,now he believed it viscerally.

    Yesterday,he was in rapture with finding a satisfying job,but in a blink,he became the criminal suspect.He had to admit it was so dramatic.

    Arriving at the local criminal brigade,Xia was put into a interrogation room.He had saw this kind of room on movies,but it was the first time he sitting here,of course,he didn't want a second time.

    Sitting in the cold chair,Xia recalled the whole thing,feeling it was a big enigma.

    He thought the middle-aged man interviewed him before had teamed up with Zhang,and the reason why provided him a premium salary was trading him for them to be the patsy.That made sense,the premium salary was for his life.

    While Xia recollecting,the bulky policeman opened the door and came in abruptly,sitting on his opposite seat.

    "Anything to tell me?"

    "I'm wronged.I didn't kill anyone,I told you the truth at the bookstore before.Actually,I know the accomplice of the murderer.I had his number.A man with a crew cut,about... "

    “Is it him?”

    When the bulky policeman finished his words,the middle-aged man in suit came in.

    Xia went ballistic at the sight of the man,railing."You old bastard framed me,I know you worked with the murderer..."

    “OK,I knew everything,you can go now.”said the bulky policeman,unlocking his handcuffs which made Xia felt confused.

    Xia looked at the policeman dully,and then looked at the quiet middle-aged man standing beside the door.It took a long time for him to rebound from the situation and stand up.

    “Is it real?”

    “Of course,unless you want to work here?”The bulky policeman said with a smile.


    Though didn't know what was happening,it's a relieve to leave the police station.Xia accompanied the middle-aged man going out without another single word.

    After that,Xia got a stomach of questions to ask but found no opportunity.

    "There are  two probation staff on board,I will take them to there personally."

    Finishing the talk,the middle-aged man was about to get on the car when hindered by Xia.

    "Who are you on earth and what does the fucking company do?There were people killed in the bookstore yesterday,don't you know?A lot of people!I was fucking killed almost, and now you want me to go fucking back!"

    “What then?You are alive intact.You haven't pass the probation yet,so you have to go back working there.”

    The middle-aged man stopped and supplemented."But this time you were not alone,newcomers will join in.Besides,I don't think it is a good idea to resign for you will be in big trouble in that case. At last,good luck,hope I will meet you alive next time."

    Then,the man diverted the luxury car left abruptly,pulling away.

    It left more enigmas for Xia.

  •  :) 

    Chapter Four  One after Another



    “Fuck you!I was almost fucking killed  and was on the edge of being sent to the jail.You bastard left without a explanation and wanted me to come back.Fuck come back! ”Xia had not been bullied in his whole life and haven't been drew into such danger before.It was almost killed,yet the middle-aged man didn't care at all.

    “Unless I'm a fool,I definitely won't go back!”

    With angry,he didn't attach great importance to the man's cautions.

    Since he decided to give up the work,he couldn't get the Audi A6 car.Aching for it,He valued his life more..

    Intending to call a cab on line,he turned all his pockets when came to realize the 

    cell phone was left in the library.

    “I'm fucking fed up with the whole thing!”

    Xia nearly went crazy,stamping his feet.Fortunately,there were some cashes in the pocket so that at least he can go home with them.

    Hailing a passing taxi,he got on the cab ,and ,after one day,returned to  his rental, a shaky and small one.

    Agitated,the first thing he returned was taking a cold shower.

    It was a habitual behavior when he felt upset or distract.

    Simply drying his hair with towel,Xia flopped into the bed then lost in thought.

    "What the earth was the company doing?Who the middle-aged man is.Why could he make the policeman let me go so easily?It doesn't make sense,unless he serves for ZF.If it's the truth,he could tell me about this,why get so mysterious?Besides,assigning me to watch the  library is a strange thing too.So many people excess me in various aspects,why chose me?"

    The more thought,the more he got confused.

    “Anyway!Even if it is ZF,I am not about to do it.”

    Suddenly,he get up with a  shiver.

    Because he remembered a crucial thing——Why he survived?

    He had a vivid recollection that he rolled off the steps,beneath where Zhang was  waiting to catch him.

    That mattered because if Zhang was the spree killer,he wouldn't have let him go.

    What if he wasn't,that didn't make sense either.According to the balding man's remarks,Zhang wasn't the worker of the library.

    Thinking through the whole thing,he remembered a policeman said the surveillance only recorded him alone.

    “Why no one saw Zhang.Why all of the evidences show there is only one person alive in that bookstore then.”

    "Isn't him a ghost!"

    Xia thought it was ridiculous.Being a  geomancer’s  grandson,Xia didn't believe the existence of ghosts,and his grandfather never talked these with him.

    But he had grown up with amulets and other that sort of things tapping on his

    body made by his grandfather. In his childhood,no matter what fault he made,he would not be punished,but not wearing the amulet was an exception.

    So he had kept wearing it for many years even when taking a bath.

    Thinking of his grandfather and the amulets he gave him,Xia stroked the jade pendant hanging in his chest.

    It was called ghost jade,it would dispel  evils according to his grandfather.He was immune to all kinds of evils with the jade.

    wearing it obediently,he didn't believe it at all.

    Making Xia to believe these feudal superstitions  was impossible for he was imbued with science ideology for so many years'school learning.In his opinion,his grandfather was just a “half-fairy”who could only cheat someone getting little education  like himself.

    Getting the jade in front of his eyes,Xia looked at the stripe on it habitually,but soon,he opened his eyes widely like he saw a ghost.

    It was unbelievable.He saw an ...eye in this jade!

    But it was impossible.He looked at the jade almost everyday but never saw the eye before.

    He staring at the jade dully,when suddenly,the eye moved.


    Xia thought he was wrong with his eyes at first,but soon he refuted it.

    Just a second ago,he saw the eye in the jade opened widely.

    No doubt,it was scared at the sight of Xia like Xia.

    At that very moment,there came a sound of a crisp cracking.A mass of crazing were rising on the jade visibly.

    It was alive!

    It wanted to come out!!!


    With fear,Xia took off the jade,throwing it at the door.

    It made a loud crack when meeting the ground,luckily,not completely broken.

    Xia sat in the bed stupidly/.then,suddenly he realized and jumped off the bed, approaching the door.He grabbed the jade,throwing it out of the window.

    He was out of energy when finished this,panting with hand in his knee.He was still in great shock.

    “Ghost!It must be the ghost!”

    Xia was stunned.He didn't believe in ghosts before,he was not sure now.If there were no ghosts in the world,How to explain the eye in the jade?

    And the eye was fucking alive!

    “What is wrong?Someone to  tell me,what is the fucking wrong with all of these things?”

    Railing for a while,Xia chilled and thought that maybe one person could explain it for him.

    “Grandfather!He gave me the jade,if anyone knew anything about ghosts,no doubt,it is him!”

    Thinking of his grandfather,he brisked up,but the next second he stamped his feet insanely,because his cell phone was with him.

    “Damn it!”

    “Fucking damn it!”

    He swore loudly,then find he could get in in touch with his grandfather on line.He hoped his grandfather was  playing“Fight against landlords ”at home.

    Pressing the computer's power switch,Xia went to the window sill warily.Beneath the window was a lane few people walked.

    With the height,he can't see clearly.

    Drawing back his attention,he returned to the desk.AS the computer was on,he sat down quickly to log in the chat software.To make the matters worse, suddenly,the power cut out.

    It was 6 o'clock when he came out of the police station,so it was dark outside.luckily,there were sparse street lamps emitting a shimmering light so that he would not see nothing like yesterday in the library.

    “God!I'm so mad!But it doesn't matter,I have figure it out.I'm not angry,I'm not scared,I'm not worried.”

    He tried hard to calm down.It was not fair to say he was prone to lose control of his mind.No one would keep calm when suffered these horrible things.

    Taking several times of deep breath,Xia felt relaxed.

    In this room  occurred such spooky things and now the power cut down.He didn't want to stay here for another second.

    Changing for clean clothes,Xia approached the door fretfully.The door was tapped loudly before he can open it.

    “Who is there?”

    He couldn't help feeling fluttered as no one had visited here since his living in.

    Some questions were more easily asked than answered.

    "Bang bang bang !"The tapping sound continued.

    Xia's feeling of flutter intensified.His new changed clothes were stick to his body due to much sweat.

    Asking several times,Xia got no answer.He stopped to lean forward on the door to see who was it outside from the peep hole.

    A cloud of red was only he could see!

    And in this bloody red he saw... no one!

    With heart beating  furiously,he couldn't help wondering."If there is no one outside,what thing was  tapping the door on and on?"

  • Chapter Five  Ghost?
    “Bang bang bang!”
    “Bang bang bang...!
    The horrible sound of tapping went on an on like it would never stop if the door kept closed.
    Xia leaned against the door with his face full of cold sweat,then he turned to see warily outside from the peep hole again.
    The red color filled with the peep hole had gone,but instead of it,there was a face near.
    It was a woman's face,aged,covered with pimples.
    Xia was taken aback to the ground.He believed “the woman”in the peep hole was not a person!
    People saw things through peep hole in a distance.It was impossible to see the face so near.
    Unless...“the woman”lived in this peep hole!
    “Unless you break the door,I won't open it!Bad luck has a reason,debt has advocate.Why do you come to me? ”
    Xia remembered once he learned from his classmate that ghost was feared for evil person.If one ran into a ghost,he should pretend to be vicious and swear the whether-people-or-ghost thing deadly.
    He had no choice but to act like this.Thanks to his  boldness,if others had came across such spooky things,they would have fell apart.
    He was not sure if the pretending of evil took effect.The tapping sound stopped.Waiting for a moment with flutter,he saw outside through the peep hole   again.
    “The woman ”in the peep hole was disappeared.The corridor seemed normal,covered in darkness.
    It looked normal,Xia didn't dare to loose his vigilance.And just in case,he put every furniture that he could move against the door.
    Xia panted beside the door,thinking it was ok.A sound of flushing came from the restroom.
    The sudden spooky sound made him trembling.The corpses tucked in the toilets yesterday and the faces distorting with pain and blood emerged on his mind vividly.
     Xia didn't want to die,his colorful life was unfolding.He hadn't possessed Luxury cars,large mansions and goddess.He wouldn't die with regret.
    It was bad enough to die in a shaky room like this,not to mention,being tucked in the toilet.If so,he would lose his dignity even as a ghost.
    Rushing into the restroom,Xia looked into the toilet which was flushing,then he was badly scared.
    Because instead of cleaning white,the toilet was flooded with red at this moment.
    The abnormal scenario turned his world view,making him believe that ghost really exited in this world.
    He thought from now on,if anyone would have imbue him with  the concept that there were no ghosts in the world,he would say“Go away”to him.
    Putting down the toilet lid with trembling hand,Xia returned to the bedroom.He was so anxious that he recited “Amitabha”loudly,rummaging his suitcase to find some amulets.
    “Amulets!where are you?Come out!Where the fucking are you?”
    Xia scouted every suitcase.Lukily,he found a canvas bag emblazoned with a black Chinese character”坤(correspinds “earth” )”. The name of the bag was Universal bag where he put all of the amulets his grandfather gave him.
    He considered them a haul of rubbishes,but now they worth much than gold.
    The key question was if they took effect.
    He had no much time to think much,because strange thing was about to creep out from his toilet.
    Rushing into the restroom with Universal bag in hand,he gritted his teeth and open the toilet lid.
    He was about to throw one or two amulets into the toilet to see if it worked,when unexpectedly,
    a pale arm thrust out the toilet and grabbed his shoulder.
    The cold feeling spread all over his body.Scared and shouting,he grabbed a handful of amulets and threw them all into the toilet.
    As soon as the amulets reached the toilet,they turned into a green light,then the arm retracted as if it was shocked.
    It was a great relief to see the affect of the amulets,but he dare not stayed in the restroom.
    Escaping from the restroom,he intended to put a amulet on each corner,but to his regret,there was only the last one.Others were all threw into the toilet just now due to his fear.
    One was better than nothing.He could defend himself with the amulet.
    Staying awake for all the night,he was not sure whether that ghost thing would come again.Nothing happened until morning.He wondered if it was the the contribution of the amulet.
    As sun rose,the messy room was quiet in the sunshine as if there was nothing happened last night.
    Rubbing his face hard,Xia felt tired and ached over the whole body,especially the left shoulder which was impressed with a black fingerprint deep to the bone.
    “Ouch!That hurt!”
    Xia moved the left arm cautiously.Aching,he could active without interference.
    After that,he came into the restroom with flutter.Scouting the toilet carefully,he found it was as normal as it used to be,only above where flouting some ashes .
    Having validated the safety of the restroom,Xia approached the door to have a look at the peep hole...
    It was not untile he had made sure all the threatens were gone that he removed the furniture he put against the door before, and then fleeing the rental with all his money.
    The first thing after his leaving was going into a internet bar nearby.
    With a large bowl of steaming noodles,he took a seat.
    He thought of taking back his cell phone at the bookstore,but he believed it probably had been took away by  policemen or someone else.So he decided to get in touch with his grandfather on line at first.
    Logging in his QQ account,Xia found surprisingly his grandfather was on line.He initiated a request of QQ telephone immediately without eating a morsel.
    For his surprise,it was connected as soon as he issued it .He thought his grandfather would have been too busy playing”fighting against landlord”to notice the message.However,the one speaking was his mother,not his grandfather.
    “Tianqi,what are you doing recently?Why don’t call your beautiful mammy?Do you find a girlfriend,don’t you?Little boyman,having a girlfriend,you forget your the way,is she good-looking?Have a nice figure?Where is she come from...”
    “Stop!Stop!I am sorry,mammy,for I haven't get in touch with you in time,but now,I need to talk to grandpa!”
    “You say you are wrong every time,but you always do the same!Why are doing with your grandpa?”
    “I definitely would correct next time.”Xia said hurriedly.”I need to talk to grandpa,it is an emergency.”It was real.
    “What emergency?”
    “My most most beautiful mammy...please”
    “Keeping secret from me,I gave you negative comment!I have nothing more to do with you,but your grandpa is not home.He went traveling.”
    “What?Went traveling?But why was his QQ account on line?”
    “I help him to update his QQ.  ”
    “Well,I will call him then.”
    “You grandpa don’t use cell the way,you lost your cell phone,didn’t you?”
    Hearing this,Xia remembered his grandpa didn’t use cell phone for he was afraid of cell phone’s radiation.People got in touch with him by home telephone.
    That meant he couldn't get support from his grandpa.
    “Hey,little boyman,are you listening to me?”
    “Yes,I’m listening.”With the bad news,Xia asked in doldrums.”How do you know my cell phone was missing?”
    “A man called me yesterday,asking me if I am your mother.He asked me to get in touch with you to retract your cell phone.He gave me an address——33floor in Golden office building where you can get your phone there.”
    “Do you know the place?”
    Certainly he knew,it was the place where he interviewed,then the man having called his mother was probably he middle-aged man,his conductor.
    It made sense that either the owner of the bookstore or the policeman would have gave the cell phone to him.
    “Well,bye bye mammy,I am gonna get my cell phone.If grandpa returned,please make sure informing me instantly...”
    Cutting the QQ telephone,Xia grabbed a couple of noodles,left the internet cafe,and took a taxi to the Gold office building.

  • Chapter Six Helpless Choice
    As not to bother his mother,Xia didn't tell his mom what happened yesterday.
    It was no better even if he had told his mom who was merely a high school Chinese teacher that was no more different that the most common one.
    Of course,it's the worse of the worse that his grandpa went to travelling at this very moment when he encountered trouble,and he completely couldn't contact his grandpa.
    His grandfather was eccentric,known as “kidult”in his circle of friendship.A “kidult”but obstinate person,he always did what he wanted to do that no one could change his mind.
    Sitting in the rushing taxi,Xia thought a lot all the way,but when he got of the cab,he had forgot all about it.
    Arriving at the Gold office building the second time,he felt no excitement as the first time but only anxiety.
    One reason he returned here was getting his cell phone back,but what more significant was making the man answer his questions.
    Having no evidence,he had a feeling what happened recently had connotative associations with the man,no,the mysterious company to be more precise.
    With dozens of queries,Xia found himself having arrived at the 33th floor where the company located.
    As same as the last time,it was no sooner he got out of the elevator than he found the man was waiting for him.
    “Come with me.”
    The middle-aged man still didn't say much.He turned around as soon as seeing Xia’s arrival.
    “Fuck,fuck you!”
    Xia murmured,but he tagged along the man still,looking around.
    It was as normal as other ordinary office area,merely luxury decorated.The partitions were not transparent,but each was independent with doors and walls.
    It was entirely not clear what kind of people working here or whether there were staff in the office.
    Not walking for a long distance,the two entered a luxury-decorated office.
    It was spacious and with several calligraphy and paintings on the wall from which Xia could learn the taste of the man.
    Xia sat in the sofa without request,then speak down to the point.
    “Regardless the cell phone,you have to answer my questions below!”
    He said firmly,giving no chance for the man to refuse.Of course,whether the man took it seriously was another thing.
    “What do you want to know?”The man asked with a plain tone.
    “I want to know more about you and this company!”Xia spat out his first query.
    “You have no qualification to know this yet,I can't tell you.”The man answered promptly.
    Refused by the man,Xia felt the anger mounting up within him.
    “Can’t tell this and no qualification to that!Well...I ask only one question,you tell me,what it is you can tell me?”
    The man profoundly look at Xia who was furious now,after a short silence,he said slowly.”I will only say this once.I hope you will not interrupt me.”
    Xia nodded impatiently,if nothing happened,he certainly wouldn't break in.
    “You have encountered strange things that you can't understand at the night in Xinhua Big bookstore and yesterday,or let's so,the ghosts,right?”
    “You already know these things!”
    Hearing the man talking about what he encountered before,he exclaimed loudly.But he soon shut up as remembered what the man noted before,gesturing the man to go on.
    The man paused,then said.”I can only give you a caution,or,you can regard it as an advice.”
    “If you don't go back to your position and come up with a idea to complete your probation,then you will not escape from the doom tonight,though you get some”gadgets”with you.I think you can understand what I mean”
    Xia looked at the man vacantly,nodded dully at first and then asked uncertainly.”You mean,I met the ghosts because I didn't went to watching in the bookstore.”
    “You can explain by this away.”The man nodded for sure.
    Seeing this,Xia asked again.”Is that to say that I won't meet the ghosts if I returned to the bookstore and watching there?”
    “Don't be silly,to this regard,you know the answer with your heart.”The man's word poured could water him.
    His heart began to flutter fiercely.He continued to took deep breath with hand covering his chest.It was not until a long time that he said hardy.”The bookstore was haunted,right?And the ghost was Zhangtianshun.The corpses I saw that night was all cruelly slayed by him.I would have escaped,if not for the amulets’ effect my grandpa giving me which saved my life.”
    The more he said,the more angry he grew,at last he railed.”Going or not going to the bookstore,I will be killed anyway.You are drawing me to the hell!Have I offend you or your family.I have nothing against you.why do you do this to me?”
    “It is you,yourself,chose the way and signed the contract.No one forced and singed it with your name.Besides,no one said it will be absolute dead-end to watch in the bookstore. ”
    The man said with an imperceptible sneer on his face.
    “Isn't it?”
    “Is it?”The man asked back.”Have I said they can't be resisted? ”
    Xia was inspired with the man's words.Instead of hating eyes,he looked the man in debonair.
    “Please,please tell me how can I defeat them!”
    “No way,you should come up with a strategy on your own.As for the secret of the company,if you can become a regular member successfully,you will know it.Well,leave with your cell phone,I will take two recruits there later.”
    Then,the man approached Xia and handed over his cell phone.He seemed to recalled something,looked up and said.”There were things that secular strength can't step in,so they need people like us.”
    Then,the man threw a set of car keys to him.
    “Your car keys.Give back to you.”
    Xia was in thrall of the talk with the man just now,so he didn't know how he got out of the building.
    Sitting on the front step of the Gold office building,his mind was fluctuating like tide.
    This journey to the building unveiled something for him.
    First was the dilemma he in——Meeting his doom in the bookstore or waiting for the death without doing anything.
    The two choice,according to the man's caution,in which the former would be a close shave,and the later would be a dead death.
    Knowing he has amulets with him,the middle-aged man came to the conclusion which made it clear that he wouldn't have get through this even if with his grandpa’s help.
    Besides,he didn't want to make his family worried and involved in danger.
    The reason why he was haunted was more clear.It was probably because he passed the interview and signed the”ghost contract”!
    So he had to obey the company’s order,returning to the bookstore to be on duty.
    At last,only when he passed the probation period and became the regular staff can he know the company’s secret.
    He was presently not sure about whether he could pass the text.
    With so much confusions unlocked,he at least make it clear of his situation now,not like before,bumping around disorderly.
    He knew what he should do next,that is simply watching at the bookstore,figuring out a measure to deal with the ghosts and surviving in this quandary.
    The middle-aged man didn't tell him what to do to cop with the ghosts,but he did assure him that the ghosts were not invincible which was the key point.
    That was to say,if only he found the right method he could wipe them out !
  • Chapter Seven  Return to the bookstore
    Thinking of the situation he might encounter later,he dared not wasting time and rushing into an internet cafe.
    “Hai,can we get well in future?I said if I don't touch you over 24 hours,you should call the police immediately.Why didn't you or Sunlong do it? ”
    “Fuck,you guy was crazy but we were not!”
    “I am not crazy,to be serious,I am really in danger. ”
    “Oh,what a coincidence! I am also in danger now.I am just run out of my tomorrow year's tuition fee...”
    Xia was trying to get comfort and courage from his friends,but all of them ignored him.It was sad that they thought it was a joke.
    “These bastards!Fucking friends!Luckily,god blessed me, counting on them to call the police,I am a dead man than a dead man!”
    Xia continually cursing his friends who live with him under the same ceiling not long ago.
    He moved out of the school dormitory to look for jobs expediently,not trapping by the principles of the school,but it ended up backfiring on himself.
    Now he couldn't find his grandpa,and his classmates were unreliable.He even couldn't count on the police,what would the police thought of him if he said he was haunted or the ghost killed people in Xinhua Big bookstore.
    It was not realistic and not liable.
    After all,no one believe in these uncanny supernatural thing like ghosts.
    Xia sighed with upset,he had never felt so helpless in his life.
    Fortunately,he was resilient and optimistic,he would not be overwhelmed with the difficult.
    He had always believe that there was more measures than troubles.If trouble had came,he would only to work it through.
    Looking at the time on the computer,he realized it was thirty minutes past ten.There were not a short time until the night watch in the bookstore.
    Considering he didn't get enough rest yesterday,he was sleepy.He decided to get a nap in the internet bar.He would ponder the watch things after his waking.
    He needed a sober mind to think it over.
    For his surprise,he woke up until over four o'clock on the afternoon.He didn't relaxed much physically but got much more clear-headed mentally.
    Rushing to the restroom to get a wash of his face,he returned to his seat and began to search on line.
    “What should I do if I am haunted?”
    “What can I do to avoid being chased by ghosts?”
    “The measure of restraining ghosts”
    “How can I kill a ghost?”
    Searching for a while,he submitted himself to the various answer.
    There were various contentions,but he took an arrow in the knee that there were many people slandering or attacking behind the answer.It was impossible to judge who was right or who was wrong.
    Which was the right measure,and which was suicide.
    The only method which had less dispute was the theory that”the ghosts were fear of the evils”which he tried yesterday night.
    The theory said you should not fear when facing the ghost,express fierce and vicious,and smash to beat it with swearing harshly.
    “I can't watch any more,otherwise I will do something silly.People on line are all unreliable. ”
    Finding no solution on line,Xia considered it was a waste of time in the internet cafe.
    Leaving there,he called for a taxi and entered a comprehensive supermarket near the bookstore.
    He got to the supermarket not far snacks,but for preparing for the “watch” at night.
    He lingered at the supermarket until about six o'clock,leaving with two bags of good.He called a taxi to go to Xinhua Big bookstore.
    As it was not past six o'clock yet,the bookstore was opening with many clients reading and staffs busted around.No one would believe it turns to horrible purgatory every night until he had seen the sense by himself.
    But he was not much surprised at it's regular operating with so many people died in it.
    In large numbers,these things would be put dawn or hided.What had happened here must be kept back.
    Observing for a moment,Xia went to the parking lot beside the street.
    For his pleasure,his car was still there.
    Opening the car’s door,he sat in with a bit of excitement.
    Being a Chinese teacher of a leading senior high school but not a head teacher and not conducting lessons for payment,his mother didn't earn a lot.When came to his dad,a commis of a public institution,he also didn't get a rich salary.
    In other words,he has a moderate background,either too bad or good.
    But his didn't know his grandpa's situation for he didn't live with him.He remembered his people wine and dine his grandpa so he didn't have to pay for anything.
    Coming from an ordinary family,Xia had dreamed of sufficient material life since his childhood such as living in a large villa,driving luxury cars and getting a nice job.
    As one of his friends once said,his dream was a vulgar one without any technical content.
    So for him,the Audi A6 car was a big surprise though there was a bigger scare after that.
    He recalled the middle-aged man would come later,so he was not busy going to the bookstore.
    Turing on the radio of the car,he changed it to a relax music channel.Humming with the music,he felt much comfortable,and most of the cloud in his mind gone with it.
    Lingering in the car for a whole hour,he got off the car and shuffled to the bookstore.
    The bookstore was closed at his arrival,and the street nearby seemed desolate with few people and cars.
    But there were three persons standing at the front of the door,three youth,two female and one male.
    Xia looked around and found it strange not to see the middle-aged man there.
    “Excuse me...are you Mr. Xia?”
    While looking for the man,he heard a soft female voice.
    “Yes,I am.”
    Having guess they were the recruits the man reminded before,he asked uncertainly.”Who are you?”
    “We are here for probating,the man interviewed us make us to wait here for you.”
    “Well.”Xia nodded as if he know it,then he considered for a while and asked.”So where is he,I don't see him here.”
    “He came before,but he seemed to have some emergency and left. ”
    This time,a man,wearing a pair of glasses and keeping a “three-seven” hairstyle,answered in a voice eunuch.
    Xia’s face became weird.fighting to hold laughter,he said in a profound voice.”OK,not that we are on the same board,we should rally tonight.”
    Not waiting for their response,Xia unlocked the door and entered at first.
    It was still pitch black in the bookstore,not even close to see anything.
    Thinking of being haunted or even killed by the ghosts,he felt the cold creeping on his spine and his legs were shivering a bit.
    It would be a lie if he had said he was not afraid.
    For the three recruits,not knowing anything,they expressed various fear with the complete dark.
    “Why so dark here,I can't see anything!”
    “Yes.It is too horrible.At least turning on the light.”
    “Everybody watch your step.I am gonna take out my cell phone for illuminating.”
    It was not until one of them start the flashlight tool of the cell phone that they could see some thing.
    In the light,Xia paused to put down his bags and rummaged out three flashlight.
    He passed two flashlights to the three recruits,remaining one for himself.
    “The flashlights were for a makeshift using,because I don't know where is the switch too. ”
    Xia had only bought three flashlights,not because for saving the money no more than 20 yuan,but because he thought the man would only bring two recruits.
    He had to consider for them,after all they were a team in the bookstore for a whole night.
    The three recruits were surprised at the prepared flashlights,apparently,they thought didn't need the flashlights as long as they found the switch.
    “Em...What about we looking for a switch separately.It won't have no switches here.”
    One of them suggested.
    Other two recruits agreed with the proposal,but Xia shook his head and said.”Before you doing that,I have some questions to ask you.”
  • Chapter Eight  Covered in darkness
    Hearing this,the three recruits complied with him and stopped to listen.
    Not wasting a minute,Xia pointed out.
    “Do you know anything about this company,or in other words,how much do you know about this company?”
    “What?What do you mean?”
    The three didn't seem to understand.
    “Can you say more specific?”
    “I mean,How much do you know about the company ,what do they do and why they chose you?”
    Xia repeat his point again,trying to be clear.
    “Em...this,we don't know.”
    The three understood what Xia meant,but the didn't know anything too.
    “Mr...Xia,do you know about this company?”The man with the feminine tone asked.
    Xia give him a glimpse,but didn't answer his question,in stead,he continued to ask.
    “Is the man interviewing you the middle-aged man sent you here?”
    “Yes,he looks stern.”The three nodded.
    “How many salary did he give you?”Xia added.
    “Mine is 20,000 monthly with an Audi A6 car.What about you?”
    “The same as you,the same number.”
    “Me either.”
    “And me too.”
    They chorused.No doubt,every one’s probation treatment was the same.
    Certifying this,Xia thought for a while and resumed.
    “During the interview and the way to the bookstore,did the man say anything to you,such as how long can you become a regular staff,why did you trying to work here or the basic situation of this company...? ”
    Xia asked for details about the three recruits’ information,including their names.
    The man with a voice like eunuch’s was named Fengwei.The other two girls,one was named Wangyazhi with a soft voice and the other was named Zhaoshuang with a cold face.
    Except these,he didn't get more useful information.
    That was to say,like him,the three recruits didn't know anything either.
    They were all allured by the compelling salary.Having feeling something unusual,they were willing to take the adventure,sign the contract without hesitate and accept to watch here.
    Of course,the had asked help from their families of friends and didn't afraid of being cheated.
    Hearing of this,Xia found it both funny and annoying,because he thought this way before,but now,only he known deeply what it meant about this attractive salary and what would happen tonight.
    With head lolling,Xia contemplated a while,gritted his teeth and decided to tell what he knew about the truth.
    It was not about his kindness or integrity.He thought it was much better to have other three people to take the responsibility than himself.He was not sure whether they would believe it or not,after all,they didn't experienced it by themselves.
    Having solution in mind,Xia peered up and said to them seriously.
    “I have to warn you that content I am going to say will sound like nonsense as some ghost story,but I am keenly serious.The things I am going to say bellow are all real, my previous experience here.You must trust me,otherwise we will get into accident.”
    “Don’t be scary.I dare not listening.”Wangyazhi said in a awestruck voice.
    “Yes,my hairs are going up.”
    The sissy and Zhaoshuang echoed,they were scared,especially the sissy named Fengwei,he looked back with the flashlight while saying.
    They behaved like listening some ghost story.Xia curled his mouth.
    “You should take it seriously!”Xia pointed out with a more gravely tone.
    “The company we have signed is a nefarious and a insidious one.They are cheater,the take the high salary and the good welfare for bait to capture us .Once we have sign the contract,we have to go theirs way,like now,we are assigned to this place purposely.”
    “Isn't it OK to watch here?”The womanish man broke in with disapproval.
    Xia gave him a cold stare and aggravated his tone.
    “We will be all right if there are nothing here,but what things do you think here?”
    “What?”Zhaoshuang asked.
    “Ghosts!Ghosts that have a penchant for killing people!”
    Xia almost shouted out,in fact the more he went on for,the more he felt scared.
    But he had to continue.
    “This company is out-mysterious,in my opinion,it planed to send us to haunted places once we have signed the contract,for instance,this bookstore where ghosts are coming out only at night!
    If we don't go or escaped,we would be revenged and persecuted over and over again until we are killed...!”
    As to make them to realize this severe circumstance and help each other,Xia leaked everything he knew.
    All the things,spooky or horrible,were told by Xia,but none of them seemed to believe him.
    “You are such a good speaker.This ghost story are really fearful.”
    Hugging her shoulders,Zhaoshuang said dubiously.
    Following Zhao,the sissy man who suspected before added fuel to the flames.
    “Do you have any evidence to improve what you have said?”
    “If I can call for the ghosts,we are all dead man now!”
    Xia thought the sissy man a fool,ignoring him.He asked Wangyazhi and Zhaoshuang.”Don't you believe me?”
    “I don't suspect you...”seeing Xia was angry,Wangyazhi said with her soft voice.
    “But I wonder if what you said are true and it's dangerous here,why do you come back?”
    “I have already said,we have only a tiny chance to survive if we watch here,but escaping or staying at home is either totally death.”
    Xia explained patiently.
    “I think he didn't tell the false...”Wangyazhi was sort of believe him and said to Zhaoshuang,but she was interrupted by the sissy man.
    “It’s better to find switches respectively.It’s fucking dark here.”
    Xia knew the sissy man said intentionally,so he refuted him firmly.
    “We can't be apart!Otherwise whoever encounter the ghosts alone would be killed probably.”
    “You coward. Ghost!You keep on saying this ghost thing,but what the hell are ghost in the world?We have already ignored you for your esteem.Shut up now,it's no good to nagging on and on! ”
    Zhaoshuang’s deriding almost provoked him into beating her,but he constrained himself for men should not beat women.
    “Anyway,I have fucking no guilt to you now. No wander no one want to be good person.Fucking good person!”
    He had told them the truth.Believe it or not,it's none of his business.He didn't waste a minute to say anything more.
    “We don't meant to...”Wangyazhi seemed not willing to take issue with him.
    She gave a look at the sissy man and looked back at Xia who was carrying a cloud dark face,then said with a hesitate.
    “You two go there first,we will go this way. ”
    Hearing that Wangyazhi wanted to stay with Xia,the sissy man gave a snort of contempt and tagged along Zhaoshuang to go to another way.
    Xia was surprised at Wangyzhi’s stay,after all she came here together with other two persons,not to mention,that team had another girl.But he had to admit it was a consolation for him.
    “Why don't you go with them?”Xia said with his face relented a little.
    “I just thought you didn't like a cheater and of course,just in case.”
    Wangyazhi smiled shyly with a hand covering her mouth.
    “How could it be possible for a man so hansom like me to lie?Only those two sillies don’t believe me.”
    Xia stopped being angry with the other two persons and drew his attention to defence.No one knew when would the ghost emerge to kill people.
    “Follow me,let's find the switch too.”
    Although Wangyazhi looked delicate and plain-looking,it better to have someone together to share some pressure.
    “The building is really strange that we can't even find a switch!”
    Fengwei frowned an walked along the window,turning around to look behind with each several steps.
    In fact,he had a feeling that he was traced by someone since their apart from Xia,but he didn't see anyone every time he looking behind.As a matter of fact,he was mind of what Xia said before,only didn't want to concede.
    Walking for a distance of two windows,Fengwei found that the curtains were all drawn tight which was the reason why it was so dark here.
    Approaching a window,Fengwei threw open the curtains.The moonlight flooded into the room.
    But there was something else...
    Fengwei looked at the window,then,he was totally frozen.
    The next second,a screaming full of fear broke the tranquility before.
  • Chapter Ten  The Unexpected Guest

    “Zhaoshuang,aren't you tackling me?Was there indeed a secret in this building?”

    Following Zhaoshuang getting to the forth floor,Fengwei felt terrified unaccountably as if something bad was coming.

    “Take it easy.You will know when we arrived.”

    Zhaoshuang said in a dry voice as her custom,which sounded like a unsentimental robot under this circumstance.

    As his disturbance grew,the temperature around seemed lower.Fengwei hugged his shoulder subconsciously but couldn't resisted against the intruding of the coldness.

    “Why so cold.I freeze to death!”

    Fengwei jumped with his arms around his shoulders,complaining to Zhaoshuang who was walking ahead.

    Perhaps it was Fengwei’s complain that made her stopped suddenly and then drew open a door of a lobby.

    “It’s here,come hurry.”

    Zhaoshuang Appearing a bit strange,Fengwei walked briskly towards her.

    Actually,he had some expectation now that they were here without anyone else and Zhaoshuang behaved some kind of proactively-- although he spoke with a sissy tone,he was straight.

    Coming at the front of the door,standing side by side,Fengwei looked into the room with the flashlight,but he find nothing unusual.

    “Are you sure there is a secret here?”

    He was 90 percent certain that Zhaoshuang had deceived him,there wasn't any secret.

    And the reason why she lied to get him here--

    Fengwei gave a glimpse on Zhaoshuang nearby,in the dim light,he didn't make out her expression.

    At the same time,Zhaoshuang had stepped into the lobby.

    Fengwei followed suit,but to his surprise,the door was banged closing as soon as he had stepped in.

    Two cold arms crossed over his shoulder before he could look around.


    By the light from the flashlight in his hand,he saw clearly her face this time--a outpale face!

    “I want...”

    Though the pale face was scary and resembled a vampire,her sweet voice unloaded his defence.

    To him, a woman throwing herself at him was welcome.

    “What do you want?”was his coupled reply.

    “I want--want!Your!Life!”

    Zhaoshuang’s voice changed into a extremely hoarse manner,and simultaneously Fengwei’s nose was flooded with a disgusting stench.


    A stairwell on the ground floor stood Xia and Wangyazhi.

    “What?Zhao--zhaohsuang is a ghost!”

    Wangyazhi couldn’t believe her ears,because it was hard for her to believe a live person turned out to be a ghost.

    “I said it was more likely,because the middle-aged man only said he would taken two people,not to mention,‘she’ came out after his leaving”

    The memory that the ghost --Zhangxiaoshun had disguised himself as a librarian to cheat him validated his speculation.

    “If you are right,then -- then Fengwei --”Wangyazhi couldn't even make a whole sentence with the horror.

    Xia indicated her to calm down,then shook his head.

    “I don't know,we can only hope he had a good luck.After all we were at peril ourselves,and will be discovered at any minute.”

    Dreading of her breaking down again,he added.

    “But we can have a try.I heard that ghosts are fear of evil people.We will be all right if

    we evince viciously.”

    “Really?”Wangyazhi asked as if seeing some hope.

    “Yes.”Xia nodded,then resumed.

    “And I come up with another idea,maybe the ghost was fear of light.”

    “Fear of light?”

    “Yes,didn’t you feel strange that the whole building was out of light.

    All of the window are covered by curtains, the switches are hard to find,and above all-- the ghost comes out at night alone.So I think the ghost was either afraid of light or heat.Besides,aren't all sorts of evil-doers fear of light in local movies?”

    Uttering his thought at one time,xia found himself resumed without intending whether she had understood.

    “SO we have to brace ourselves.”

    “Brace?Brace what?”

    “Of course it is to make some light.The mere flashlight is surly not enough.Let's open the curtains of this floor first.”

    Waiting was not one of Xia's character.He didn't like to leave his own lift in God’s hand,or other’s.

    Accompanied with Wangyazhi,xia approached a window carefully.But several drops of warm liquids lighted on their head with any presage before they had drawn open the curtains.


    Xia had a touch at the liquids on his head as he slowly turned up his head and shone upwards with the flashlight.


    Two of them both started with the sight on their head,which took their breath away in union.

    Because what they had seen was--a hanging dead body!

    The flashlight began to flickering.Behind Xia,Wangyazhi was screaming as loud as to pierced his eardrum.

    Though a flash,Xia had identified the corpse,which wasn't any other man but the sissy man,Fengwei,who apart with them previously.

    It was not his appearance but his clothed through witch Xia recognized him.

    Because Fengwei was in bad shape that not only the body was distorted but the blooded head was whittled down to half.It looked so miserable that the corpse was hanging on the chandler above.

    Only by now had they realized the liquids dropping on their head was something shedding through the wound of the corpse’s head--brains!

    “When had he been hanged on it--!”

    Xia started to shuttering uselessly and his mind went blank.Wangyazhi,who was following him had escaped.

    Rubbing his cheeks hard,he tried to composed himself.

    The reason why he was so scared was not the death of Fengwei,but the position of the corpse which was so close to them.

    It obviously suggested--IT was nearby!

    “I have to leave here at once!”

    Xia dared not to hesitate,heading for the stair nearby.He intended to escape upstairs.

    Nevertheless,he felt a sense of being spied before he had ran away for a moderate distance which was so strong that he could be aware of a “thing”tagging him without looking back.

    His feeling was right.Because his shoulder was caught by something when he took risks to look back.Then a force erupting out of it that he couldn't resist hauled him down.


    The reluctantly suppressed emotion busted out as he flopped to the ground.

    The flashlight which was held in his hand rolling aside. It completely disappeared in the darkness because of broken,or out of power.

    The infinite darkness and desperation engulfed him totally,in a blink of an eye,like a raging sea.

    Xia screamed to get up but found himself saturated with some kind of liquid,and then a no-light pressure was applied to his body.

    There was something--something on his body!

    But--he couldn’t see anything.

    “Am I going to die--”

    Xia felt truly the taste of desperation which was a hybrid of extreme inability and thorough helplessness.

    Soon he came up with something which might save his life--the amulet his grandpa had given him!

    He foolishly shrew them to the toilet but right now in his pocket he found the last one.

    Thinking of the amulet,his heart was burst with survival.He struggled to took out the amulet from the pocket,putting it on his body despite whether it was useful or not.

    In the course,Xia felt his hand with amulet was trapping into a mass of sticky mud.But a moment later,his sight was lighted with specks of red spark.

    He gaped at his hand which was burning out of horror,no,to be precisely,the amulet holding in his hand.But the strange thing was he didn't feel any burning pain at all.

    Through this specks of spark,he finally made out the thing pressing on him.

    This was exactly the ghost which had disguised as Zhangxiaoshun and almost had killed him!

    The whole body festering as before and the face full of pimples as before.

    The effect of the burning of the amulet was self-evident that made the ghost shook like had been shocked.It retreated and left Xia's body outright.

    Xia was not numb,got up nimbly and got ready to running.

    And the amulet was nearly burning down.

    It meant he had lost his last protection and he had to run for his life.But a bunch of dazzling light hit his face before he sped up to run.

    “The person standing behind you was remarkable as expected.I wonder what is his or her rank of cadre. ”

    Very surprisingly,he suddenly heard the middle-aged man's voice beside.


  • Chapter Eleven  Rescue(recommend and collection support needed)

    Xia rubbed his eyes as hard as he could,looked along the direction of the voice,and saw the middle-aged man was walking towards him with a cool air,though the old face of whom was a little obscure in the darkness.

    At this point of life,seeing the lifesaving star who might rescue him,Xia would rather describe him as a lower deity rather than a cool man.


    Xia surprisingly looked at the man approaching him,at this very moment,his couldn't utter a single word like his throat was blocked.

    It was not until the man arrived at his beside that he could give an inquiry.

    “Why--why are you here?”

    “Passing by and killing him by the way. ”The man make a crunching voice of clenching his fist with a ready-to-kill manner.

    Never had Xia considered a man’s voice so wonderful.

    The remark--“Passing by and killing him by the way. ”the man had just said is so amazing!

    Though he didn't said he would rescue him.

    But it didn't matter.What truly matter was he could eliminate the ghost and so that he and Wangyazhi would be safe.

    “Em,what I have supposed is right that you won't just see me dying here.”

    Xia was unwilling to say these words,but he flattered the man in spite of his own mind.

    The man didn't mind it,or entirely ignored him.

    Xia was about to say more to please the man,but the man began to gesticulate something in a mysterious manner before he could go on.

    “Square formation,east,west,south,north,lock the heaven,trap the earth...”

    The middle-aged man wielded his great hand,and four tinny robs which resembled matchsticks appeared and was threw out.

    The man shouted.”Formation done!Seal!”

    Four tinny robs,while flying to the ghost nearby,suddenly turn to four flaring pillars and thundered to the ground!

    They end up forming a square flaring cage,baring up the ghost.

    Xia was awe-struck by the man's capacity and now he identified the man with deity,so powerful.Now the man became a invincible hero in Xia’s heart instead of his former impression of the man as a bitch.

    “ awesome!”

    Xia couldn't help exclaiming,but he saw the man's face was still constrained with no sign of success.It seemed like--it was far from over.

    Xia's heart which was loosened a little before now was brought to the mouth again,influenced by the man's alert expression.

    At the same time,the said.

    “I have wondered that why were so many recruits dead.I have thought they wanted capacity,but now I know what’s going on.The original thing haunting here before was killed by you,wasn’t it?”

    Neither did xia understand what the man had said,nor did he know how many probation employees were killed,but he guessed it was not a small number from the man's degree of anger,otherwise the man wouldn't have came in person.

    The ghost,which was trapped by the four flaming pillars,like a sinister snake,didn’t say anything and stared at them coldly.

    Perhaps the ghost didn't want to answer,or he didn't understand the man's words

    “If you didn’t want to die,find somewhere to hide quickly! ”

    Finally the man give a look at Xia when he said this,but he had borne down on the flaming cage where the ghost was trapped before Xia’s response.

    Xia looked the man disappeared in the flame cage.He knew he couldn't offer any assistance right now,so he had better escape in time,lest being the man's inconvenience.

    “Bless you win!”

    He prayed for the man in heart,then,in the flaring light,he ran to the stairway without looking back.

    He kept on running until he arrived at the five floor,then he stopped to catch his breath,in the course,he remembered Wangyazhi.

    He didn't see Wangyazhi when the middle-aged man fighting with the ghost,supposing she had escaped upstairs like him did,but he didn't which floor.

    Xia intended to look for her,but after pondering for a while,he refuted the idea.

    Because he remembered the middle-aged man's caution--”Find somewhere to hide.”

    Though it looked like meaning nothing,but thought deeply,if the man hold a 100 percent confidence to kill the ghost,or he considered the ghost nothing a big deal in his eyes,he wouldn't have expressed so grave.

    He wouldn't have reminded Xia to hide.

    The answer was evidently neglect.

    That was why he felt danger less like to go away due to the man’s arrival,but more like to remain.

    “Anyway,I am going to die soon.Why bother to worry about someone else!”

    Making up his mind,assisted with a lighter(the flashlight was lost before),he hided himself in a rank of bookshelves.

    The reason why he didn't chose a lobby or a restroom to hide was these places were closed where he would definitely killed if being found.In the bookshelves,he might have a little hope to escape.

    Xia panted quietly in the darkness,hugging his legs tight and curling himself up.

    He had to admit the astounding impression of the man was still lingering in his mind,and it had proved his speculation about the man was partly right.

    The middle-age man was not an ordinary person,from which he could guess the company was not an ordinary company either.There was so many secrets that he didn't know and would made him starting.

    He suddenly came up with a bold speculation that,once upon a time,the man had struggled in the probation period as a recruit like him.

    “Maybe I can became a man like him.”

    Now,Xia had a faint expectation about the “work”.

    Another place,the forth floor.

    In the darkness resounded Wangyazhi’s sobbing.

    She had almost out of tears but her fear didn't go away a shred.

    Wangyazhi had completely lost her way.She didn't know whether it was the third floor or forth floor.She even didn't know whether she was in a restroom or somewhere in a corner...

    Never had she desired so much for having a person beside.

    In the short twenty minutes’ parting with Xia,she had recalled may people who loved and concerned her.

    Her parents,her folks,her friends and even...Xia whom she had acquainted herself with not long ago.

    She couldn't stop wandering,because once she had stopped thinking,her head would occupied with the corpse,Fengwei,hanging on the chandler.

    Wangyazhi regretted that she escape from Xia,so she was lost in the darkness.

    She would like to look for Xia,but it was so dark and she had no lighting tools in hand,besides,she was afraid of being detected by the ghost.

    Fengwei’s corpse horrified her and took her to this place,now she had restored a lot and dared not to move.

    Nevertheless,she had made her mind to stay here and wait until daylight came,when she suddenly heard a sound of something dragging on the ground.

    It liked someone was dragging...a corpse!

    And it was approaching slowly.

    Her hear began to beat faster and faster.Due to the darkness,she couldn't see what was approaching.

    Was it Xia she was desiring to find,or...that horrible ghost!

    All in one,it was creeping to her place.

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    Chapter 9 and chapter12 

    Chapter Nine   Only Two?

    Hearing the screaming,Xia an Wangyazhi both stooped naturally.

    The voice came from the behind of them.

    “I seem to hear Fengwei screaming.” 

    Wangyazhi looked back with fear,getting close to Xia that Xia could even felt the cold emitting from her.

    She was not the only one who was scared.Xia,either.

    “Yes,I have heard it,too.”

    Being very low when it met their ears,the sound was still clear due to the dead silence in the bookstore.

    Xia didn't know what had happened on them,but he thought the advent of the evil spirit could be the most possible thing.

    No matter what truth was it,he didn't want to meddle in.Prayed the sissy man have good luck.

    “They get their way,and we get ours.But,we need to be more careful.Don't make much noises when walking.Can you do it? ”


    Wangyazhi approved Xia’s decision.She had truly felt the great spooky of this place,though she had not seen it.

    “I want to have a try to call my friends--”

    Wangyazhi requested suddenly.

    At the same time,on the other side of the building,Fengwei was rubbing his eyes which he could hardly believe,because what he had seen was so strange.

    Something perched on the whole window and there was liquid much like blood permeating into the room.

    “What’s that?”

    Fengwei swallowed hardly,calling Zhaoshuang at the top of his voice.

    “Hey!Zhaoshuang?Where are you?Hurry!Come here and see!”


    Such odd sense was beyond his tolerance that it evoked his lizard brain to call Zhaoshuang to came.

    But,Zhaoshuang didn't responded.

    “Hey?Zhaoshuang?Are you here,can't you speak a word?Don't scare me!”

    As his loud voice and such quiet here,even people on the third or forth floor could hear him clearly.Zhaoshuang couldn't have not heard.


    While Fengwei was calling Zhaoshuang’s name,the bloody red liquid permeating from the window began to spread to the ground and a shadow was wriggling on it.

    Fengwei realized something and was about to look at the window,when suddenly a beam of ghastly light hit his face.


    Maybe because of the sudden light,or the sustained tension,he started and began to scream.

    “Can't you be calm? ”

    Zhaoshuang came with expressionless face and the“rat-at,rat-at”sound her high heels made.

    Seeing Zhaoshuang again,Fengwei exhaled with release.

    “Where are you going?You didn't answer me that I thought you have left.”

    Fengwei said with a little unhappy when suddenly he recalled the strange window and reminded Zhaoshuang.

    “Oh,hurry!Look at this window.It is so strange from which oozes red liquid like blood continually. ”

    “What liquid?”

    Zhaoshuang looked at the window and asked with confuse.


    Fengwei was about to say it was on the window,but he swallowed his words when it had just reach his throats.

    The window was covered with thick curtains and he couldn’t see the window,not to mention the liquid.

    “Was it you who drew the curtain?”

    Fengwei looked at Zhaoshuang dubiously.

    “What are you saying.I have just came.”

    Zhaoshuang threw him a contemptuous eye and turned around.

    “It doesn't make sense,I have opened the curtain before and only we two are here.You didn't move it and I neither.Was it the Ghost?”

    Fengwei scratched his scurf with confuse and murmured.

    “Anyway,I’ll show you now.”

    Then,he suddenly throw open the curtains,but which made him more confused was there was no liquid on the window he saw before.

    Just a ordinary window witch couldn't be more ordinary,in the moonlight,reflecting the shimmer.

    “It is impossible--I have seen it clearly--”

    “What clear!It is indeed clear there is nothing!”

    Fengwei was about to explain more but interrupted by Zhaoshuang who felt annoyed about his finding trouble.

    “Well,maybe I was wrong. It could be some reflection of the sight outside the window.”

    Fengwei murmured to find a excuse,then he realized something and asked.

    “Oh,where were you just now?Why did you ignored me before?”

    “I’ve been over there.”Zhaoshang pointed at the stairway nearby.

    Fengwei shined the stairway with the flashlight and asked skeptically.

    “Have you gone upstairs?”

    “Yes.”Zhaohsuang nodded,then leaned in his ear and lower her voice designedly.

    “I found out a secret there.”


    Xia took Wangyazhi for a walk around formally.The situation was at worst that they didn't find any switches and at best that they didn't encounter any ghost either.

    During this time,Wangyazhi tried to call her friends but all could not connect.

    What was more strange,although the signal bar was full,Xia have tried to call the police,like the same,couldn't connect.

    The abnormal thing overwhelmed Wangyazhi and aggravated Xia’s mind.

    The darkness abounded deathly stillness oppressed everyone's nerve.

    “I don't want to stay here.I want to go back to my dorm!”

    Maybe she was too scared that she grabbed Xia’s arm and implored in sob.

    “Good idea.We can have a try.”Xia answered dryly,then shifted the subject and asked.

    “Even if you can escaped tonight.Don't you return tomorrow?

    Unless you have been killed before your returning here.

    Haven't I told you my encountering last two days?”

    He said this not so much because he hoped that she would survive due to his favor of her as because he would be left alone if Wangyazhi had escaped now.

    “Don't scare me--I didn't want to die--”

    Wangyazhi stared to cry with more and more agitating mood.

    “I just want to earn more money to send remittances to my parents--so I leaved the school finding the job--”

    “Why do I encounter the doom--I don't want to die--”

    The harder Wangyazhi cried,the louder noise she made.It seemed to lost control.

    In fact,Xia could neither live with woman’s crying nor could deal with it.

    It was a tough situation outside,and especially in here.He thought for a while and could only add more solemn into his voice and threatened.

    “If you want to be alive and don't want to die quickly,shut up your mouth tightly!Your crying will led them directly here,by then,we both would fucking die!”

    Though it was not gallant to shout at a woman,when facing the crossroad of a matter of life and death,it was nothing.Besides,he was an opponent of gender discrimination.

    And it indeed took effect.Hearing this,Wangyazhi covered her mouth with deep horror,as if she would be killed if she had made another vestige of voice.

    As Wangyazhi’s spirit was restored a few,Xia assured her with a soothing tone.

    “There were always more keys than difficulties in the world.We will be all right!”

    Xia said these word more to himself than to Wangyazhi.

    In fact,he felt bad too.There was not a slight sound but them.Is the screaming they heard before suggested something?They didn't know if Zhaoshuang and Fengwei were alive yet.

    Waiting like in the hell was unsupportable,for they both didn't know whether there would came a pair of hands chocking their neck hardly at some point.

    Perhaps it was Xia’s influence that made Wangyazhi calmed down at the time.

    And Xia suddenly catch a thought.

    “Hey,I forget to ask you that if the bookstore was closed when you arrived here,or to say,did you see any stuff drawing curtains inside?”

    “No,I don't think so.The bookstore was closed when Fengwei and I get here.”

    She said she was not clear about it with her head shaking,but she soon recalled something and said.

    “Maybe Zhaoshuang knows something,for she has been working here for a long time.”

    “What?What do you mean?”Xia asked again as if he didn't hear it clearly.

    “Weren't you brought together by that middle-aged man? ” 

    “No.”Wangyazhi again shook her head and explained.

    “Only Fengwei and I were brought by the man, as to Zhaoshuang,she went out after the man gone away.”

    A shiver ran through his frame when hearing this.

    “I will take two recruits there later...”

    It was not until now that he remembered the word that the man said to him before.


    Chapter Twelve   Appalling Consequence

    Wangyazhi would like to ask whether it was Xia or not,but her only remaining intellect perpetually reminded her not to do so,even to give out the slightest trace of sound.

    With her hand on her mouth,Wangyzhi rounded her eyes widely,trying to catch something in the darkness.

    But she could only see...the darkness.


    Slight footsteps with the sound of dragging something soon arrived at her plot.

    Though she couldn’t see with her eyes,but she could clearly hear and accordingly figured out that the ”person” was standing at a place very close to her.

    Maybe it was beside her,or maybe was at the place...face to face!

    And what was the”thing””he”dragged.

    Some thing,or...

    Wangyazhi hold herself not go on thinking,because she was afraid that she would overwhelmed by these thoughts.

    At the same time,the”person”hiding in the darkness seemed to do the same as she did,holding his breathe and hearing.

    Were not the feeling of the”person’s” approaching before,she would never think of a “man”was hiding in this darkness...and was so close to her!

    Without any sound,the almost dead silence made her not dare to breathe.

    Because any little sound would be magnified at a great degree here.

    It was not long before she reached her limit of holding her breathe,and she could only pray that the “person”would go far away.

    Perhaps the pray took effect,just at the point she almost couldn't hold her breathe,the once stopped footstep and the sound of dragging something,at last went away gradually.

    It was not until she was sure that the”person”had gone far away that she took a deep breath covetously.Never had she though that enabling to breath was so happy a thing.

    Taking several heavy breathes,she felt much better and the chest same less pressed.She tried and stood up,of her sense of the direct,she walked towards the way against that”person”.

    But it was a long time that she was stopped by a wall.

    That was to say,she only can went back,or stayed here.

    She stopped to scout around and came to a conclusion that it was a woman's room.

    The reason was that she touched the mirror and the faucet,besides there were no urinals for men.

    Making sure it was a woman's room of any floor,she recalled the whole frame of the restroom through her memory of buying books here before.In fact,she had have a rough idea of this place by her scouting here just now.

    Pandering for a while,Wangyazhi decided to stay here,because she thought she would be safe in one of so many compartment.The ghost wouldn't check every compartment,would he?

    Having this though in mind,Wangyazhi stopped to grab the door,then pushed it open cautiously.

    Because of the pit,she didn't go very deep,but stopped at the point near the door.

    Turning around,she leaned against one side of the clapboard.She released a deep breath and thought she was transitory safe.

    But it was not long before she heard a raucous toilet flush behind her back.

    The abrupt flush startled her to a shutter.It made no sense why had there a flush.

    She constrained herself not to suggest the horrible scenarios in scary movies.She tried to extend her arms and went towards the pit.Then...

    She felt a face...saturated with viscous liquid!


    In this flash,she froze like being in a ice caves.

    She despairingly to feel for the door,trying to escape form the compartment as she screamed.Maybe she was too scared to find the shackle.She had to knock the door in horror over and over again.

    But a pair of cold hands chocked her neck from behind before she could knock open the door!

    At the same time,Xia couldn't help himself shuttering,and stoop up abruptly.He cast an unbidden glance at the direction of the screaming,nevertheless there was but the dame darkness.

    “What's up...Is it Wangyazhi?” 

    In a flash of time,he heard a vague shrill cries of a woman,though it disappeared soon.

    Xia swallowed hard,feeling his back was emitting cold air.It was a good hour away form the middle-aged man's presence,but his news was lost like a stone lost in the sea.

    If the man had deal with the ghost successfully,out of logical thought,he would have given some sign,but the fact was none.

    What made the matter worse was the screaming.

    In this bookstore,the only woman was Wangyazhi,that was to say,if a woman was killed,it probably would be her.

    As for the killer,it only could be that ghost.

    But it made no sense,because the ghost was fighting with the middle-aged man.How could the ghost came to kill Wangyazhi under this circumstance.

    Unless...the man was slew too.

    Despite the unwillingness of accepting this conclusion,the truth was probably similar with his thought,if the screaming was truly form Wangyazhi.

    The man didn't annihilated the ghost,on the contrary,the man was killed by the ghost,and after that,the ghost went upstairs and found Wangyazhi and killed her.

    The next victim...would be he himself!

    Thinking of this,Xia couldn't help himself shuttering again and felt that the temperature around was lowered to a great degree.

    The disturbance was compounded.He shook his head hard to get rid of the wild wandering.

    It was better to think of what to do next that to wander and be frightened before the ghost’s presence before him.He had to come up with a idea to save himself.

    He calmed down and pandered for a while,figuring out two methods.

    The first was setting a fire in this bookstore.

    Because ghosts fear of light and heat,besides,the ghost same to present only in the bookstore.It might disappeared without the presence of the bookstore.

    He totally forgot to consider the consequence of the fire.

    The second was escape.Even a strong man like his conductor was beaten by the ghost that it was equivalent of death if he kept staying here.

    So he had to escape out of the bookstore first,that made the decision whether to return to The Golden Official Building,or anything else.In any case,he could just wait for death.

    He had to make a choice of which to do.He knew there was not a lot time for him to hesitate,because the ghost would stand against him in any minute.

    Thinking briefly,he made his mind to combine the two measures together.

    Set a fire and escape.

    But considered the safeness,he decided to set a fire after he would have escaped to the ground floor.

    Having making his mind,he acted quickly,actually,he was surprised of his calmness.He might see himself as a genius rather than a talent!

    He is a genius,and he could chilled himself only when meeting with ghosts.

    As thinking for fun,he never stopped running towards a nearest stairway with the transit light of the lighter.

    Because the fuel of the lighter was limited and the light might attract the ghost,Xia distinguished the lighter when he entered the stairway,going down the steps in the darkness.

    Calculating the steps in mind,he figured out that he was down to the third floor.Just at the moment he wanted to continue when he heard a strange noise which was not from his activity.

    Hearing this,Xia’s hair stood up.He dashed downstairs fiercely without regarding anything else.

    At the same time,he hear a rush string of footsteps form above!

    “Is it you?Middle-age uncle?”

    “Middle-age uncle?”


    He wouldn’t like to conceal more,now that the other side had detected him.He asked with a shuttering voice,but he got no answer.

    Regarding to this point,Xia had almost made sure that the other side was that evil ghost,which realized his speculation before.

    “Dame it!”

    Xia dashed downstairs with cursing.He kindled the lighter,for there was no need to hide.

    With the shining of the light,Xia’s hasty retreating figure was extended for a long distance.But behind his figure,another figure which was impending was—the horrible ghost image!

    Nearer and nearer!

    “I’m done...I will be caught up...”

    “What can I do...being caught up soon...what should I do...!”

    Feeling the cold clawed hands impending over,Xia’s fear burst out of his deep heart,which made his legs weak,and he rolled down the steps.


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  • Chapter Thirteen  A Grim Woman

    The horror of death,like a sharp knife,kept thrust into Xia's nerves which were at the edge of overwhelming.

    He didn't know how long he was rolling.He felt nothing more than pain,by which he was almost blinded.He felt his every bone was broken.

    Although he would neither like to admit,nor accept.But the truth was that he was finished.

    Today...he would die here.

    The cold air kept gushing into his body,and the resounding footsteps in the infinite darkness above him was more and more clear.

    He even started to picture the dead course of himself.

    Maybe he would be broken by the neck,or was shot in the brain,or else,got eaten alive...

    In short,he was dead for sure.

    It was not that he won't stand up and run,but that he couldn't even move a finger in the condition that his body was not in his control.The only thing he could do was waiting to death.

    He had a thousand unwillingness of dying,not in this way,not in this prosperous age.

    He hadn’t realize his goals,no villa,no luxury car,and no good day for his parents.

    Of course,the most important thing was—he was a dame virgin yet!

    He would not be so remorseful of dying here if he was an ugly person,or a brainless person.

    But the point was,he was a pretty pretty guy with a fine height and stature,besides,he was a rather brilliant guy...

    But he couldn't escape from the doom of being slew by the evil ghost any way.

    The footsteps of the ghost was approaching,and Xia came a unbidden recall of his his cherish memories,which including mama's spoil to him,papa's expectation of him and grandpa's unceasing nagging.

    He learn from somebody that if a man was dying,on his mind would emerge the things and people treasured by himself.

    “Am I dying...”

    He felt with dishearten that his head would be cut down and he braced himself to say goodbye to this world,but suddenly the darkness above him was pierced by a flash,which thrust into his eyes.

    There was no doubt that somebody had turned on the light of the stairway.

    Xia was blinded by the abrupt light.He was struggling to recover his sight,while a tall and slim female figure wearing a long hair,ghostly,appeared on the steps above him.

    The woman threw herself into Xia and the ghost,blanking off the attack of the evil ghost.

    At the same time,his sight restored outright and he began to observe the mysterious woman,the unexpected visitor.

    She was in a black dress a little below the knees,which matched her sexy long legs.her long curl hairs was brown,over her shoulders,which added some charm and lure into her appearance.

    Although showing a back profile with out real appearance of her,Xia had to admit this singly could evoke a great imagination.

    Luckily he was a fanny man rather than a poor loser whose eyes stuck to beauties,so at this flash he was not interested in the woman's fair statue.

    Which he really concern for,or which he focused on,was the woman's identity and her purpose of being here.

    Obviously,it was her who turned on the light.

    Xia thought she was probably a staff of the company,who went to this place for the purpose the same as the middle-aged man,anyway,he was not so conceit to thought she was here specially for rescuing him.

    In a short time,he had make a rough conjecture.But he was not gossipy to ask who she was,after

    All,it was pretty clear that the if woman appeared in this place and took the initiative to defend the ghost,she must be on the opposite side of the ghost.

    It would make him a fool to ask more.

    “No wander even Xutianhua was killed,it turn out to be a evil ghost at such great degree.”

    While Xia was in disturbance,he heard the woman's remark with a voice so dulcet and pleasant,as if a aeolian bells stirred by the wind.

    But what surprised him,or astounded him,was her compose when met with such a evil ghost,as if,in her eyes,the evil ghost was nothing more than an ant,which could be crushed with her fingers easily.

    Reckoning,he described the woman turning around and casting a look at him.

    It was a sweet and agreeable face,not the kind of lure which her back profile suggested before.Xia even thought the dress didn't suit her,or black was not her color.

    “You are a lucky guy that you should persist till now.”

    Hearing her words,Xia nodded vaguely with saying anything.

    The woman’s response to that was retreating her eyes afterwards and reminding.

    “Go and find a place to hide.I’ll come to you later...”

    But before she saying something more to Xia,she suddenly sneered and said.

    “Want to escape?It’s too late!”

    Xia didn't what had happened,because the woman stood on the steps above him,blocking his view.But he could guess with no trouble that the ghost had escaped.

    The woman turned into a string of black phantom,in a flash,disappeared.The deserted stairway returned to stillness.

    Opening his eyes,Xia couldn't believe that he was safe in such a way.

    “My so damn uneven!”

    Xia involuntarily exclaimed.But he didn't have 100 percent of confidence in the woman for the formal example of the middle-aged man.He had better to leave here with no time to lose.

    After a short rest,Xia tried to move his body and he felt he had restored enough to walk downstairs.

    Taking the time to crawl up,he found his body abound with bruise,and his ankle was broken,so he walked with pain,as if punched by needles.

    With a head of cold sweat,clenching his teeth,he went to the window of the ground floor and  was about to lit the curtains with the lighter.If so,he thought,the fire would burn out the whole building.

    But he soon found the idea was so ridiculous.Though the curtains was lit,it distinguished quickly.It was not like in the movie that lit what ever some thing,which turned out to a great fire and burned down every thing.

    “I’m fucking insane!”

    Tapping his head heavily,he didn't insist and accelerated to get to the door lamely and opened the door with the key,

    But before he had pushed the door and got out,he heard the woman said.

    “Wait for me outside.”

    Xia was not expected she would come to him so quickly,so he was surprise and stammered.


    Although she let him waiting for her,she got out of the bookstore almost as fast as he did.

    His limping prompted her to stop and asked.”Why,are you injured?”

    He felt extremely flattered by the woman’s concern,nodding and stammering still.”Yes,but..but it doesn't matter.”

    She didn't say more,lifting her hand and pointing to the car with it's indicator light flickering.

    “Follow me later.”

    She went towards her car singly,ignoring Xia.

    Staring at her tall and alluring back profile,he felt speechless,and,to the woman,he felt some inexplicable dread.

    Xia signed reluctantly and shook his head,then hobbled towards the car.After all,the woman was his saviour now.

    Besides,he might learn some thing from her.

  • Chapter Fourteen  The Second Ordeal

    Limping to the car difficultly,he was shock again,because it was a Ferrari ENZO.

    He had saw this car in a magazine of cars—absolute limited-edition roadster,worth over 25 millions,which even the money might not buy.

    Xia was speechless again.He recalled the middle-aged man's car was a pretty good one,a Bentley seemingly.

    “Isn't the company a bank?It’s fucking rich!”

    Comparing to the middle-aged man and now the woman in front of him,he suddenly felt his probation salary was so normal.

    “What are you dreaming of?Hurry up!Get on the car!”

    The woman rolled down the car window,snapping at Xia who was in a surprise manner.

    It was not until Xia heard the woman’s voice that he react awkwardly and hastily got on the car.

    Ting up the safety belt,unbidden,he cast a glance at the woman beside him.

    What made him embarrassed,the woman turned around and looked at him,as if she had received his mind.The eye contact made his blood standing still.

    “I...Can I ask where you are taking me? ”to got rid of the embarrassment,he hurried to found a subject.

    She looked not about to drive the car at once,instead,answered with patience.

    “You can go anywhere you want to.I only want to say a few words to you.”

    Hearing this,he felt a strange emotion,maybe happy,maybe lost for her leaving him.But he expressed nothing,but nodded quietly.

    The woman continued.

    “Your condition is kind of special.The ghost you have met in your probation period was fixed by me,not you,so you don’t have the qualification of becoming a full member even you have passed the probation.”

    “Excuse me?”Xia looked at the woman in some disturbance.

    “Actually,I know nothing about this.”

    “You mean you didn't know what you are doing?”The woman looked surprised a few.

    “Haven't Xutianhua say something to you?”

    “Well...Who is Xutianhua?”

    “Xutianhua is the man who interviewed you and designated you to the probation work .Why,you don't know?”

    “He didn't tell me his name,and I’m totally blank with the condition of the company.He only took me to The Big Xinhua Bookstore.”

    Xia said honestly.

    “This Xutianhua!He deserve to die!”The woman was exasperated,but she soon got back as normal and explained.

    “Well,let me tell you these things now that you know nothing...”

    After her explanation,Xia finally got some knowledge of his own situation.

    Each recruit would be designated by his charge, to a haunted area as an ordeal.

    If one passed the ordeal,one could sign the regular contract,became a full member,and enjoy the treatment of the regular employee.

    The only judgment criteria was fixing the haunted situation alive.

    So,generally speaking,the destiny of the recruit during probation supposed to be killing by the ghost,or killing the ghost.But his was the exception,he neither had killed the ghost,nor had been killed by the ghost.

    Before the probation,one's charge was supposed to make an explanation to him,for example,he would remind him of the strange things,meeting the ghost and the he was liable to tell the recruit to work through the haunted situation to pass the ordeal.

    If the recruit didn't comply with the company rules,escaping or hiding for personal reasons,he would be killed by the evil ghosts with in three days.

    When Xia heard that,he cursed the middle-aged man of not telling him these so important things.

    The woman stopped saying.She didn't refer to the treatment of the regular staff and things for that stage,because Xia was not passed the ordeal yet.

    Certainly,she mentioned none of the company’s secrets.

    “I have to remind you,a point,very important,you should not blame yourself for signing the contract, so that get you bad lucks.The company selected you,or me,for a reason.That is to say,this is our destiny.”

    “Destiny?”Xia repeated with confusion.

    “Was it inevitable for us to join the company?”

    “Maybe you will find the answer some times,but now you’d better to think more about what to do to pass the mission.”

    The woman wouldn't like to be questioned too much,so she changed the subject.

    “Now that your former charge,Xutianhua,had died,you follow me for the time being.I will give you one day to rest.At 8 o'clock on the day after tomorrow,you should register at Qihe Female Academy on time which is your second probational job. ”

    “Qihe Female Academy ?”

    Xia was no stranger to this academy.99 percent females accounted for the academy's students,which known as “Woman's tomb”and”Man’s heaven”.

    He would have been excited to get into that place before.Now he couldn't feel the slightest trace of excitement,because he had already known the meaning of the probation thing,which was all about ghosts and death,especially for him,was full of dangerous.

    “You are supposed to be a dorm administrator of the academy,and other recruits will join you.”Said the woman slowly.

    “How many recruits will there be except me?”

    “Three.”The woman gave the precise answer.

    Xia was so cautious,because he had witnessed the ghost disguising as a man.If he didn't get the precise number of the recruits,maybe he would be killed with not knowing why.

    He had better to prepare in advance.

    The woman looked at the time.It was about to dawn.She sent him away.

    “Well,I have said what I supposed to say.Get off my car.I had to deal with the things about Xutianhua.”

    “What should I do?I didn't have the capacity of catching a ghost,besides,is the ghost this time as fierce as the former one?”

    “Probably not,it was an accident before.Well, I have to go.”Said the woman in an impatient tone.

    There was so many questions that Xia wanted to ask,but he could but got off the car despondently.However,he added at last.

    “What is your name?”

    “Senior director,Liangruoyun.”

    As she said,she drive away in her Ferrari.

    “Senior director...Liangruoyun...”

    Looking at the way she disappeared,Xia murmured.He thought Liangruoyun had a pretty good personality.

    The pleasant aftertaste was transient.Soon,he was drawn to the cruel reality.

    “Hope to see her again,if I will be alive.”

    Thinking of the next journey to the Qihe Female Academy,he was flooded with the feeling of coldness and fatigue.

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  • Volume Two

    Chapter One  Inquiring(Recommended votes and collection support please!)

    After the woman's leaving,Xia drove away too and got a hotel nearby to have a rest.It was not until the noon of the next day that he got up with pain all over him body.

    The experience of rolling down the steps yesterday had left him with many bruises,of which he couldn't stand the sight.

    “Damn,my tender young body,all ruined!”

    Xia pose in front of a mirror in a narcissism air,but he twisted his foot in this course and cried out with pain.

    He took his time to brush and wash,then called his mother with great expectation.But he still got none of his grandpa's messages.He had only to wait until his grandpa had got enough fun and came bake.

    But he didn't know when it was.In his memories,his grandpa took several abrupt journeys for many days every year,which lasted one week at short,and three or four months,even over half of a year,at long.

    His grandpa kept this habit for all the time,so his parents took it for grand,not to mention,they dared not to poke their nose into his grandpa's business.

    After talking with his mother for almost an hour,he hanged up with red eyes.He suddenly felt empty in heart.

    He couldn't live with his mama's nagging before,but this time he hoped his mama could talk more with him.Because,he was not sure if he could come out of Qihe Female Academy alive.

    “Live!I had to live!Live!!!”

    Xiatianqi clenched the phone tight,raising up his necks and roaring for several times.Until his throat was sore,he panted and stopped.

    After that,hee felt much better.

    Xia checked out the hotel and drove to a temple he had known before.

    Although there was some bad news about monks' corruption and things like that,he could only believe in burning incense and praying under the condition that he couldn't find a Taoist temple or meet a Taoist master.

    He felt he was fighting a losing battle in this regard.Of course,he had none of other measures at the moment.

    Loitering for a whole afternoon,until it was almost dark,he came out with a bag of “amulets”in hand with sigh and groan.

    These “amulets” cost him a lot of money,almost all his saving,which including paper amulets,mahogany axe,mahogany sword and so on.

    After all it was his last try.If it would have effect on ghosts,he paid for it.Otherwise,it would be a normal thing if it wouldn't take effect.

    Except for these preparation,considering the cutting-off incident as last time occurred,he bought two mini portable flashlights.He didn’t prepare these things for other recruits,because the last experience reminded him that it was not easy to be a good man.He had better to preserve his own life singly.

    Generally speaking,others’ dying or not were none of his business.

    Xia bought a oil-fired lighter an a bottle of kerosene in addition which cost a lot of money,making him feeling painful.

    Buying these things was in case he would have to set a fire.

    Having done much of the preparation,he drove to a internet cage near Qihe Female Academy.

    The reason why he didn't go to the hotel to get on the internet was the low network speed there wouldn't do any good to his searching.

    Of course,another important reason was he wouldn't just leave a internet cafe without entering it to try it's network speed,according to his nick name,”price of internet cafe”.

    Very close to Qihe Female Academy,there were a lot of punks there,seemingly waiting for some opportunity to pick up hot chicks.

    “A band of fools.There was a internet cafe inside the academy.”

    Xia observed in his mind with a contempt on these guys.However,he himself smoked a cigarette with a similar crooked manner,and,after a long breath of smoke,he addressed the bar attendant who wearing a alternative hair style.

    “How much for packaging the night-line?”

    “8 yuan.”The girl replied dryly.

    “Why?So cheap! Only 8 yuan for a package of the night-line!”Xia was perfectly surprise with it,because the internet cafe near his school was much expensive that the lowest price for a package of the night-line was 15 yuan.

    “Why are you fucking so exciting.I’m saying the computer here for a package of the night was 8 yuan!”

    The girl emphasized for his look of base.

    “I know it is the price of computer.You thought I wanted to pack You night?You are just a little girl.You are not just having tattoos like man,but saying a lot of”fucking”,which is so barbarous. ”

    She seemed of a age of 18 or 19,a typical flapper,amid several bludgers in overconfident airs.

    “It’s none of your business!I’m willing to!Hear it or not!”

    “Then,a pack night please,and making a instant noodle with a sausage...and two eggs in addition. ”

    “Or simply put You into the instant noodle!So much trouble.”

    The bartender glared at him and murmured something,but she made the instant noodle obediently.

    Taking bake his identity card for the bar,he took a vacant nearby.His object here was very instinct that he just wanted to search for the information of Qihe Female Academy,and asked about here.

    As he had start the computer,he searched for many key words.

    Like “Dead people found in Qihe Female Academy”,

    “The haunted Qihe Female Academy”,

    “The important events of Qihe Female Academy ”,

    “The strange events of Qihe Female Academy”


    So to speak,he tried every key word that he could imagine,but he got little effect.There was none of information that showed Qihe Female Academy had or was having some strange things,even no losing lives in incidents.

    “Really?Or,the information....was locked.”

    Getting no worthy intelligence on line,he still felt Qihe Female Academy had some secret before.After all,there are no waves without winds.

    It was a custom that odious cases wouldn't be leaked by any of the medias,expressly the school solved it with some influence.He knew it because there were severe events occurred in his own school before.

    “The reality is the real.What shows on movie don't take fucking effect.”

    “You acted like a kick-ass man.Now you seems like a fucking loser.What?Studying vpn network? ”Said the bartender ironically.

    Without his notice,the bartender had stood behind him,holding a bowl of noodles.

    “Little sister,stop digging at me and don’t say ”Fucking”no more.I’m not a loser so bad like”fucking”.”

    He took over the noodles,turning about and asking with a smile.

    “I ask you a question,if you know the answer,I will give you a pack of cigarettes.Deal? ”

    “What thing?Asking if I have a boyfriend?If it is what you wanted to ask,I suggest you don’t do,because you are not my type...”

    “Stop here,I don't ask this thing.Are there students of Qihe Female Academy playing here?”Xia interrupted her.

    “Fucking no.Do girls have time spending on internet?They are not loser like you!Look at these guys,all from Automotive College nearby,wretched men.”

    As she spoke,she sneered at the boys sitting against Xia with bludger-appearance.

    Xia laughed at the words.He was interested in the bartender now.On second thought,he asked the girl.

    “Did you hear that there were dying people in Qihe Female Academy,kind of spooky.”

    “Why?You knew it too?”

    The bartender opened her eyes widely!

  • Chapter Three  The Houseparent

    They went out of the building and stopped a shady place.

    Xia learned the other man’s name from a shot conversation.

    The man’s name was Hanxiyuan,which was a pretty good one,but his other aspect,oppositely,was not so good.

    He was short and stout man,with a bald head,whose mung beans-like eyes was ceaselessly blinking.Such a typical wretched face.

    The man unceasingly peered at the other two girl's breasts and their silky white legs.

    Of course,Xia didn't deny he had glanced a little too.

    The two women,perhaps were introverted,or waiting for others’ talk first.They were looking at each other as far as now.And that fatty,didn't concentrate on this.

    Xia had no time to loss.He wanted to know some information from the new persons which he didn't know,so he asked first.

    “Are you the recruits who sign a probation contract with the company just now?”

    “Yes,do you have any information about this company.I have fucking no idea with it!”

    Hanxiyuan immediately said and looked at them inquiringly.

    “I don't know,maybe it's a cheat company which tempt people with high salary.”

    One of the woman said indeterminately with a cutesy voice.

    “Cheat company?Why are you come here if you think that way?”

    Hanxiyuan ogled the woman and asked.The woman cast him an angry stare and resumed.

    “I am just saying,after all,the salary is too high for us and they didn't tell us anything.I think there are some dirty tricks in it.”

    “No middle-sized company can enter into Golden Official Building,not to mention a cheat company.Maybe it’s a secret department of ZF. ”


    “I guess...”

    Hanxiyuan and the cutesy women talked for a while,but in their conversation,Xia got no worthy words.The other woman evoked Xia's interest not only because her cold and beautiful face but her quiet during the entire process.

    But while Xia was about to interpret the Hanxiyuan and the cutesy woman,the other elegant woman said abruptly.

    “We are not paid so much money for nothing.Do you remember what that man remind us before we came here?”

    “He said we would encounter a ghost and if we wanted survive,we have to deal with it.”

    The magnificent woman pointed out the key problem,and made Hanxiyuan and the other women dumb.

    Xia hadn't expected the cool and beautiful woman would suddenly talk about this.Looking at her,he said.

    “Yes,when I came,someone reminded me this too.”

    “I think this is the reason why our probation salary is so high—because we have to kill ghosts.”

    When this sentence was finished,Xia and the beautiful woman looked at each other.But Hanxiyuan and other two women were partly suspicious.

    Hanxiyuan smiled dryly.

    “Kill ghosts?Like we are Priest?You have watched too much movies!”

    The other two women echoed.

    “That man just meant to threat us,fearing we won't work well...anyway,there were no ghosts,right?”

    Xia knew it that someone wouldn't believe it,which is natural.He himself didn't believe it before he had encountered one.

    He didn't mind whether that two recruits believe it or not,after all,in this situation,he had to mind his own safety first.

    It was fool to do a desperate explanation.

    “This work was not as simple as it seems.You know,money doesn't grow on trees. ”

    The beautiful woman seemed not willing to say more.She just hinted a little.

    “Anyway,we are here to be houseparents.If the company was a illegal organization,what about Qihe Female Academy?Is it illegal too?Besides,if Qihe Female Academy is a underground illegal organization,can't we just call the police?We only have to make a call,and we can just walk away if things goes wrong.”

    Maybe perceiving the alternation of the atmosphere,Hanxiyuan found a reason to assure his theory with a smiling manner,which boost the other two woman’s belief too.

    After that,the four people kept on chatting for a while.Within the conversation,Xia got what he want to know from the other three.

    They were interviewed by the same person,whom from there depict,was a middle-aged man but not the same one interviewing him,a man Xia had never meet.The man's ranking sounded like “supervisor”.

    Linagruoyun had said that supervisors were in charge for interviewing recruits and designating them to do the probation work.

    They others,excepted the beautiful woman,signed the contract in a fluke mind that the company was not a cheat company.Of course,the Golden Building which the company located and the car sent to them was two important factors for them to sign.

    The man who designated them here had reminded them that they would encounter the ghost and had warned them the serious consequence of escaping.

    The reason of the beautiful woman to sign the contract was,according to her own saying,was to verify a fact.

    But she didn't say what “fact”it was.

    Xia just wanted to verify these three recruits were real recruits,not people pretended by ghosts.

    The academy had only two dormitory buildings,building 1 and 2.

    Every building needed two houseparents.

    After their consultation,they make a conclusion that Hanxiyuan and Lixiaxiao(the cutesy woman)took charge of building 1,and Xia and Lengyue(the cool and beautiful woman)took charge of building 2.

    Dividing into two buildings,they were connected and had four entrance together.Beside each entrance had a duty room for houseparents,where they would work in.

    The works were simple.

    Opening the gate at 6 o'clock in the morning and closing the gate at half past 10 at night.

    Every night,they should inspect the dormitories at half past 10 at night and turn off the lights.

    Every morning,they should inspect the dormitories and stick notes(If the sanitation was not up to standard and noted,students should pay a fine to them. )

    That meant,every student would be under their supervision every time entering or going out of dormitories.

    After chatting a while,Xia made up an excuse and left first.After all,he was clear now,that,among the three recruits,only Lengyue seemed like complicated,and the other two won't shed tears until they would have seen their doom.

    There was no good to say more,they could only make clear when they would encountered a ghost.

    After leaving the three recruits,Xia called the bartender’s sister.

    Actually,it was the second time he calling the bartender's sister.He had called her yesterday after leaving the internet cafe,but her cell phone was in shutdown mode then.

    It was not easy for him to get the number,for he hadn't done things like this before.The bartender was cautious,but he eventually got it.

    This time,the phone was connected and he heard the prompt tone.

    Xia let out a sign of relief.In a few minutes,he heard a woman’s voice.

    “Hello?Who is this calling?”

    “Hello...I’m a police.”Xia had intended to ask whether she was XX,but he had forget asking the bartender her name. He had to alter to pretend as a policeman.


    “Yes,about the suicide event happening in Qihe Female Academy a few days ago.I have some thing to verify with your help.”

    “Oh,OK.”The woman’s voice trembled.Perhaps she was disturbed by Xia's identity of police,or perhaps she recalled some dread things.

    The woman was so helpful that Xia admired himself with the good idea.He cleared his throat and asked every details of this events.

    Though the woman referred she had done the record previously,she didn't suspect Xia's fake identity,uttering everything she knew.

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    Chapter Two  “Suicide” Events

    “I thought only the insider of the academy know this thing.It seems my sister was cheating me.”

    The bartender thought of something and pouted.

    However,Xia was earnest to know more and hurried to ask.

    “You know this thing too?”

    “Yes,It's not a big deal.Aren't you know it either?”

    “I just heard about it.I don’t know the detail.”Xia found it was worthy to come here,meeting the right thing and right person.The little alternative bartender looked more and more pleasing to his eyes.

    “That’s what I say!My sister can't lie to me.There weren't other people knowing this thing.”

    “You just said that your sister was cheating you.”Xia kept on asking in a crying and laughing manner.

    “What the hell of the thing was.Please tell me.”

    “Who are you?Why I should obey you?Should I say what you let me say?”


    It cost him a lot of talking and even sexual lure(He thought his fair looking took an important part of it) that he finally got some information about a strange event of Qihe Female Academy.

    The thing was,three day ago,in one of the dormitory buildings of Qihe Female Academy,it happened a suicide event.

    But why is was identified as a suicide event,not a homicide event.The bartender had no idea of it.

    The reason why the bartender knew this thing was that her sister was a student of Qihe Female Academy,one of the inmates of the dead.

    Strictly speaking,seldom people knew this thing,because the leader of the academy found them,the dead's inmates, at the first place when it happened,giving permission of a 20-day vacation to them whose laggard course would be coached by teachers especially for them when they came back.

    Of course,a little information leaked,some false.But the academy didn't give any explanation about it,and didn't rejected the rumor.No wonder the event’s influence faded away thoroughly after two days noisiness.

    “That human's bad nature,any explanation added insult to injury. If you treat it as a person,it would bite you as a dog!”

    As the bartender said,he suddenly recalled something and directly cursed.Xia hurried to interrupt her.

    “You little girl know a lot of sense,Ha?Hold on,I’d like to know if your sister went home after that.”

    “Sure,otherwise she wouldn’t have come here to play!”The bartender said dubiously and stare at him.But Xia was so thick-skinned that he was not afraid of any eyes of admiration or appreciation.

    “You don't have to stare at me so hard even if you don't see a person so handsome like me.”

    “It has nothing to do with fucking handsome.I’d like to ask that why you are so interested in this thing.”

    The bartender asked cautiously.

    “If I say I’m a personal detect,would you believe it?”Xia said in a mysterious air.

    “No way,talk to the hand.”

    Maybe she was alert about him.She stuck out her tongue at him and turned away to the bar.

    Xia didn't stop her,because there were nothing more she could tell him,and he has achieved his purpose here yet.

    He was here to text the waters at first.

    It was better to know some thing,but it won't hurt if he didn't get something.After all,so many students of the academy,many of whom should know about this thing.

    But considering the bartender’s sister was the dead's inmate,he thought for a while,and left his seat,and went towards the bar.

    Though he took a night-line,he didn't tend to spend whole night at the internet bar.After all,he was not sure what would happen in Qihe Female Academy tomorrow.He had to ensure himself full of energy.

    So,after extracting the number of the bartender's sister,he powered off the computer and left the internet cafe.He got on his car and found a hotel nearby,lodging in.

    A silent night.

    The next morning,Xia drove up to the gate of Qihe Female Academy.

    Qihe Female Academy was a closed private High school,which opened for female students only.

    Being a high school,it didn't give priority to cultural courses.The are various courses according to students' interests.

    For example,if a student wanted to be a model in future,she would get a mainly body lessons,and the cultural courses was incidental.In short,the meaning of this school was to shape your future career.

    Not like other high school,to feed up their students with many cultural courses,which they would forget the entire knowledge after some years of university life.

    Though being a high school,it was not as strain as other high schools.It was more like university,except students should stay at school every day.

    But when it came to Xia,the school’s system was not his concern.He was here for solving problems,not for study.

    He felt terrified that there was an evil ghost waiting for him.He was not willing to get in.

    But,he had to.

    As he got on his car renew,he press the horn several time,then an old gatekeeper came out as a response to it.

    Perhaps the company had inform the school before,so he came in with no obstacle.

    This was it—his coveted “top-level”academy before.

    Numerous people had said about it that,in this school,there was countless beauties,all fair,busty and enticing with long legs.

    If it was before,he would be very excited to come here.But now he was depressed,for he knew he might be dying here.

    The identity of him here for some time in the future was dorm supervisor.

    “Take things as they come.Days would be done no matter I’m uneasy or happy!”

    Xia took a deep breath,deciding to take it easy.Otherwise,he would suffer from mental disorder if he kept on being depressed,even if he would survive in this ordeal.

    The academy was bigger than his imagination—almost as big as his university.He drove about and pulled the car up.

    As he got off his car,he was attract by a building not far,because many students were coming from it,who looked like to go to class.

    “Could it be my sights too high?They all look normal. ”

    Xia stared at them for a while without finding a single stunning presence.But he soon came to an explanation that students were all without-makeup,who were not rivals of “Son Goku”outside the school.

    Pretending to be a big shot,he returned to his car and rolled down his car window with a innocent smile on face.

    Not being so handsome as his own thought,he was not bad,or having sort of fine disposition.

    After pretending to be a GFS(high,rich and handsome)-boy,he got off his car with a refreshed air,then held up a comely student and asked.

    “hello,belle!Where’s the principal's office?”


    After 20 minutes,Xia came out of the principal's office wit other three persons.

    As they came out,the looked at each other in silence,reckoning others’ identity.

    Xia recalled that Liangruoyun had said there would be three recruits which mach exactly the number of the persons in front of him.

    There were two men and two women including himself.

    “I think it’s better to talk downstairs.”

    Xia said as to break the awkward atmosphere.

    Others didn't object.They nodded and followed him downstairs.

    As they descent ,Xia observed them composedly,though their number was not”wrong”.

  • Chapter Four  The Cause

    (The bartender's sister narrate as follow)

    “Wangyiran(the name of the suicide girl)lived with us,but she didn't get along well with us.We had little communication and played singly.

    But she played well with the girls living next door,for they all liked being crazy and disorderly—drinking and smoking.

    That day was as usual,she still stayed late at their dormitory.Because of the lack of supervision,she returned,changed her clothes and went out again.We were used to it and just asked where she were going at this time.

    She said she would get some adventure...great adventure.

    That evening, she didn't show herself again.

    The next morning,we went to the attic to get back our drying clothes...we found she was dead.

    Her body laid near the stairway...but her head was at the other edge of the corridor.

    I don't know what happened next.We were frighten out,and the school gave us some days off to get rest.

    Handing up the cell phone,Xia lit a cigarette,sit on the cold plastic runway,and pondered.

    The word of the bartender’s sister had not been proved,but Xia considered it was close to the truth.

    According to her narration,the dead girl named Wangyiran was found in building 2.If she was killed by a ghost,it was likely enough that the ghost was hiding somewhere in building 2,unfortunately,where himself stayed.

    “Fucking good luck!”

    Xia cursed and flicked out the butt.But he was not completely losing hope. The two building are connected up,so god knew who would have the dubious honor to meet the ghost first.

    He reflected the conversation just now and noticed some key information.

    For instance,the dead's friendship circle was in the neighbor dormitory.

    Another point was that she had said she was going to a “great adventure”.

    Before that,she had nothing more different than usual,so her death must had something to do with the “great adventure “.

    It was time for him to do some check.

    Having found the key point,he acted at once.He got up and speeded up to the dormitory.

    When attaining the dormitory,he inspected his own duty room first,which was compact as his imagination with a single bed and a desk narrowly laying in it.

    The pleasing thing was that it was equipped with WIFI access.

    Because of the clear-cut assignment of responsibility,there was no one but himself in this room now.The other three might be looking over their own room at the same time.

    It was none of his business to concern where they were,or what they were doing.He didn’t bother to mind others’ work,for minding his own safety was the prime thing.

    Because of the special system of the school,there might be students in dormitories now and might be sleeping in nude.

    They came here as houseparents were airborne,so some students might not know it yet.

    Of course,these were merely Xia's YY(psychosextuality)

    Xia looked around on the ground floor.He was so cautious that he didn't spare a single dormitory,opening every door and inspecting in it.But to his disappointment,he didn't meet students sleeping in nude,but saw some fresh underclothes.

    He was not a poor loser,so these underclothes was not his things and rouse no interest of him.

    Keeping on inspecting,he reached the 7th floor and meet no one at all,all clear.

    He had no reason to complain.His purpose was to get some elementary girls,well,he really minded a little about it.

    Standing at the stairway of the 7th floor,he looked up and found there were 8 floors in total.That meant,he would soon arrive at the place the dead girl found.

    Maybe influenced by the though,he felt cold suddenly and heard muttered cry.

    He stopped to scrape out his ears and focus on listening,and than started to resume until he had confirmed that he heard nothing.

    And soon he was rewarded.

    When he pushed open a door without expectancy,he finally saw the exciting picture he was coveting for.

    What he saw  were two white legs hanging  on the bedside,and a lovely and delicacy face with reddish-brown curl hair scattering on the pillow.

    And the cheat,though a bit flat,well enough to evoke man's instinctive desire.

    Being a man that considering himself  not-obscene but decent,under the situation that straying into a girl's dormitory and seeing her in nude,he decided to...look for a while before going away!

    Of course,it was just his thought.He didn't dare to stay long and hastily turned around to get out,meanwhile a screaming triggered the embarrassment in the room.

    He looked back subconsciously and found that the girl had waked up and was crying loudly.

    “Who are you!”

    “How did get in!”


    “Get out of here...!!!”

    Though he really wanted to explain,he ran away and attained the attic.Releasing himself from the  restless mind,he soon felt the cold air around him.

    Without his expectation,it was deserted,whereat the dormitories were vacant with some laundry racks and other similar things on the floor.

    It severed as a big laundry room before the event had happened.

    While Xia was observing around,suddenly,he saw a red figure emerged and got into one of the dormitories.

    Although it was a shot glance,but he was pretty sure that he didn't mistook and there did had some one or some thing getting into the vacant dormitory not far form him.

    Of whatever it was,without a second's though ,Xia turned around and ran away at once,feeling that there were a pair of eyes staring at him coldly.

    Xia didn't have a release until he had returned his duty room.It was dangerous just now and he didn't know what would had happened if he looked back or stayed.

    “Now I only hope that Liangruoyun’s word was true—the ghost here is not so fierce as the one in the bookstore.”

    Assuring himself,he was lack of confidence about it.Even the ghost was not so fierce,as for him—a normal person who didn't know anything of catching a ghost,he would be so dead if he had met one.

    But he thought better of it.

    If the company hope to see them new persons die,they didn't have to do so much arrangement.They only would have to fool them around to sent them to the hell,sparing the need to struggling.

    Besides,according to Liangruoyun’s saying to him,she expected that new persons could survive and her herself had scaled the corporate ladder one step by on step.

    So,it was not essential that they whether have the skill of catching a ghost to pass the probation.

    Was it possible for a normal man to kill a ghost?

    If it was,how?


  • Chapter Five  The information from dormitory 703

    To Xia’s opinion,some people died and turned out to be ghosts for the reason of resents bringing from their lives.If someone could resolve the resents,he or she might be safe and let the ghost haunting here disappeared.

    Whether it was workable or not,he considered it one of the ways to deal with the ghost and decided to have a try.

    As to the three new persons,he was not about to do anything with them.But to that woman named Lengyue,he could have a tentative contact,for she looked like a not-simple person.

    Having made a plan,he didn't hurry to act,after all,it was his first day to come here and he needed time to be familiar with this place and the students here.

    “Hope the ghost don't trouble me soon.”

    As he prayed in his heart,he had started to arrange,put the amulets he prayed from the temple previously every corner of his duty room.

    A long time in the future,it would be his “nest”.Of course it needed sufficient preparation.

    Meantime,the three new persons were making their own preparation too.

    “Great! I earn the money and I can see so many...”

    Hanxiyuan took out a pinhole camera in an obscene air,fixing it at the position above the door.

    Pinhole cameras were his necessities,actually,he used to shot sneaky and sell these”Peep Artifact”on line for a living.He brought some when he learned that he would be assigned to the female academy.

    He fix them at every bathroom,and the rest,were fixed in some dormitories that no one were in.

    He felt too excited that his heart almost would had exploded after he had done this.

    His brain was full of the scene of lovely and beautiful girls washing themselves.

    “Can't wait for the next day! ”

    Hanxiyuan couldn't wait to see the “beautiful scenery”the cameras would shot.


    Lixiaoxiao was sitting on the bed and taking with one of her friend on the phone.Students passed by at interval and looked at her curiously through the window,while she smiled stiffly at them as a salute to the students she would manage in the future.

    “Hey,what do you say about this company.Why I feel so uneasy with it.”

    “There is no need to apprehend,I have told you that this company is registered,besides,if you have any problem you could just give me a call and I would call the police for you,relax...”

    Hanging up her confidante's phone,Lixiaoxiao sighed and got off the bed.There was an unaccountable disturbance emerging from her heart.

    It heralded as if something bad would happen.


    Lengyue was scattering some powder from a box like a takeout box on every floor she have attained until she have reached the attic.

    It was obviously colder that the floors below.She didn't know if it was related to the opening windows.She felt uncomfortable and frowned when the wind blown on her body.

    “That man was right,it was haunting here,but god knows it was fierce or not.”

    As she murmured,she took out a light yellow amulet whit two fingers,shook it hard and lined out a arc in the air,and finally pointed it forward.

    “Alarming amulet,done!”

    As if following her voice,the amulet stuck to the wall.After making sure that it wouldn’t fall,she turned around and went downstairs.

    The amulet stuck to the wall by Lengyue had the effect of alarming,that was to say,she would get some sense if there came out a ghost and made some noise.

    Unless...the ghost was more powerful than her.

    Time flew by while all of them doing the preparation.It was about the time to black out.

    XiaTianqi looked at the time on his phone.It was 10 o'clock precisely,which was half an hour away from the time to black out according to the school's rule.He decided to take this time to go to the 7th floor again.

    Actually,he had been there at over 8 o'clock and inquired almost every dormitory one by one.He focused on the point of the suicide event taking place at the garret several days ago.

    However,to his surprise,the number of students knowing-or knowing a lot of- this event was small.They just knew such a thing,but they didn't know how she died.

    The school gave a statement that WangYiran took overdose of sleeping pills due to the overwhelming strain of her study.

    XiaTianqi inquired a lot of people,but he gained nothing useful.At last,he had to put the whole hope upon dormitory 703,whereby lived students the dead's got along well with.

    He had looked a student in nude by accident previously,so couldn't make up his mind whether to wait for a while.

    Because it would be so embarrass,if they had met immediately after that.

    But he though nothing was more important that his life,he decided to get there and ask.

    Because students had all acknowledged that a male houseparent had came,a part of them locked their door as like to prevent groping.The scene of students walking or running in their underwear in the corridor had became a history.

    Still,there were some students weren't fear of been looking who didn't lock the door,like the students of dormitory 703 who had a intimate relationship with the dead.

    XiaTianqi was about to knock the door,but with out his expectation,the door opened at the same time his fist touching the it,then he saw four white figures.

    Four female students in mere thin underwear were sitting on the bed and drinking two by two.A smell of smoke lingered in the room.

    XiaTianqi reckoned they had smoked two packs of cigarettes at least.

    Almost simultaneously at the time of the opening of the door,the four female students looked towards the door subconsciously.XiaTianqi’s face became red with embarrassment.He didn't designed this time,really.

    But to his surprise,four students were composed with his presence,excepting the one who had been seen in nude by him in the morning.


    That girl started for a second and darted up to the bed,wrapping herself tightly in her quilt.

    The other three were still calm.Perhaps being discovered of their drinking in the dormitory was much more serious than being sought in nude.

    After a short time of embarrassment,XiaTianqi stood the heat of his face,coughed demurely,and said slowly.

    “Advance statement,I didn't mean to break in.Just an accident in the course of knocking the door.Of course,it is not the point.The point is you are drinking in the dormitory!And you make up such a thick cloud of smoke!Why,didn't you want to burn the school?”

    XiaTian deepened his tone as he said this,because the school rules of QiHe Female Academy declared clearly that students were never allowed to drink.Violators would be dismissed form the school.

    “We...we are drinking beverage.”One of the girls gave a lame excuse.

    “Did you consider me as a idiot who can't discern the pack of liquor or beverage?”Xia motion them to put on their clothes,then he closed the door and got in.

    “I’m telling you,you can't go with your instinct for catching our drinking. We would be expelled at the worst,but in that condition,you would get a rough day.We would let you know.”

    The girl who had been sought in nude by him was in panic of seeing his coming in.

    “You don't have to be angry.I didn't say I would punish you,not to mention,I would threaten you.But I have something to ask you.If you could answer honestly to me,I could let you go.After all,I am sorry to have seen something I was not supposed to see.”

    As he said,he cast a glance at that girl and his expression enriched at the same time.

    That girl glared at him and turned around.Other girls sighed a release,for sparing of been punished and urged to ask what he want to know from them.

    With their cooperation,he didn't waste time and asked directly.

    “Aren't you familiar with WangYiran?I want to know what happened among you at the night before her suicide.”

    As he said,he suddenly hit on an idea and added.

    “I’m a police actually.I came here to be a houseparent for the purpose of research the event of WangYiran.We suspect that she was murdered but not suicide!...”

    XiaTianqi used the “police”trick again.They were merely students who wouldn't be cautious enough to look at his identity card.

    Of course,being a houseparent,and a male houseparent,was a best covering up.Otherwise,why did the school let a man,especially a young man to manage the female dormitory?

    All things suited XiaTianqi’s thought that after knowing his identity of police,the girls released their straining face.

    “Are you really a policeman?”

    “Why do you think a young man could be a houseparent in this place?”

    It took effect.XiaTianqi naturallly had more confidence and laid some stern upon his tone.

    “Well,answer my question now.Remember,not to miss a trace of detail!”


  • Chapter Six “Call the Spirit”

    Frightened and fooled by XiaTianqi,girls uttered all the things happened that night.

    “Yiran often play with us,though she lived in the next door.Perhaps we get along with each other well because of our characters.She played with us and wouldn't went back to sleep until she couldn't resist the feeling of being sleepy.”

    That day was as usual,and we were talking about things about Supernatural.

    Yiran was the boldest among us.We were frightened to pee at last,but she was very excited and urged us to play a game —”Call the Spirit”with her.

    It was a game like Bunshinsaba or Ouija,which was all about supernatural things.

    To play it,four people should sit around in a relative dark place,where hadn't to be entirely dart,but at least as dark as not to see others' face clearly.

    After four people all sitting down,the should call gently by turns.

    “Wrong Spirit,Wrong Spirit,show yourself quickly...”

    “Evil Spirit,Evil Spirit,show yourself quickly...”

    “I’m here,come out quickly...”

    “I’m here,come out quickly...”

    It was said that if there were in deed some wrong spirits and evil spirits roaming around,they would be called and possessed one of them.

    “You are seeking death.If it’s real.What if a real evil spirit was summoned?”XiaTianqi couldn't help to break in with his eyebrows frowned.

    “Yiran had to play that game.We couldn't reject her as her best friends.Besides,we didn't think too much,because we were curious too.”

    Girls explained.XiaTianqi nodded and indicated them to resume.

    “We pulled down the curtains tightly,and as to make the room darker,we covered another stratum of bed sheet on the windows.

    It was late and there was completely silent,so we could only hear our own slight calling.

    We continuously calling the spirits,at length,we felt more and more cold and at last we all had goose bumps.

    We were scared and cried not to play any more,but Yiran threatened us that we couldn't cease once we began it,otherwise we would be revenged by the wrong and evil spirits.

    Though we didn't believe ghosts,we was afraid.We had to play anew.

    The temperature descent right along and we heard faint screams from the garret,which was so miserable like someone was been dismembered at the garret.

    Perhaps I was so afraid that my mind was vacant and couldn't help myself wandering.I felt there was some one besides us in the room,because I felt a strong sense of being spied on.

    I was timid,and it had beyond my tolerance.But before I had said quit,the door was pushed open and Yiran strode out!

    We didn't know what had happened.We thought she just wanted to get to the restroom,but she didn’t return.After a while,we thought she might have came back to her dormitory to have a sleep and went to bed for sleeping too.

    But the next day,she was...

    If we didn't let her go and had stayed her,she would have been all right...”

    As the girl said,she cried.The other girls’ eyes were red which showed that they were indeed intimate with the dead.

    While they finished their account,XiaTianqi was frowning.

    “Are you four all took part in the game—”call the spirit”?”

    “Yes,we all did.”Four girls looked at XiaTianqi and nodded vacantly,knowing nothing of why he asked so.

    XiaTianqi didn't explain it and changed the subject.

    “After WangYiran’s leaving,did you hear any sound?”

    “No,we didn’t hear any sound after that.”

    They shook their heads one after another.

    “But we don’t believe Yiran would commit suicide,because she was a optimist who never complained.Besides,she was all right at that time and was about to sign up for the Fall Model Competition.!”

    As she said,she recalled something,then she rounded her eyes and said in a shutter voice.

    “Was it...was it...was it that night...we indeed...indeed call Something...?”

    “Nonsense!It is not funny to frighten yourself!”

    The other girls reproached her all with one voice.

    “But didn’t you wonder why she left abruptly.And the scream while we playing “call the spirit”what was that?There was no one living above us,all right?Why could we hear screams if there were no one at the garret?”

    “ was strange,but...but don’t relate it with ghost please.”

    “If it was not ghost,there would have been a murderer hiding in dormitories,because people outside the academy couldn't easily get in. ”

    Four girls argued like four gooses before XiaTianqi could say anything.Apparently,they also thought there have something hide in the event,but they didn't want to associated it with ghosts.

    “You can talk about these after my leaving,all right?”

    XiaTianqi interrupted,for there were only few time away from blacking out.He asked anew.

    “We will find out the answer of WangYiran’s death which you don't have to worry about.Now relative with you,did you meet something unusual recently?”

    “Unusual?What do you mean?”four girls looked at XiaTianqi confusedly.

    “For instance,supernatural appearance.”

    As he said,the air in the room seemed to be still.About 3 minutes past,girls answered one after other,but their answer were not assuredly.

    “As to unusual,I felt being followed in my way to the restroom.”

    “You have said the same thing sine I recognize you,OK?If it was unusual,then I always felt someone hiding under my bed.”

    “You are frightening yourselves,as to me,I felt tied recently and I felt stuffy about my chest when I get up in the morning,like someone had lied on me while I was sleeping at night...”

    After getting out of dormitory 703,XiaTianqi took out a cigarette,lit it,and smoked with his body leaning against the wall.

    Generally speaking,the journey to dormitory 703 was rewarding which not only verified the words of the bartender's sister,and also made clear what the “big venture” was.

    And now combining the bartender's sister's words with the statement of dormitory 703,XiaTianqi could almost get the truth of that night.

    The dead,Wangyiran,did return to her own dormitory before sleeping time,but she just changed on her pajamas and then went back to dormitory 703 to play”Call the Spirit”.

    Afterwards,she might be possessed by a ghost,or met something else which led her to the garret singly and been killed.

    The corpse was found by her roommates the next morning.

    This seemed to be what all happened,but one horrible things was not noticed by people.

    Who did the four students of dormitory 703 played game with?

    XiaTianqi had confirmed that only four persons had participated in that game and all of the students of dormitory 703 had taken part in it.The meant including the dead,there should have been five persons,but in fact...

    There were only four!

    That was to say,when they were playing “Call the Spirit”in dark,there indeed had an additional “person” looking coldly at them!

    However...they didn’t perceive it from the beginning to the end of the game.

    “There was one person missing,but no one have a sense of it.What was going on?Had WangYiran been possessed long before the game.”

    XiaTianqi speculated that WangYiran might have been possessed by the ghost in the daytime and then seduced students of dormitory 703 to play the supernatural game with the purpose...of calling other ghosts!”

    The more he was thinking,the more he felt it was possible.Maybe the inhabitable ghost of QiHe Female Academy was not a horrible one who could only possessing or confusing people.

    But the ghost could hardly killed a person by itself,but now it was different.The ghost might have summoned a fierce role through the mouths of the students of dormitory 703.

    It might be assumed that WangYiran was killed by the latter.

    As to the original ghost,at this time,it might have been—still possessing on one of the student!

    Maybe in dormitory 703,or maybe hide in another one.

    “Fuck...two ghosts again!”

    XiaTianqi cursed his damned bad luck and feared it would been a hard journey in this school.

    He though with his eyes drifting along the stairs unnaturally.

    And he saw,eminently in the dark of the garret,an pair of bloody red eyes!

    XiaTianqi rounded his eyes with the sight.But without his response,the next second,the whole corridor sank into dark.

  • Chapter Seven  The ghosting

    Adjusting for a short while,XiaTianqi applied with the dark gradually,not to the degree of seeing nothing.

    Although he carried quite a few of antighost things,but he won't wager his own life on these legend thing.

    So he did nothing than turning around and escaping desperately along the stairs.

    He was not really willing to escape.If he had some capacity like the dead middle-aged man,or LiangRuoyun,he would fucking faced the ghost.

    “You can go this time,but once I had found the method,I will grind your bones to dust!”

    XiaTianqi swear to himself with his legs wasting no time to run,and within a short time,he had returned to the ground floor.

    He had looked back with cautious,fortunately he hadn't saw that bloody red eyes again.

    But he couldn't release himself yet.His heart was beating ferociously with a feeling of disturbance,such a strong hint of impending peril,which made him escaping from here with no time.

    But his endeavor was in vain.

    The gate of the building was locked by an asshole.He tried to push but it didn't even move a little.He knew he wouldn't smash open the door even with his brained spreading out.

    Assembly,the other three entrance must be locked too,and it was impossible to get out.

     After a pause and pondering,he returned to his duty room,where he had contrived a serious of device.But the practical defense was without verifying.

    Xia squatted,leaning against the door,in order to be seen like there was no one in the room .

    At the same time,in the area which in charge of LiXiaoxiao.

    “It's already half past ten,we’d better cease talking and go to sleep,because we have to get up early tomorrow morning...”

    The principle  had express their duty of houseparents in the principle’s room in the morning that urging students to sleep as a supervision was including their responsibility.

    Though not willing to leave her duty room,she bit the bullet and went out.

    It was pitch dark in the building,so LiXiaoxiao stopped to look back and scrutinized with the light of her phone almost at every few steps.

    Actually,she was very timid.She remembered in her school time she was scared to cry when listening stories,even it was not reach the horrible part.

    When she grown up,she was not so timid,but dared not to walk in dark or stay at home alone.

    “Half past ten already,no more talking,go to sleep at once!”

    LiXiaoxiao tired to not to make her sound shuttering,but she didn't really want them to go to sleep as she was saying,but hope to hear whispers among them than stay in hush.

    Keeping on ascending,she felt her own footsteps were magnifying infinitely with a few resound.

    It felt someone was following her upstairs.

    She jerked her head and looked back with the light from her flashlight darting everywhere,fortunately,she saw nothing presenting.

    As she gain the 7th floor with scar,her fear burst out like a Tsunami,because this floor was filled with sound of the wind blowing the windows.

    This sound heard like nails scratching on plastic board.

    It made her heart palpitating,and she felt ill with it.

    It was not the whole reason of her fear.What really made her thrilling was that she recalled abruptly the conversation with XiaTianqi and others in the morning.

    Both XiaTianqi and LengYue,or the viewer assigning them to this place all said about the ghost thing of this place.

    She had said she didn't believe it,but it was not totally unreliable.Like LengYue had said that if the company employed them as Taoists declining spirits,then the high salary made some sense.

    “But I’m not a Taoist.How can I catch ghosts,besides...are there really ghosts in the world?”

    People always trapped in the circle that the more fearing,the more thinking,then the more thinking,the more fearing.

    LiXiaoxiao was in such a state now.She was so scared,but she could help wondering which made her feeling more cold winds and more ghosting.

    “Half...half past ten,get...get to the bed...”

    She was about to go downstairs,when suddenly a string of footsteps make her body stiffen.

    “Anybody...anybody there?”

    LiXiaoxiao asked unconsciously with her legs shuttering like her voice.

    It returned to hush,even the sound of the wind was disappeared.LiXiaoxiao panted and tapped her chest,assuring herself that she was mistake with her ears.

    But when she turned around again to return to her duty room,her body stiffened again.

    At the steps beneath,there presented a woman in red!

    The woman’s hair was scattering and her long bang covered most of her visage.LiXiaoxiao could only see her mouth.

    It was so spooky,because in the light,it looked like she was grinning.

    It was hard to describe the grin,not like laugh,or sneer,but like a kind of...greedy grin!

    LiXiaoxiao didn't know why she had hit on the word”greedy”.In a word,it made her rather uncomfortable.

    Of course,the woman in red brought more fear to her.

    Deadly fear!

    “Which dormitory are you in?”

    LiXiaoxia strove to chill herself,but almost in vain.

    As to her inquiry,the woman didn’t respond even without rising her head.

    And this situation mad LiXiaoxiao more uneasy.She even started to suspect whether she was a person or a ghost.

    “It's been late..., should go to sleep now.”

    LiXiaoxiao jabbered,laid her aside,and was about to fleeing down.When she slipped away the woman in red,who suddenly moved.

    She rose an arm to keep LiXiaoxiao off,then the face covered with lots of hairs went for LiXiaoxiao.


    Her head left from her body even before she made out her voice.

    But the more horrible thing was the blood from LiXiaoxiao's wound was not spilled,which only made the woman's “red robe”more bright.

    The woman in red stayed for some seconds,and then went dawn stairs slowly.

    At the some time,LengYue,sitting in her bed,went up abruptly as if had feel something,and then left her duty room.

    The 7th floor,in dormitory 703.

    “LingYan,is there really ghosts in the world?”

    “You ask me,who can I ask?Maybe there are,or maybe not.”


    “Well,don't say these things any more.The answer is yes if you believe it,and no if you don't.”

    “I agree.You have already talked about it for a whole night which scars me to such a degree that I can't get to sleep.”

    “Well well,sleep,go to sleep.But I am gonna pee.My good sisters,who want to go with me?”


    “You are really my good sister!”

    Seeing they pretended sleeping to avoid accompanying her to pee,the girl picked up her phone grudgingly.When she bite the bullet and was about to go,a student stood out gallantly.

    “Amei,I’ll go with you.”


    There was no restroom in the dormitory,so they had to go outside.It was no far form here,about 15 meters.They could get there with several steps.

    The girl who wanted to pee named YiYanjing.She was not willing to go out,because she had always suspected that WangYiran was murdered instead of suicide,and the murderer was one of the students in this building.

    “Thank you for you to accompany me.I’m really sacred after Yiran’s accident.”

    YiYanjing couldn't stop her thanks when they reached the door of the restroom.

    “Hurry up,I’ll waiting for you here.”

    The word warmed YiYanjing a lot,and she ran into the restroom in no time.

    In the hush of the corridor,a spooky smiled presented on the left girl’s face.

  • Chapter Eight  unquiet

    Squatting in the cubicle full of urine smell,YiYanjing's neck prickled unnaturally with fear like a frightened kitty.

    After she finished,she escaped from the cubicle even without flushing the urinal.

    “Fuck,it’s so stink!”

    YiYanjing cursed,went to the front of the washing sink.As she turned on the faucet,she said to the girl outside.

    “Wait me for a second.I’m washing my hands.”

    She got no response,but she didn't mind.It won't take her much time to finish washing her hands.

    Turning off the faucet,YiYanjing hurried out the restroom.The cold wind swirling in the corridor startled her.

    At this moment,there was no one in the corridor.The girl promised to waiting for her had gone away.


    “psycho?Are you here?”

    “WangFengcai?Don't scar me,come out quickly...!”

    Although she saw no one,she didn't think WangFengcai had promised to accompany her out only for making fun of her.

    But no matter what she thought.What important was—that girl was not here.

    “Fuck,no wonder she promised me to go out. She designed it,that bitch.I’ll let her know when I go back.”

    Her body was not so strong as her thinking words.She couldn't help shuttering.

    However,when she was about to running to her dormitory,a head emerged from the darkness in front her!



    YiYanjing was startled back by the head,but she released soon.It was the girl who waited for just now.

    “You psycho,are you trying to scare me to death?You was supposed to waiting for me outside the door.What are you doing there!”

    As YiYanjing grumbled,she approached that girl.


    The girl said nothing than rising a finger,a hush sign,and then whispered.

    “Come here,I found something just now.”

    “What have you found at this late hour?”

    Though she suspected a bit,because of the girl's mysterious look,she couldn't suppress her curious and went towards the girl.

    She gained the stairway where the girl was standing,and looked up along the steps unconsciously.To her surprise,there was sparks of light passing down form the above.

    “There...there was some one above?”

    YiYanjing wandered who would stayed on the garret at this time.Not to mention,it was known the corpse was found at that place.


    That girl shook her hand,pointed to the steps,and said.
    ”Come up.”

    “No,I won’t go!”YiYanjing’s heart was beating so hard,and she was not so bold to come up at this late time.

    “LingYan and other girls are there too”The girl added plainly as a response to her rejection.

    “Are they?”

    “Yes,Hurry up.”

    The girl nodded surely,set aside YiYanjing,and then run up stairs in advance.YiYanjing who was left behind with a cloud in her heart followed the girl when have heard others were there.

    Lagging the girl,YiYanjing felt cold in the chilly wind in the garret,and hugged her own shoulders unnaturally.

    “Where are they?”


    The girl suddenly stopped outside one of the deserted dormitory,and pointed inside mechanically.After that,she went into it slowly.

    “Hey!Psycho,waiting...waiting for me.”

    YiYanjing dared not to stay in the corridor outside on her own,after all,she knew it was the place where Wangyiran had died.

    Running to the door of the dormitory,YiYanjing looked inside with the light of her phone,and then...

    She saw a dead man!

    Or,to be precise,she saw a dead's head,on the sill of the window opposite the door.

    Two congested eyeballs like dead fish,glaring at her.


    Before she could cried out,two pale claws shot from the inside edge of the door, choked her neck,and hauled her inside.

    The next second,the door was shut.

    The corridor of the 8th floor was sparked with the red light like blood.

    At the same time,in the duty room on the ground floor.

    XiaTianqi leaned against the door of the duty room with a head of cold sweat.The previous bad foreboding was even stronger than dissipated.

    The feeling that like Death was coming and the pressure brought by strong uneasiness overwhelmed him to suffocating.

    “Fuck,am I really a coward?How can it be my underwear is wet?”

    XiaTianqi touched his ass which was wet by cold sweat,clinched his teeth,and rose up from the ground.

    “Fuck,being a coward can not defeat the ghost!”

    As he cursed,XiaTianqi yanked the door open by the means of this anger,and then walked out.But he soon returned and locked the door,before he had kept his feet.

    “Impulse is the devil.Wise man never confront the tough with toughness. ”

    Being a funny person,XiaTianqi got these characteristics.But it couldn't be denied that he was doing the right thing.

    At this very moment,running outside was more dangerous than staying inside.Besides,he didn't possess any capacity like LiangRuoyun.What could he do than hiding?

    Could he do something like darting to the garret,pointing at the ghost’s nose,and telling the ghost him himself is the most invincible and powerful guy?

    If he really had did it,he would die without knowing why!

    When he was wandering,he suddenly heard a string of rapid footsteps.

    And they were louder and louder.

    “Is it a man...or a ghost?”

    XiaTianqi swallowed hard.No matter what it was,he had better to hide.

    He didn't hide under the bed,which would cut his way to escape.It was better to hide behind the door.

    Sticking himself on the wall,XiaTianqi braced himself for the worst thing with amulets in one hand and peach wooden articles implored in the temple in the other.

    In his waiting in holding his breath,the footsteps finally stopped.

    Hush occupied the corridor again.




  • Chapter Nine  Approaching

    XiaTianqi hide behind the door,hold his breath,and dared not to make a slight of sound.

    About 30 seconds had passed,there came a slight sound of nails scratching on the door.

    As the sound kept on,XiaTianqi felt his heart was brought to his throat.

    “I’m done,it is a ghost!” 

    XiaTianqi alarmed in his heart,but he was still holding his breath,hoping “the thing”outside would eventually go away without getting anything.

    Actually,things went on the right way,because through the glass,he could clearly see a woman with long hair.

    Maybe it was a woman,XiaTianqi was not sure,for the long hair had almost covered her whole face.

    At this moment,the woman was standing on the front of the window woodenly.XiaTianqi was pretty sure that she couldn't see him because of the angle.

    “Is that a red robe?Redrobe ghost?”

    XiaTianqi thought the cloth the woman was wearing seemed like a red robe,which he remembered he had learned form someone that Redrobe ghosts were fierce ghosts with a great resentment,which made them tough to deal with.

    Time passed slowly,XiaTianqi had held his breath for over half past one minute which had hit his limit point.His face was redden completely.

    Thanked to god.The woman in red touring for a while without finding anything,and went away finally.

    There came a string of footsteps fading away.



    XiaTianqi swear he had never holding his breath for such a long time,and he felt his bread was bursting out.

    “Finally fuck away...”

    As he exclaimed,he stroked his chest.

    However,his body shuttered unbiddenly at this moment that he thought the peril was gone and he could get a relax,and then he looked through the window unconsciously.

    This look cast himself to the cave of ice.

    It was her!

    The woman in red!

    She was back at some time!

    And he himself...was surly revealed.

    XiaTianqi looked at her,whom in the same way staring at him.

    No!It was proper to call her a Redrobe ghost.

    Because when her hair scatter aside,she showed her face with nothing than a spooky smiling mouth.

    Or,it even had no face at all.

    “No need to scar,I put so many amulets in this room,it would be...”

    Even before Xiatianqi could finish his reassuring to himself,the ghost had smashed into the window,and got into the duty room.The amulets he had stick around the window was falling onto the ground like wast paper in consort with broken glass.


    Than meant,those amulets he had paid a lot were rubbish!

    “I’m telling you,I’m a villain,and I have killed a lot of people.Female ghosts like you killed in my hand were well over a coach could hold.You shall get out ,if you were sober enough!”

    Though he knew it won't take great effect to pretend being evil,he bite the bullet and cursed with the thought of making every possible effort.Obviously,it was in vain.

    The female ghost was still approaching.

    Of course,XiaTianqi was not a such pussy that he had already experienced a big event in Xinhua Big Store,which add some nerve into him.

    Now that the being-evil strategy failed,XiaTianqi fling out directly the mahogany sword and ax which might both ward off the ghost,and then slid away from the duty room without looking back.

    As he had escaped from the room,he began to cry as loud as he could.Couldn't the ghost kill all the students in the two buildings?

    In the corridor,resounding with footsteps,XiaTianqi was running like mad in advance,and the Redrobe ghost was tracing him tightly.

    Running and crying,XiaTianqi pound at the doors one by one.It was not long that complains came from the dorm.(XiaTianqi was crying,but not asking for help.)

    Obviously,the thought he was a psycho that he pound and cried rather than sleeping.

    Maybe it was that he had run upstairs,or maybe his designed action of stirring students took effect.In short,when he reached the second floor and look back,the Redrobe ghost chasing him was gone.

    But he soaked the previous lesson and took cautious,pounding every door on the second floor and sliding to the third.

    At the meantime,outside a deserted dorm of the garret in building 2.


    LengYue pushed open the door of this dorm cautiously,and then found three corpse whose head and body was separated.

    Seeing the three corpse,Lengyue staggered with a spasm crossing her mouth.It was obviously out of her expectation.

    Three pairs of eyes of the round head was all staring in the air,through which she could felt the large fear they bore at their dying time.

    “So...pity”was her soliloquy,but the voice...was a man's voice.

    Taping the skulls of the three head carefully,LengYue recognized one of the head’s owner,one of the four houseparents—LiXiaoxiao.

    She was killed at sometime.

    “It seemed complicated.We have to disperse the students,otherwise they would all be killed.”

    As she murmured,she went into the door,hauling all the three corpse,including LiXiaoxiao out of the dorm.

    It was doomed to be a no-sleeping night for XiaTianqi.

    He didn't think the Redrobe ghost would act in crowds,so he lurked into a dorm whose door was not locked.

    He spent the whole night in fear and trembling,returning to his duty room at the time before the sun rose in the next morning.

    It was agony for him,in which he got a little luck that girls in the dorm were sleeping like logs and no one had discovered him.

    For the purpose not to rise unnecessary suspicious,he cleared up the room deliberately,in the course,he saw some students going out to restroom in a drowsy look and was customarily in their underwear.

    The upshot was that he saw their frames from top to bottom.

    Because of the lack of sleep,being chased by the Redrobe ghost,and almost being killed,he was worn out both mentally and physically.So he dropped off to sleep without conscious.

    When he woke up,the compact room was crowded with polices.

    He was drew off the bed and taken out of the building blankly before he could ask for something.

    Until he was taken out and heard their discussion that he knew what was happening.

    Some students found three corpses in this building in the morning,and they called the police.

    And the reason why he was detained was that he had made some strange action,like crying,pounding at the doors.So he became a significant suspect.

    LengYue and HanXiyuan,the same identity as houseparents,were suspected too,and was brought to the police station nearby.


  • Chapter Ten  Released

    Though taken to the police station,XiaTianqi was not worried.He believed in the company's power,which could force the police to release him.

    What happened was exactly the same as his speculation.It was not long before they had released him.

    “Fucking bad luck.I was even in a jail now.It was a tough work.I should have known it...”

    As long as they were out of the police station,HanXiyuan's mouth was nagging like a machine gun.

    The same identity like him as a flesh man,LengYue,was quite composed,which showed her good psychological quality.

    “Dud,could you shut up for a rest please?”

    The ceaseless nagging of Hanxiyuan exasperated XiaTianqi that he reproached him.

    But HanXiyuan was not a easy man.He rejoined.

    “I can say what I want to say.Who are you?It is none of your business.”

    “I’m telling you who I am...!”

    Before he finished his words,XiaTianqi punched him in his face which made him cry and collapsed to the ground.

    But XiaTianqi was not about to stop,adding another two kicks towards his obscene and fat face.

    “You Dumas.Just listen to me.I am not a good heart man!”

    XaiTianqi had been practising martial arts with his grandpa since his child time.He not only had a good base of martial arts,but also has a physical fitness,great strength,agility and great effort,which had never failed him in fight.

    Of course,he was not always a bad-tempered guy.If it was someone else but Hanxiyuan had said that,it would have been a little quarrel.But he couldn't bear that face,which was disgusting.

    “I think it’s not a good time for a internal strife.”

    LengYue came to XiaTianqi,reminding him not to let things go too ugly.

    When XiaTianqi heard “her”voice,he lapsed into numbness.At a great length,he recovered and cried like seeing a ghost.

    “You are a lady-boy!”

    No wonder he was so surprised.After all,Lengyue was a woman of woman whether form his appearance or his previous voice.But now,his voice suddenly changed into a man's.The great difference was not easy for him to accept.

    “I’m not a ladyboy,besides,I have never said I’m a woman too.” 

    LengYue explained plainly.

    “What’s wrong with your logic.Gender don't need to be explained.What if I don't say I’m a man,and you can't identify my gender? Well,if you are neither a ladyboy,nor a woman.Could I make this—you are a psycho?Otherwise,why did you pretend yourself as a woman?”

    “Because,our workplace is girl's dormitory.”XiaTainqi was shocked by his answer.

    “Anyway.Whatever you please.It's none of my business.”

    XiaTianqi almost spat out his blood that he had YY LengYue.He felt goose bumps came out.

    He could only exclaimed that the world is so vast and full of wonders.

    He conveyed the appearance of LengYue,shaming.It was not a little exaggerate to say he was even more gorgeous than the most beautiful woman.

    While XiaTianqi was wondering,Hanxiyuan was claiming up without a trance of words.


    Actually,HanXiyuan and LiXiaoxiao had know this before.LengYue had told them that he thought if he went into girl's dorm as a man,it would rise unnecessary trouble.

    After all,he has a natural beautiful face,very very beautiful.

    Some of the girls would be excited to see him if they were frivolous or had a poor psychological endurance.

    Chilling his wondering minds,XiaTianqi rubbed his face hard,then said depressingly.

    “Three persons have died at one night.The school might disperse students and shut down for several days.If so,we would been exposed in the sight of the ghost without the shield of students.We would be fucked and can't escape from here.”

    “You're wrong.”LengYue broke in and pursued,not minding his eyeing.

    “It could be a fierce ghost in the building,whose advantage was foul air.In short,he would become more fierce and more rough as he have killed more people.If students are dispersed,his advantage was cut,which was in our favour.”

    “Why are so clear about it?”XiaTianqi eyed him with full suspect,but he soon understood,and cried surprisingly.

    “Don't you know how to catch a ghost?Do you!”

    “Yes,I know some.”LengYue nodded,but he added.

    “But I’m not sure I can fix it.What I know is not much.”

    “No matter how much you know.You are much better than we,knowing nothing!”

    Though LengYue said with a humble tone,XiaTianqi had considered him as a savior.After all,his life was depend on the strength of LengYue.

    But then again,he was not that kind of guy that counting on somebody else and giving his own destiny to others.He would struggle to find keys and endeavour to figure it on his own.

    Though there was little possibility.

    “Then what should we prepare before we go back to the institute?”

    XaiTianqi asked cautiously.

    “Some candles,gasoline,and paper crane.”

    “OK.The kind that made by card paper,right?”

    “Yes.”LengYue nodded.

    Remembering the things he said,XiaTianqi made his mind that if he could survive lucky this time,he would learn to fight with ghost with LengYue,even not much.

    He had thought these were all cheating things instead of considering them important.Now he understood how wrong he had been.

    After that,XiaTianqi discussed with LengYue for some words,and then go to purchase that things in a supermarket nearby.

    HanXiayuan didn't say a word in the course,following then like a punchbag with his eyes glancing at XiaTianqi with a imperceptible venom.

    It had been three o'clock in the afternoon,when they got out of the police station.After XiaTianqi had bought the things,they called a taxi to return to the school.When they arrived,it was almost dark.

    They got off the taxi,and learned from the doorman that students had almost all gone,for the school had declared recess at ten o'clock in the morning.

    After all,there were four dead,including WangYiran in the building that no students would dare to stay here any more.

    They walked along the trace on the playground with various thoughts.Not far from them,the two jointed buildings were like a hell eating flesh of human against the night.

    Waiting for them to put their necks into the noose.

    XiaTianqi hugged his shoulders,feeling it was more windy.

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